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Namaste I am Sachin Goyal and I welcome you to this program for public welfare. Friends we all know that constipation is a very big and common disease today. But today I am telling you a great treatment for constipation which says you do not need any home remedy and no need of any medicine still your constipation will be cured very easily permanently. I will not take much time. Let me tell you the secret written in Ayurveda for constipation. Friends, Ayurveda says that, there are 3 types of “Rasa” or “Tastes” Sweet, Sour and Salty If you consume these 3 tastes regularly then it clears our bowels very smoothly All people who are suffering from constipation they must consume sweet, sour and salty things more. Ayurveda says that it smooths and clears bowel movements very quickly. Means, it corrects the bowel movement system of body As soon as the bowel system corrects, constipation does not occur at all. So friends, it is so easy treatment of constipation First, I used this method. when i read it in Ayurveda, I thought that I should use it first, then i should share it with you all. So i used it first. then i told it to many people. People really got rid of constipation by using this simple method of Ayurveda. Therefore I am sharing this video with you all. Follow this simple method or principle of Ayurveda and tell me in reply about your experience. This is very basic principle of Ayurveda as well as Naturopathy. You can read it in any book of Ayurveda. You can also find it online. Therefore this is a trusted method. This is written in all basic to higher level books of Ayurveda Therefore we can trust on it completely. Just read it in Ayurveda. Or just follow it. You will sure get benefit by using it. So that’s all for today. Watch Part2 of this video in few days. Also watch more videos by clicking here. Thankyou to turn On notifications and Watch my videos and liking them. Love You All.

26 thoughts on “आयुर्वेद में कब्ज़ का अनोखा उपाय – बिना दवा नुस्खा कब्ज़ ख़त्म -Constipation Treatment By Sachin Goyal

  1. आयुर्वेद का पूरा मतलब है,
    आयु निकाल जाएगी और वेद रह जाएंगे।
    आप का एक भी नुस्का काम नहीं आया।

  2. सचिन जी इसका उपयोग कैसे करना है उपयोग का तरीका भी बताइए

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