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Cure for Cancer Donot get scared if you are diagnosed with cancer if available , drink fresh urine of cow (native Indian breeds only) after straining twice in a velvet cloth But where will you search for cow ? Our ashram produces cow urine extract (Gaujharan Ark) Donot brush in the morning , instead mix 10 gram Gaujharan & 10gm water and shake that mixture well in your mouth Thereafter ingest it The saliva in the mouth overnight & the cow urine extract will kill the cancer cells In the afternoon ,the cancer patient must take 20 gm extract of Tulsi leaves ( i.e. juice of 50-60 leaves) along with 50 gm curd Again do this in the evening before sunset Badly set curd /watery curd does extreme harm.Sour curd is also very bad. Curd should be fresh & sweet but should be firmly set watery curd is very harmful thus twice , 20gm Tulsi extract & 50 gm curd And gaujharan in the morning Drink gaujharan & water in equal amounts (10 gm) , cancer vanishes other medicine is Vajr Rasayn , is the vaidya (ayurvedic doctor) suggests. Blood Cancer or any other cancer , all are treated

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