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It’s mouth watering to see the packed fruit juices available in the market. But the packed fruit juices are not only expensive but also unhealthy as they are loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners that only increase your calorie count. So today we bring you some easy recipes so that you can make these yummy fresh fruit juices at home itself. These homemade fresh fruit juices will help you lose weight, provide nutrition to your body and will also keep your calories in control. To prepare these juices, you don’t have to buy a fruit juicer. If you have one, you can use it or else you can use any mixer or a smoothie maker. I have this chopper in which I’ll be making these juices. For our first recipe, our main ingredient is Watermelon. Watermelon helps cleanse your body and also aids in weight loss. Those who are on a low fat diet must take watermelons in their diet as it has 92% water content. It is loaded with anti oxidants preventing your skin from ageing. To prepare 1 glass of juice, we have taken about 1 bowl of chopped Watermelon. Half to 1 lemon juice 1 Spoon Grated Ginger Pinch of Black Salt Pinch of Black Pepper Blend all the ingredients except lemon. Serve it with ice. Now add lemon juice. This watermelon juice is ready! This will keep your body hyderated all day and will also make your skin glow. For our second recipe, we will take Muskmelon or Cantaloupe. Those who have constipation must include muskmelons in their diet as it has a lot of dietary fiber. It keeps you full for longer and also helps in weight loss. It has almost no fats and is very low on calorie, thus helps in weight management. To prepare 1 glass juice, we have taken 1 muskmelon and chopped it. In addition, we will take 1 spoon grated ginger Half lemon juice Pinch of black salt Pinch of black pepper Blend all ingredients except lemon. You may add water to this. Serve it with Ice. Now add lemon juice. This muskmelon juice is ready. If you want to lose weight fast, then have this juice regularly. For our third juice, we will take Cucumber. It’s available in our fridge almost all the time and it makes for an effective fat cutter drink. If you want a flat stomach, then this juice is for you. If you take this juice regularly, it can help you lose fat easily. For 1 glass juice, we will take 2 cucumbers and chop them. In addition, take 10 Mint Leaves Half lemon juice Pinch of Black Salt Pinch of Black Pepper Blend all ingredients except Lemon. Serve it with Ice. Now add half lemon juice. This Cucumber juice is ready. Both Cucumber and lemon are low calorie and are loaded with anti oxidants making this drink so effective for weight loss. For our next juice, our main ingredient is Papaya. Papaya also has very low calories and good amount of fiber. It helps in weight loss and also cuts belly fat. Those who suffer from digestive problems must include Papaya in their daily diet. For 1 glass juice, we will take about 1 bowl papaya. In addition, squeeze juice of 1 Orange Half lemon juice Pinch of Black Salt and Black Pepper Blend all ingredients except Lemon. You may add water to this. Serve it with ice. Add lemon juice. This Papaya juice is ready. This juice will detox your body and make it
even healthier. For our next juice, we will take Bottle Gourd. Those you don’t relish cooked Bottle Gourd can take it’s benefits in this form. It has a lot of water content giving your body a cooling effect and thus making it a great drink for summers. For 1 glass juice, we have chopped one medium sized Bottle Gourd. Add 5 Basil Leaves 1 Spoon grated Ginger 5 Mint Leaves Pinch of Black Salt Half Lemon Juice Pinch of Black Pepper Blend all ingredients except Lemon You may add water. Serve it with Ice. Now add half a lemon. This Bottle Gourd juice is ready. If you have this nutrition packed juice on an empty stomach, it will keep you full for longer. All these juices are very easy and quick to prepare and we have used only seasonal fruits that are easily available in the market. Whatever fruits are available in your city, you can blend them to make such nutritious juices. Just make sure you use only fresh fruits, not the canned ones. Wash all fruits properly before using them and try to take maximum benefit from each fruit. Like if you take a fresh Watermelon, then don’t waste it’s peel/rind. You can chop it’s peel and add it in juice or else make a dish out of it. Similarly, don’t waste the seeds of Muskmelon or Papaya and take it in whatever form you like. Muskmelon seeds can help detox your body whereas papaya seeds can prevent even Cancer. In addition, you may add Chia Seeds to any of these juices. Those who are taking weight loss diets must take Chia Seeds in their diet, preferably early morning. Since it has good amount of fiber content, it helps in weight loss. Take 1 spoon of Chia Seeds and soak them in 1 bowl of water for half an hour. After half an hour, the seeds will swell and look like this. Now mix them in any juice. Chia seeds will make your juice thicker and will also keep you full for longer. Do try these juices and share your feedback with us. If you too have any healthy fruit recipes, then do share in the comments below.

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  1. mam hum juice ko air tir container mai store kar sekte hai aur khire ke juice mai pudina ni dale too chalega because i hate pudina

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