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Namaskaram Today we will discuss about skin problems, first by knowing it by understanding it, its roots and what are the reasons of its being wheather is it being caused by our bad habits or or by disturbed lifestyle first we should know the reason if we will be able to know the reason properly then we cure it 50%, only by improving habits half of the problem cures with precaution and the rest is about damage that are already caused to the body, that all can be cured with the help of ayurveda and yoga today we will discuss about small mistakes which we do in our lifestlye, due to which we suffer with skin ailments and specially let go about mistakes which we have done in past now to treat skin problems with ayurveda is second step first is regimen without health regimen medicine is of no use today i’ll talk about reasons and regimen lets begin people apply ointments on their affected skin and they feel very happy and feel proud to say ‘doctor gave me this’ and i’ll be relieved for sure ointments gives temerory relief as the components in them – suppresses the problem until you do not understand the reason you only get temporary relief with ointments / creams but it reoccurs again in next season it might erupts from other parts too why? because mostly skin problems are related to liver liver containing too much toxins or contaning harmful residual bodies means toxins simply in scientific language thes are toxins liver full of toxins and overheating, causes various skin problems why? because in skin problems blood becomes impure whenever you take something wrong when you take bad food combinations result of all these mistakes leads to much more impurity in blood also liver becomes full of toxins and heat liver starts overheating over bile production is also a type of toxin which is not good for our body then it goes to blood stream where ever it goes after all body tends to excrete sometimes kidney successfully detoxes all these toxins sometimes it fails so where it collects, they erupts because sooner or later problems come out so they erupts in the form of skin problem so always keep in mind, if you are suffering with skin disease then focus and take care of your liver avoid food stuff which is harmful for our liver or causes damage to liver like avoid fried food avoid sour things like – tamarind avoid dishes and sauces of tamarind avoid a combination of curd and tamarind sauce thes all things invites skin problems second thing is avoid these four-five foods in skin problems then ayurvedic medicine will work otherwise there is no use of medicine what are those things? first is brinjal or eggplant brinjal is strictly prohibited in skin problems you say i just had only once so whats the problem but skin problem aggravate with even if you consume it once so we advise to avoid it. second is all slimy vegetables such as lady finger, colocasia root, like okra avoid colocasia root all vegetables with sticky water also avoid jack fruit all these slimy vegetables causes itching to infected person next most important thing is that is avoid salty food stuff along with milk and cream suppose you are having salty sandwich or you are having salty biscuit or any other salty snack and also having milk along with that then its sure toxin will increase in body and will harm to liver if liver is full of toxins detox your liver first then skin problem will be removed completely applying ointment is not a permanent solution kindly understand it. in next video i’ll explain, the measures that should be taken according to ayurveda for the cure of skin problems again drawing your attention at detoxification of liver means detox your blood, liver and body for that drink plenty of water practice yoga and exercises which results sweating if you’r sweating all the time that also can cause skin problems skin problems also can be caused by dust, heat or sharp sunlight not claiming liver to be the only reason but most of the time liver is the cause if liver is producing bile in excess that person will be prone to sunlight allergy however there are some benefits of sunlight and drawbacks too think why he/ she is prone to skin problems think why he / she only is allergic to dust why other are not there are definitely other people are living in same climate why all of then are not suffered with skin problem yes dust is also a cause of skin problems in some cases but main reason is overheating of liver sometimes liver produces over dose of bile in scientific word bilirubin is bile or bile juice bilirubin which helps in digestion of food the same over bile is responsible for jaundice same over bilirubin is responsible for yellow eyes and lack of hunger the same over bile results excess heat in our body burning starts in palms and feet the same bile in excess causes skin problems so keep your bile / pitta in balance i am not advising for coolant meals all the time but be careful if you are suffering with any kind of skin problem he/she needs to balance his / her five elements remove that toxins keep your body light have light meals avoid heavy and junk foods avoid spicy and pitta aggravating diet avoid coffee, tea and green tea avoid hot spices however addition of spices in food is needful but adequate dose of spices are recommended i’ll discuss on spices separately but if we add so many spices in one meal that also can aggravate skin problems hence change your eating habits first shorly i’ll give you remedies and permanent solution for all skin problems eczema, ringworm, itching and many more.. avoid anti-fungal, anti bacterial allopathic heavy medicines as possible come under the shelter of ayurveda by this instead of getting short time relief we will be actually remove the root of the problem. that’s all for this video Namaskaram

