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Hello Friends, I am Dr Pooja Gupta Welcome to my YouTube channel Homeo Miracles Welcome you all First of All would like to express thanks
to everyone for liking and subscribing my videos Thanks for your tremendous support and response Today in this video we will talk about dengue fever Dengue is a viral infection it’s caused by a virus In Delhi, its spread in july , august September October months when it’s rainy season and there are lot of mosquitoes then and there is onset of this fever Dengue virus is caused by special mosquito ades egiptis when this mosquito bites human the virus is transferred from saliva to human blood stream And from 2 to 7 days this virus grows in our body and when virus population grows tremendously in our body then Dengue symptoms appear in our body Per example high fever usually 103 104 f Bones behind eyeballs ie orbit Excessive pain in orbits Entire body muscles pain Vomiting of patients in few cases Pain intensity in Dengue is very high Severe that It’s called break bone fever or in hindi Haddi tod bukhar If we observe dengue patient We see red colour spots on his body Rashes are seen, developed Due to bleeding in skin Parallely small spots on body Of blood called petichae I have put few images of rashes please have a look closely In few cases we observe White portion of our eyes There are blood spots Due to breakage of eyes blood vessels And leakage of blood in eyes You can see its picture above closely But in few cases Complications are developed in dengue cases It happens mostly to people With low immunity like small kids or elderly people Comparison to males, female are More probable Apart from these diabetes patients Asthmatic low blood pressure Are at high risk to be infected by dengue When complications develop Then for complicated cases Nose bleeding occurs Blood in vomit Difficulty in breathing Because of water filled in lungs BP and pulse is reduced And if you get blood testing Then platelet count in blood Will be very low Platelets function to stop Bleeding in body In normal human body One and half to 4.5 lakh platelets per micro litre of blood After dengue fever Dengue virus destroy platelets Due to which the platelet count drastically decreases If your count is reduced Below 20000 then blood transfusion Is required for patient. Bleeding happens with reduced platelet count And you will face bleeding from body internal organs These dengue complications Are life threatening situation And may cause death Therefore hospitalization is necessary Your entire treatment in case of complicated dengue Please be admitted to a hospital And get treated there only Suppose for a pregnant woman Dengue fever happens then miscarriage chances are high And premature delivery chances are high Now a question arises here that If you you have been infected with dengue fever Once in life then weather it can happen again or not Answer is yes it can happen Reason being dengue is not caused from only one virus It’s caused by four types of virus In most cases infection is from single type of virus Our body develops immunity for that kind of virus In future if you will not be infected with that virus Because your body is immune to that It has immune power But for other types of virus Three types can affect you again in life. And in most cases The secondary infection Is extremely risky And chances of developing complications Is increased manifold. Therefore if You have been infected with Dengue once You need to take more precautions So that dengue doesn’t happen again Now let’s discuss treatment of dengue Prevention is more important than cure in Dengue For that you have to Safeguard yourself from mosquitoes Search and destroy mosquito breeding sites That is mosquito are born Wear full sleeve clothes Use net, repellent . All are common Methods which everyone know Please follow them especially in rainy season When mosquito attack in huge numbers Indigo season take care of your diet Include broccoli pomegranate papaya Indict because they are preventive foods At the onset of dengue epidemic They help you to prevent From dengue fever And now I will tell you about few homeopathic medicines That you can take in uncomplicated dengue cases The work very well in such cases But because dengue is life threatening condition Therefore you need not take any medicine all by yourself Consult a good homeopathic doctor Consult him or her And take only then The first medicine is eupatorium perfoliatum The picture is shown here Please recheck the spelling as it’s a very tough name It is a preventive medicine As well as a curative medicine If dengue is widespread in your area But you are safe till now So you take eupatorium perfoliatum 30 daily in morning One drop Drink it it will Safeguard you from dengue fever. Ok this is you have to take daily every morning Ie once a day. You can take it as it doesn’t have any side effect Rather it works like a preventive And keeps you safe but if You have contracted dengue then and what all medicines You have to take I will tell you now Please note these are uncomplicated cases There is no bleeding and platelets level Is reduced very less that is it’s around normal If fever is very high And excessive joint pains Rx eupatorium perfoliatum 30 Every 3 hours 2 drops And rx rhustocs 30 Two drops in a day three to four times It will reduce your fever and joint pains Relief in them If you are suffering from high fever And headache Pain behind eyes socket orbital pains Rx eupatorium 30 and Every 3 hours two drops plus Rx belladonna 30 It will cure your headache very much and Will cure your congestion Bleeding spots redness In that too it will help a lot Belladonna works very well If along with these you are suffering from vomiting Then you have to take along with these two medicines Rx ipicat 30 Take two drops three times a day it will cure vomiting Along with all these medicines You use papaya based carica papaya tincture This carica papaya tincture Is made from root of papaya tree Take 20 drops in half cup of water Three times a day If you use all these medicines you will be cured very fast No complication will be developed And your dengue will be cured in 6 to 7 days Completely but it don’t take any medicine All by yourself, take with dr consultation Also get regular blood test done. If you develop complications in dengue fever Suppose your dengue was complicated And you were treated in hospital and now You have returned your home Then weakness due to illness in your body And all the fluid loss from the body You have to recover as fast as possible Rx homeopathic medicine carbo veg Carbo veg is a very effective medicine Which cure the weakness in your body The very effective way. You can Doses three times a day Take for few days you will feel the change positively. I am telling you all these medicines so that public is aware General public should be aware That homeopathic therapy also Have Medicine to treat dengue And they are very effective. Otherwise people are not aware By taking homeopathic treatment they can get well soon And overcome the dengue. And get it treated well. So it was dengue and its homeopathic medicine Treatment about which I have told you In my next video I will Tell you about chikungunya fever And parallel this too that how without Any test , without costly test You can know that You are infected with Dengue or chikungunya For chikungunya the homeopathic medicine I will give you the details to you If you use these medicines then Disease will be cured very fast and there are no side effects And problems will not go along for years Like in chikungunya cases that Joint pains linger on for many years If you use homeopathic medicines then This will never happen. That’s all for today thank you

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