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today we are going to prepare a flaxseed and milk hot beverage and also learn about some important health benefits of flaxseeds we will prepare the flaxseed and milk hot drink first and later tell you about the benefits we have here about a 100 grams of unroasted flaxseeds in a bowl. we need to roast the flaxseeds first and we have about 250 ml of milk to dry roast the flaxseeds take a heavy bottomed pan, nonstick is better. Keep the heat on low and put in the flax seeds do not brown the flax seeds too much. they just need to be lightly roasted and keep stirring continuously. roast the flaxseeds for 1-2 minutes roasting the flaxseeds will help in removing any moisture as well make grinding easier after roasting remove to a plate, spread them and let them cool down completely the flax seeds have cooled down. grind them to a coarse powder here is the coarsely ground flax seeds powder to ensure the flax seeds are ground to a nice dry powder grind about 6-8 tablespoons of flax seeds at a time grind flax seeds by using the pulse button only in short pulses of few seconds each as they contain a lot of oil and it can become paste like easily if ground continuously to ensure the ground flax seed powder remains as dry as possible scrape the sides of the jar and stir the flax seeds after each short pulse we need a coarse flaxseed powder After grinding store it in an airtight bottle in the freezer compartment of the fridge. The ground flax seeds will keep good for at least 15-20 days you can use whenever you want without the need to grind them every time ensure you close the lid tightly every time and use a dry spoon each time as well. we will store it in the freezer now we will now prepare the healthy flax seed and milk hot beverage heat milk until hot on medium heat when hot remove the milk. put 1.5 tbsp flax seed powder and 1 tsp sugar in a glass or mug you can use honey instead of sugar but ensure you cool down the milk until it is warm before adding it adjust sugar or honey to your taste pour the milk and stir till the sugar dissolves. the flax seed and milk hot beverage is ready references here are some major health benefits of flaxseeds flaxseeds are rich in fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. they are a rich source of omega3 fats and lignans too the omega-3 fatty acids prevent cancer cell growth and thereby reduce risk of cancer the lignans prevent the tumors from growing and flax seeds especially prevent cancer of the breast, prostate and colon flax seeds improve heart health as they reduce bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure flax seeds reduce inflammation and thereby help in reducing the risk of diabetes; they help to reduce sugar and insulin levels flax seeds prevent constipation as they contain high levels of both soluble and insoluble fiber a very important benefit of flax seeds is that they protect from radiation effects. this is very useful for cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy flax seeds should be a part of those who are on radiation therapy to treat cancer have flax seeds every day. take it in milk, soups or cereals here are some of the amazing benefits of flax seeds and drinking flax seed and milk hot drink every day is one way to get all these benefits even if you are healthy flax seeds can maintain your health. do try this hot drink recipe and give your feedback if you like the recipe and information please like, comment and share the video and subscribe to our channel. thanks for watching

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  1. vese to bolte hai ki isme omega 3 paya jata jo sirf fish me hoti ha to fish k sath to dudh k use nhi kr skte fis iske sath nuksan ni hoga

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