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How to cure chronic gastritis? And reduce bloating
(flatulence). And stop loss
Hair on the head? And strengthen the immune system? And eliminate bad
the smell from the body and from the mouth? Hello! Today decided to continue
a series of video that is worth doing, so that your time is up
later. And to tell you how to best
fast cure chronic gastritis. And additional bonus
some will reduce or eliminate unpleasant
smell from the mouth. Someone will eliminate
unpleasant smell from the body. Someone will reduce
bloating (flatulence). And someone will be able to get rid
from bloating. or get rid of flatulence. In other words – get rid
by flatulence! Someone will cure
vegetative-vascular dystonia. Or treat vegetative-vascular
dystonia. Someone will stop
loss of hair on the head. In other words. If you are looking for how to eliminate
bad-mouth or from the body? How to reduce or eliminate
from bloating? Or how to get rid of the bulge
bowel? How to stop falling
Hair on the head? How to reduce the appearance of
or how to cure a vascular dystonia? You just need to be correctly
to treat chronic gastritis! Why there is gastritis? The causes of gastritis? What is worth doing if chronic
gastritis you to periodically disturbs? You know right now! To cure gastritis
chronic need to know the main causes of gastritis! Why inflamed mucosa
the stomach? Today many as the only
cause of gastritis is recognized the presence of Helicobacter pylory. But! in some people really
Helicobacter pylory there! and chronic gastritis is. And they confirm this
theory. But! If eradication of Helicobacter pylory or by removing Helicobacter pylory chronic gastritis is! So this cause gastritis
It was not the only one! Because in some people
Helicobacter pylory is – gastritis and no! In another part of gastritis people
Chronic there – and Helicobacter pylory missing! It does not matter – has been eradicated
Helicobacter pylory or not! Maybe your stomach is initially
I had not the simplest microorganism. but. This reason is – and
it is not the only one! Along with Helicobacter pylory, which
contact action on the gastric mucosa. Other causes of gastritis
you know very well! Who it is often exacerbated gastritis? Error in the diet – the reason
gastritis! Namely abuse
fatty, fried, smoked, salted, peppered, rough
food leads to an aggravation of gastritis. In other words, mechanical,
chemical, thermal of the mucous
stomach leads to an aggravation of gastritis. But. In some of the people who regularly
They eat the same food – gastritis does not appear! My explanation of why such
Various factors lead to an aggravation of gastritis? The explanation is very simple! Metabolism is all. But! Complete purification organism
automatic It is not at all! Not everyone knows how to provide
cleansing of the body. Someone organism cleansing
there is better. Therefore, the stomach and does not disturb. Someone cleansing does not work. And along with the aggravation
gastritis appear those states with which I began
This Video. In other words. Someone actively working
the skin as an organ allocation – an unpleasant
body odor. Someone actively removed
through the oral cavity are the same waste products
pathogenic intestinal microflora. And there is an unpleasant
smell from the mouth. Someone’s hair as a living
in your body system show
that proper nutrition is not provided. And toxins in the body
a lot of. Your hair live on less
a shorter time. And show you your mistakes. Vascular dystonia
also shows excess toxins in the blood
system. And the blood thicker. A toxin – is not unique! Toxins and wastes always
formed during life. Toxins can get from
food, beverages, inhaled air. If you do not know how to
breathe. Either way the toxins entering
available. But. Many toxins
It can be in the circulatory system. If you are toxins
not promptly removed through the liver, kidney, or
through the skin – leads to the fact that the slag
and toxins are allocated of the circulatory system through
mucous membrane of the stomach! Toxins irritate
mucous membrane of the stomach – gastritis appears. And the stronger stimulus
gets into your stomach – I mean saltier
food is more spicy, more hot,
rougher, fried foods, Smoked food –
the greater the secretion of gastric juice on the food! It is natural! It’s clear! And it will worsen gastritis. Therefore, to avoid
re-sharpening of gastritis I advise you to a simple system. That can be easily repeated,
fulfill. And not only to cure gastritis. But over time, get rid of
from bloating or get rid of bloating,
eliminate unpleasant odor from the body or from the mouth, stop hair loss improve hair growth
head possible – cure vegetovascular
dystonia. As well as other diseases. Possibly associated with gastritis. One listing diseases
It takes a few hours. Diseases, developing
against the background of gastritis. When your stomach works
not very good. And what do you – do you know
right now. Types of chronic gastritis
a lot of. And described in a video
all the features of the treatment – is problematic. Therefore, in this video, I decided to
perhaps start with the a common form of chronic
gastritis. Namely. How to cure chronic
gastritis with a reduced secretory capacity of the stomach. Why you need to start treatment
gastritis? You need to do their
gut! In other words. Bowels! Or clean the intestines! And I recommend you to use
fiber. Fiber gather themselves
