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Welcome to health care at home We are in receipt of oodles of mails where people are taking about their watery semen. So, how to get rid of this problem I will do the series of few episodes in which i will share some effective remedies. With which, if you have watery semen then it will become thick as earlier & you will be relived from this problem. But, firstly its important to know the reason behind the watery semen there are so many reasons behind this One of the reason is that if you are over weight then that’s the reason behind your watery semen. Along with this if you do excess masturbation Even then there are lots of chances of watery semen Smoking is one of the reason, if you do smoking then it leads to watery semen Or in case you consume alcohol in excess If you are consuming regular alcohol then it leads to watery semen. Along with this deficiency of Zinc is the reason behind water semen. if your body is not getting sufficient amount of Zinc. So, that too is the reason behind the watery semen And your eating habits & high stress level too are the major reason behind this. So, its necessary to improve your eating habits & keep on check that the food you are eating is having how much of nutrition value As in now a days food is full of carbohydrates not nutrition and due to this all this problems occurs So, we must eat zinc rich food. Eat selenium rich , Folic acid, Vitamins, Minerals food now, you will ask what is zinc rich food for zinc rich food you must consume spinach Eat spinach on alternate days or in 2-3 days in the week. Along with pumpkin seeds are full of zinc. you must keep them If you will have 1 spoon full of pumpkin seeds in a day then you will get enough zinc You must eat Chick pea, Cashew, mushroom as in they suffice Zinc deficiency which is reason of watery semen Similarly we must eat selenium rich food people who have thyroid & watery semen, they must eat selenium rich food. You can eat Brazilian Nut, which looks like Kidney bean and is full of selenium. You can eat sunflower seeds, Mushroom You can also use cheese as they all are selenium rich food. So if you have thyroid along with watery semen then you must take selenium rich food as i have shared. Similarly – Folic Acid rich food You will get folic acid in Beetroot, Banana, Broccoli, peanuts, Sunflower seeds & tomato. So, you must start taking all these types of food , means when you are eating then you must add little portion of all these food items For covering the deficiency of Zinc ” Sesame Seeds” are the best which is available in India. So, if you will consume 1 spoon of sesame seeds, it will cover the deficiency of Zinc reason behind watery semen. Now, let us talk about Remedy Let me tell you a remedy, for this take 250 gm Honey And you have to cook this honey in 1/2 litre of water Cook it on the low flame till the time water is evaporated. After that add 2 spoon of Mace powder in it 2 spoon Clove powder, 2 spoon saffron & 2 spoon of almond oil Mix it well, it will turned out as a paste Store this paste in a glass vessel And you have to consume 1/2 spoon of this paste prior breakfast And you have to consume 1/2 spoon of this paste prior dinner And you will notice that within few days problem of watery semen will be solved. Usage of Mango flower is also very helpful in the problem of watery semen. In the season of mango, mango flowers get grown prior , so you have to pluck mango flower and let them dry. after that make its powder process of taking this powder is – Take 1/2 glass of milk and add 1/2 glass of water in it And now you have to take 1 spoon of that powder along with the mixture of water and milk, once in a day . Do, this remedy for some days and you will notice that the problem of watery semen will be solved. So, by following these remedies your problem of watery semen will be solved. Problem of Watery semen bring lots of other problem along with itself just like Low sexual stamina, problem of erection,premature ejaculation So, in the next episode i will share such remedies which will not only solve the problem of watery semen however it will helpful to get rid of all other disease as well. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends & relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home. And do support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people Should get the health benefits by sitting at home only So, don’t forget to share & like our videos as much as you can. Thank You…

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  1. sir mry beard ka hair tazi sa white ho rhy ha plz koe asi remedies btya jis sa mry hair white hona stop ho jya or jo hair white ho gy ha wo dubra black ho jya plz plz plz plz plz plz plz mujy koe asi remedies btya plz

  2. plz sir tell me ma weight kaise losse karu ma jaida oily b nahi kha rahi walk b kar rahi hor lomon honey b pi rahi plz tell me what i do har ek problm hai mujhe periods nahi aa rahe bohat kam aate sirf ek din ke liye aur mujhe alopica areata b ho gya pr hair growth aa rahi hai and white discharze hota hormonl problm b haikhana b jaldi nahi plz sir help me i really need plz plz sir ma sara din he appki vedios dekhti huapni oroblns li plz tellme soon

  3. sir please mujhe remedy btaiye I am suffering from aa.sir mujhe yeh samajh  nahi aya ki watery semen kiya hai can u tell me in easy word? thanks you

  4. sir ji Allah ap ko lambi lambi zindagi de Dada khush raho ap ko bato se itmenan hota he mere Mani me jrasem bilkol khatam he
    0% he plz plz koi noskh

  5. sir kya isase pesab ke sath jo bad me halka chip -chipa niklta h usame bhi labh hoga aur dono time doodh ke sath hi Sevan karna hoga ( cow milk ) ya waise bhi le sakte h

  6. please Doctor upload the video… i have taken a lot of medicines but no positive result…

    i am suffering watery semen problem from 1 year,,, and only 1 month left for my marriage…

  7. hello sir my name saleem men's ye puchna ha k jab me urine karta hun to 2 se 3 minutes k bad 4 se 5 drops ate han bilkul peshab ki tarah or WO lesdar bhi nahi hote to kia ye semen leakege ha

  8. Sir phlay muge pishab k sath katray atay thay sperm k ab meray sperm water ki trah ho gia ha ap bta sktay hain k meray sath kia ho ra ha or isay kesay control kia ja skay or main na smoking krta hon or na hi alchohal ka istmal

  9. Hello sir, I am watching your videos on different subjects since long time. Recently I did my sperm count test and got very bad reports. I would like to talk to you by phone or do conversation by email. I need your help plz. Doctor prescribes so many medicines which I don't want to take.

    So, please share your contact detail.

    Hope to get reply from you.

  10. Sir mera problem hoo rahe ki penis shrinkage. Turtling of penis se main parisan hoon. Iska upai bataiyee. Aue mera girlfriend mera size leke santusto nehi hai. Pls suggest me.

  11. Greetings DR, I like ur program bt i don't understand hindi. I have a problem of watery semen how to treat it and for how long to recover thank you.

  12. Sir I'm doing mastrubation from last 10 years and my present age is 22 but now I stopped this will there be any harmful side effects on my body 😢😢?

  13. Sir and one question was that while mastrubating testerone increases in body and that higher quantity of testerone gets converted into dht which causes early male pattern baldness it's that reality sir ?

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