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Hair loss hair grown again to prevent white hair black to onion juices! Beautiful hair everyone wants to take care of hair but busy routine is becoming impossible At home hair wash as many women akhrata for which he can be expensive in the parlor hair Spa are etc. But did you know hair issues in your home a panacea cure exists! Premature hair loss, whiteness, has become the common problem of dandruff. Hair is blessings for these are onions! -Ji Yes, onion your hair loss, Russi, are bald head and whitewash problems away Onions well, India is very common with veteran. Onions in sulphur (Sulfur) in the mineral-rich only, which is very important for hair growth | Grow your hair a little onion speeds can increase doubled. Know how to work the onion, our hair to a deep and longer how will we in the process of a reddish-brown onions germinate brown hair and hair loss stop. Our hair growth depends on our genes (Genes), but many reasons to develop our vajeh hair stops or is reduced. This method would be as beneficial for you but will also benefit your bachon ahead | Method:- to prevent hair loss hair the best method of using onions onion juice as well. Advantages of onion juice, 3-5 onion chilen and good grind. This paste with your hands to remove its juice nuggets . Now this juice on your scalp and hair. Now head over to this juice leave half an hour and give it a light wash use shampoo. Use this 3 times a week from process of results that you want . Don’t expect to get good results quickly because a natural therapy takes a long time. Again hair treatment of onion juice and honey grown (Onions and honey hair regrowth treatment) in a bowl 2 tablespoons honey and a quarter Cup onion juice. Mix the two and head massage while gradually it. Best results using this process, 3 times a week. Onions, olive oil, coconut oil Pack this Pack take the grind onions to make and her juice. Mix olive oil and coconut oil contain spoon. Spread this mixture on the hair, not the oil at the roots. It took 2 hours after shampoo wash. This pack you can do every day. Onions, beer and coconut oil beer and coconut oil with onion and mix pulp and put in the hair. . This blend is 1 hour long hair is to keep shampoos. This forces shine and will show the dense. If you get any knowledge from this video & like it then plz Like & Share This Video Subscribe Our Channel For All New Update For Health Solution With Home Remedy

45 thoughts on “दोबारा से बालों को उगाए, बालों को झड़ने से रोके, सफ़ेद बालों को काला करे प्याज़ का रस..!!

  1. यदि आपके बल गिर रहे तो सावधान हो सकता है आप कुछ समय के बाद आप गंजे हो जाओ इसले हमरे पूज्य वेध जी से फ्री कॉल करके सलाह ले और आप अगर बातों से संतुस्ट हो जाओ तो दवाई भी ले अधिक जानकारी के लिए –

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  3. मुझे समस्या सन दो हजार से हैं और बाल spot (पेच)के रूप में झड़ते हैं मुझे कोई अच्छी प्रक्रिया और निदान बताइए आपका मोबाइल नंबर बता दीजिए

  4. Sair mere bal aise h jese jhadu h or bilkul gine chune kya bal soft mulaym or ghne ho jayenge kya please tel me

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