of the toxins. That might fall into
the intestine with food, drinks. Or formed in the lumen
bowel pathogenic or opportunistic
microflora. Any version of the appearance
toxins – absorption into the blood and excretion through
gastric mucosa as part of gastric juice leads
to an aggravation of gastritis! Or to the maintenance of inflammatory
process. And while you’re the traffic circle
toxins do not burst, until you toxins
not going to be removed naturally through the intestines – your
gastritis will escalate from the first, the smallest error
in nutrition. When the intake of dietary fiber
gastritis symptoms will be reduced – and inflammation is reduced! – that is where you can do
the actual stomach. And I would advise not to suppress
the secretion of gastric juice! As is so often do today! A boost! And one of the options – drinking
Gel with Aloe. Drinking gel contains
not only concentrated aloe, but some drugs
grass. Herbs and aloe help to work your
stomach. Increase the secretion of gastric
juice. And provides a more complete
digestion. And if you have no nutritional
“Gourmet junk” food is increasingly
natural – in this case you get
to a greater extent to digest food. And less food
pathogenic microflora of life gets in the blood. Because when there is a chronic
gastritis with decreased secretion of gastric juice – in the gut dysbiosis always present! More or less pronounced. However, intestinal dysbiosis
It is always present! Unfortunately by treating
gastritis rarely do fecal bacteria overgrowth. Do not investigate what the microbes
multiply in your digestive system. On the food that
you could not digest. But. Fecal dysbacteriosis
interesting. But just in case,
if you have a diet for a long time there are only
agar agar and meat-peptone broth. This is the most common
culture media. On which cultivation takes place
bacteria, contained in your gut. And with what score you need to fight. If you have more power
varied. Even though gastritis. Your digestive
the system can reproduce any microorganisms. And these humble nutritious
environments, they can not be shown. Therefore, in the treatment of chronic
gastritis for 3 point I would He proposed the introduction of probiotics. And the more diverse
the composition comprises a probiotic microorganism – more reliably restored saprophytic microflora
in your gut. And it will be suppressed more
dangerous for the stomach pathogenic microflora. It pathogenic microflora
releases more toxins. That support your
gastritis. And do not give to go to the state
remission. Probiotic strains contains 12
beneficial microorganisms. They allow you to quickly and easily
restore microbiocenosis in your gut. And reduce toxicity. Which is associated with dysbiosis. If you’re doing it right
– decreasing effects of gastritis improves the digestion of your food. And you gradually appearing
those effects with which I started this video. Namely. gradually decreases
bloating. And, over time, when restored
intestinal microflora. And digestion is
fuller – you get rid
from bloating or get rid of bloating. To get rid of bloating
in children and adults. Simultaneously with this process
will decrease halitosis. Or an unpleasant odor from the
body. Most often associated with decay
proteins. A Stage 1 protein digestion
consistently violated in the stomach. When gastritis is in a state
exacerbation. Manifestations of vegetative-vascular
dystonia will also decrease. During this treatment
gastritis. Here are just reduce or
stop hair loss on the head you get
at the very least. Hair as a living system
the body shows how proper nutrition
hair you have provided. And as you know full
cleansing the body of toxins. Cleansing the body in a mode
real time. When diet and cleansing
supported 2-3 months – loss of hair on the head is reduced. And you get that last
bonus. But. Bonus not be the last! Strengthening the immune system,
improvement of health, increase efficiency. They will also be additional
bonus to the proper treatment of gastritis. gastritis treatment depending
from different situations: your set of diseases, and
by sex, age, lifestyle features, features
ecology, climate, weather conditions can be
make adjustments. As a therapeutic scheme. And in your power system. But take this into account in the same video
correspondence is not possible. If you want to get
more personalized medical advice: How to cure chronic gastritis? How to get rid of the bulge
belly? How to get rid of bloating? How to stop falling
Hair on the head? How to get rid of an unpleasant
the smell from the body or from his -rta? How to cure a vegetative-vascular
dystonia? How to conduct
treatment of other diseases? I – Doctor, phytotherapeutist,
nutritionist, naturopath Boris Skachko give such advice. In the presence of free
time. Contacts you see:
+ 38-067-992-40-62 + 38-044-383-19-20 [email protected] If you need to acquire
health products discounted. Contacts you see:
+ 38-067-992-40-62 + 38-044-383-19-20 [email protected] You can improve your
health with minimal financial cost. On this positive note
I’ll check out this video. With familiar subscribers
my words channels. Good health to you! And a reasonable attitude toward it! In the meantime, you think someone sent
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this information. I think some more videos
on the theme of health and active longevity write for you. Until next time on my

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