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  1. Skin Problems के लिए आयुर्वेदिक उपचार जानने के लिए इस लिंक पे क्लिक करें

  2. 03:46 पर बैंगन ऑर 03:53 पर बेगण।।। हा हा हा गुरुजी मजा आगया ।।।बहुत अच्छी बात बताई।

  3. Nitiyanand shee guru ji mare head me bicho bich khujli h jise tin char sal ho gye hkafi treatment karaya far koi fayda nahi hua bal hat jate fir a jte h khui jyda hoti

  4. परमपूजनीय गूरुजी कृपया कर के मेरा मार्गदर्शन करें मुझे खुजली हो रही हैं। और यह अगली साल भी हुई थी अब मुझे (घुटन) और पेर कि उपर खास करके खुजली होती है और बाकी शरीर में भी थोड़ी सी खुजली हो रही है जहां पे खुजली होती है यह जगह में लाल रंग के नीसान हो जाता है ।और खुजली न हो ने पर मिट जाती है । कृपया कर के होसकै तो तुरंत बताई । Thanks for woching my coment.

  5. Soyami g dry exzema ka parmeant ilaj bataeo please video is par banaeo please aap address do plan k leye

  6. Sir my name is shruti. Sir mere hat me mukri fell gyi thi buchpun me or ab boh dag jyada fell rha to me ab kya keru. So can you please advice me for that.

  7. पूरे स्किन के चमड़ी फट रही है पैर पेट और हाथी के नीचे काकू में कोई दवा बताओ बाबा खुजली भी हो रही है बहुत

  8. Hello guruji….muze drugas(medicin)ki allargy he uske spot ho gaye he mere skin pr dr bolte he uspar ilaj nhi….kya uska ilaj ayurved me he??plz suggest mi

  9. Namaste guruji mere hath Pairon m Daane Daane se hi Gaye h kya Karun plS…. Apna number dijiye Kuch jannkari lene h plS it's very important mujhe Kapde pehenne m bhi Dikkat hoti h

  10. Namaste guru g food allergy k bare mein btaye mujhe 5foods de b allergy hai main bhut avoid krti Hun or phir b mujhe prblm was ho jati hai koi solution btaye guru g mera allergy level 1600k kreeb hai mujhe prblm bhut hoti hai

  11. Dhanyavaad shree baba ji 🙏
    Actually mujhe hai thode daad, khaj janghon ke paas. Apki di hui advice mere bahut kaam ayegi… dhanyvaad.. 🙏

  12. Hi
    I get itching when I shower in hot water or I use anything to give heat to body like hot water bottle etc . Please let me know some treatment

  13. Sir mera kaam me hawa lagne se thandi laggayi hai kaan ka pass jo nass hota hai wahan ap Bata skate hai iska ilaz please

  14. Baba ji me jab bhi chalta hu tab tab mere dhareer me khujli hotee h our ye kahee sali tak h Kam se Kam 4 ya 5 sal ho gaye

  15. Guru g muje sweat ki vja se white patches ho jate hai or sweat ki vja se underarm k pass lumps b ho gyi hai kya kru pls rply mst

  16. स्वामीजी किलोईड के लिये कोई दवा है क्या
    आगर है तो व्हिडिओ भेजो

  17. Sir g thanks hamare bhi. Bahut skin problems hoti Mai bahut pareshan hu sir help kya ap humse call par baat kar sakte h ap

  18. Swami ji pranam
    mere pair me laal dag hai aur ye barhata hi ja raha hai mai kya upay karun kripya kar ke bataiye

  19. Mujhe 5 salo se h problem cream lagane se thik hota h pr chhodne se fir problem aata hota h gupt ang me

  20. Guru ji prnam
    Mne 1mnth triphala churn ka sevan kiya jaise aapne btaya lekin mere pimple m koi frk ni pd ra m kya kru

