Taking Charge of Your Health

avoiding diseases by natural life style I am telling you how to fix nausea cold, vomiting,diarrhea, fever without medicines I’ll not tell much difficult things understand few things carefully do put stomach belt since due to stomach disorder there is nausea cold, vomiting, diarrhea, fever stomach belt must be used cotton cloths are found in khadi reservoir khadi should be hand woven take one meter wide two and a half meter long cotton cloth soak it in fresh water squeeze it nicely and wrap it around the stomach how? what will happen if we wrap it around the stomach ? the temperature will be reduced wherever we wrap it the law of science is where the temperature decreases blood on that side increases we wrap the band here half of our navel up and half down around every important organs related to digestive system our stomach , liver , kidney small intestine , large intestine , pancreas gall bladders.. everything is here on wrapping stomach belt blood flow will increase that side the power of working organs will increase any swelling would lessen feces in the intestine would leave its place denoting breakage of constipation he is showing us a bandage you will wrap in he is showing the dry strip wrapping apply by soaking it in fresh water and squeezing it well you can ask next thing will u put cold strips in winter too ? will absolutely it is cold outside but heat inside because of that we are sick in winters must wrap cold straps on top of the stomach while planting the cold strap you will feel cold for a minutes after half an hour it will come out as if from furnace hot along with the stomach belt soak in fresh and squeeze it nicely a throat belt too if there is any malfunction in throat then wrap this type of bandage in the throat along with this a brow band if there is headache soak in fresh water squeeze it nicely and wrap it around your brow if there is a sprain anywhere if boiled anywhere if there is a wound, we can take enough advantage of these types of bandages if you are admitted to a natural clinic they use clay bars there have to stop water from soil belt for half an hour have to stop water from cloth strip for half an hour work is to be the same soil strip is difficult and cloth strip is easier use these types of strip during nausea cold,diarrhea,vomiting, fever for half an hour..four times a day if you want to cure diseases in normal state put it twice till evening everyone can put this a healthy person can even put it a complete set of straps is found with our books for your convenience just one set is enough for a family need not be different for different people and only one box is required so apply these types of straps you will find that nausea cold,vomiting,diarrhea,fever is fine without medicines the second part of my matter is over

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