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Hello everyone I am doctor Pooja Gupta Welcome to my channel homeo miracles In today’s video will talk about those top medicines That act it very well in alopecia hair fall cases And are very effective but before that I want to tell you that Homoeopathy is a symptomatic and Constitutional treatment therapy Constitutional means that For human being Physical and mental makeup Physical makeup appearance Overall looks, body structure Mental makeup means Thought process your thinking Anger memory Nature how you react in Particular situations All these things In homoeopathy a person’s constitution is very important Secondly this treatment therapy Is based on symptoms Symptoms means that the disease for example diabetes Along with Common symptoms of diabetes You will have peculiar What all Separate symptoms are evident Good homeopath Dr will identify those symptoms And on basis of those symptoms prescribe Your constitutional medicine Whatever medicine is selected Is matching your constitution and Covers your constitution then It will definitely cure all your diseases from roots And augment your vital power Parallely I want to tell you it’s A myth that Homoeopathy medicine acts slow If selected medicine by the Doctor Is accurate then And the Symptoms selected by doctor Matches your constitution Medicine will act immediately For chronic diseases which are Long term illness may take longer duration to heal And you need to take regular medication Now I will quickly tell you the medicines For hair fall treatment First medicine is phosphorus 30 The symptom is that hair fall Happen in big bunches Slowly on scalp button bald patches appear It has heavy dandruff Heavy scratching on scalp Phosphorus is a deep acting constitutional medicine For using it your constitution should be It’s not necessary you may have all symptoms Even some symptoms match then also you can take This medicine. Patients are tall and sometimes they are so tall That they are bend towards front These people are restless Can’t sit idle Either on this place of that place Brain is always tired Even in mild cold they complain chest issues Cough cold balgam Their eating habits they eat more salt If your constitution is like This then rx phosphorus 30 2 drops Morning and evening for few days Your hair fall will be cured Please stop taking medicine on improvement Second medicine is lycopodium Hair fall is in access baldness spots Are evident, alongside Your hair grey before age Or become white completely Lycopodium patients look Older than their age You are 40 but you look like 50 years of age Face has excessive wrinkles Body build their slim on upper side and plump on Lower side means they have pear shaped body They do sitting jobs Like big businessman high profile jobs Lycopodium is very effective medicine Mentally these people are spend thrift They can’t hear anything against them Any contradictory statement is intolerable They always have gastric problems like fatty liver Flatulence If your constitution is like this Then take lycopodium 30 But it’s a deep acting medicine And do not repeat it That’s why fix one day in a week Take two drops of lycopodium Monday and evening that day Don’t take any medicine for next 6 days Same day next week take the medicine And as soon as you see treatment effect Stop the medicine Third medicine is phosphoric acid Whenever after long illness like typhoid Jaundice diarrhoea Tuberculosis You are in recovery phase Then for weakness in body Hair fall happens and Hair grey before age.these casea Phosphoric acid 30 acts very well All those people who enjoyed good health But Weakend due to illness Lots of weakness in their body Complexion becomes yellowish Then phosphoric acid acts like a miracle And improves overall health Along with hair fall treatment Fourth medicine is selenium It’s used mainly in males In this along with hair hair fall happens in beard moustache Nose genital areas Hair falls in patches There can be any reason like Some underlying autoimmune disease Like lupus alopecia universalis For which we do not know the reason Some side effects of allopathic medicines Example lithium used for major depression cases These selenium males Are Slim and mostly This people have smoking drinking Habit and also some sexual Problem always If you are suffering from these conditions And you are losing hair then selenium Can be taken Next medicine is thyroidinum It is very good for hypothyroidism It covers symptoms Of all hypothyroidism If your hair loss is due to thyroid So you can add along with your constitutional Medicine thyroidinum And take two drops of of thyroidinum Morning and evening Next medicine is netramule In this case hair becomes very thin and fall as soon as you touch Young females This Medicine work very well Weak looking school girls Anemic weakness Persistent mild headache 24 by 7 Aur post delivery weakness of ladies Hair fall in bunches Roots are weak Then netramule acts Very well Netra mule patients like spicy food Eat lots of salt They have constipation Means bowel is not cleaned And female are emotional Small petty issues they start crying RX netramule 30 Morning and evening. If your constitution Like this you will be cured 100% Next medicine is brecelium Scalp , area where hair is grown Is called scalp If you have small daane,exczema,or Lesions development post injury Or pus in that And hair fall happens in bunches Then rx bracelium for that condition This condition is more prominent in children When there is infection on scalp Or any injuries then Bacterial infection and pus formation Slowly spread in area and hair in that Area falls out Then bracium 30 2 drops morning and evening You will be relieved very soon Next medicine is sepia. Very good for menopausal its time Hormonal changes then Hair fall is one of the symptom Use sepia in this condition Sepia female feel Cold very soon, they are on chilly side And They always have uterus related issues Have very sad personality They are always sad Their nature is very irritating They are non caring They are not concerned with anyone Especially own family members What all they are doing They are just concerned with themselves. But the sepia females Their husband stay happy because Thier wives don’t question and Interfare in their matters so They stay happy.todays Last medicine is Thuja Its useful in PCOD. Polycystic ovarian disease Works well in are dry And rough. And excess dandruff on scalp White colour and its falls All the time Thuja patients are fat constitutionally Skin related problems Like masse,or Always pimples So these were few homeopathic medicines acting well in Hair fall cases. Apart from these Lots of medicine listed in homeopathic materia medica. It’s not possible to tell everything on video For this you can come to our clinic also Apart from this if your hair fall is due to external therapies So you don’t need Such internal medicine You use topical scalp medicines You will benefitted. Apart from this our clinic Homeo Miracles we have developed a hair treatment kit It has 4 products First is a liquid medicine this Is a combination of patent homeopathic medicines Which work very well in hair fall The intake details are listed in kit Second is a tincture It’s mixture of arnica jaborandi and brahmi Applied daily on scalp and sleep Especially on baldness or hair loss spots Third is anti hair fall shampoo And fourth is hair oil Which you apply thrice or four times in a week Massage head.kit costs 1500 rs and It lasts a month If you want to order Refer to the watsapp number on screen So these were few Medicine Work well for hair fall cases If you like the video Please subscribe to my channel And my next video will be on Dengue fever Which will be e epidemic in monsoon season So please don’t forget to see the video That’s all for today thank you

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