  21. नमस्कारं। गुरुजी आप Pityriasis Alba के इलाज पे प्लीज़ एक वीडियो बनाइए। मेरी 6 साल की बेटी को सफेद दाग हुवा है। और डॉ बता रहे है कि ये Pityriasis Alba है।
    आप प्लीज़ इसका इलाज बताइए

  22. Ek ek baat sach he me is samsya se gujar raha hu me daru pita tha tabacoo guthkha or bhi nashe karta tha mera puri skin ki kharab ho gai ab ilaj karwa raha hu livar problam se hi meri skin kharab hui

  23. Sar main koi bhi garm chiz khata hun ya pita hun to mere pure body me lahar aor chiti chlta mahsus hota hai yahan tak ke chehre par bhi aor pet Phul ne ka bhi problem elaj bhi karaya magar faida nhi huwa mujhe koi elaaj bataye

  24. Namaskaram babaji. Thanks for your detail of skin problem
    This is very helpful for me. thanks
    Zila madepura 853128(Bihar)

  25. Namste guruji meri beti ki age 9 saal hai uske gaal pr ek safed daag hai uska treatment batye usme koi khujli nahi hoti

  26. Guru ji mein skin problem se bahut paresaan hu mere body mein baar baar funsiyan hi rahi hai bataaiye mein kya karu

  27. My father was suffering from Candidiasis due to uncontrolled
    diabetes. He took so many medicines but not much improvement was seen. One day
    during surfing the internet I saw Planet Ayurveda, I opened the site and
    ordered medicines for Candidiasis. My father took neem capsules and started
    applying nirgundi oil over the affected area. He has good improvement now

  28. Sir, please share solution yeast infection in mouth and private parts. Its common in monsoon but please taught less about it.

  29. गुरु जी मुझे हर्पिस जोस्टर हो गया है कृपया कोई अचूक उपाय बताएं 8587980051

  30. Guru Ji aap Ko dekh k lagta hai aap koi sardar ji ho, apki boli me b Punjabi accent aur words hote hain, kishmish Ko songi, besan ka sheera, tatva Ko aap kehte ho tattav..!

  31. Thanks guruji aapke video see kafi madad militi h hello friends I am teacher and also suffering urticaria last 3-4 years , mene medicine like har tarh ki alopethic ayurvedic aur dono try Kare fir bhi same problem rahti bahut Kam asar Hota he
    but in parhej se thik Hota h but fir see normal life style k bad fir ubhar aati he
    Mene Jo observe Kara jaise
    Kam masala kahana ,non veg nahi nahi kahana , kahnaa Kam kahna , exercise , nebu Pani Pina , freeze ka Pani nahi Pina matke ka Pina , pet saf rahana , in sab se mene observe Kara ki month me bahut Kam nikala but fir se khuch bhi bahar ka kahna , masaledar sabji kahna life busy hone se fir busy rahne laga fir uabhr aati he aap log bhi apna observation Kare aur kabhi Delhi me ham urticaria wale ka ak Meetup rakhenge jisme ham apni problem ko share Kar sake aaplog group join Kare jisme ham apni problem ko aaps me solve Kare watsup number pls join group it's only self-help group 9958987644

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  33. Sawami ji muje pimple problem hai .Kya main dinner Karne k 1 hour Tak milk pi sakt Hoon haldi Wala….plzz rply me

  34. Guru ji mere masse hogy h koi dr. Kahta hai ki lichan planus hua koi dr. Bolta h ke plane warts hua. . Main 2yrs se preshan hu. Plzzzz reply kya kru

  35. Namaste Guruji 🙏
    Guruji, Mere nak pe 14-15 sal se kale kale dhabbe he, till ki tarha, yea dhabbe nak ki samne ki ourr edhar udhar ate rehte he.
    Please help me! Guruji

  36. Guruji aap ne helpline number de rakha hai us per call to leg rahi per call kat jati hi Guruji mujhe fungal infection hai kam se kam 6se 7sal ho gaye hain mujhe guru ji mujhe aap se baat karni hai Mera no 8533039324 hi Guruji Mai bahut pareshan Hu please Guruji ap apna no bhi deya kero video key saht m

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