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If you see these symptoms, then understand the stomach ulcer. Tum ulcers i.e. the stomach ulcers or the lesions that occur after the formation of blisters. Such problems often arise because of bad changes in food, which can sometimes prove fatal. Typically ulcers, there are barks or lesions on the initial stages of the small intestine or on the muscle membrane inside the body. This type of ulcer is called peptic ulcer or gastric ulcer. The main reason for this is the increase of acid in the stomach, smoking and drug intake, excessive steroid consumption, genetic causes, excessive stress or food disorders. The infection of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori is also a major cause of stomach ulcers. Symptoms of ulcers Although it is difficult to identify ulcers in the early stages, but if you have these types of health problems, then it can be symptoms of ulcers – Ulcers in the stomach can prove to be not only troublesome but extremely dangerous. It is very important to start treatment immediately after diagnosing this problem or else it can also cause cancer in the intestines. Know about it 1 Many people have a problem of frequent scarcity. It can also be a symptom of stomach ulcers, so be careful! 2 A feeling of any kind of injury or pain in the stomach and complication of intestinal irritation. 3 Problems in stomach swelling, chest burns and gas 4 Feeling of pain and burning in the upper part of the abdomen and discomfort after drinking hot drink. 5 Stains of blood or stool of sewage deep. 6 Coughing or bleeding of blood 7 Weight loss and lack of appetite. home remedies – 1) Grind red flowers of coconut and drink it with water and drink it. This is an answer drug for stomach ulcers. 2 Add some quantity of turmeric in cow’s milk and drink it daily, it also benefits in stomach ulcers. Drinking 3 grams of vinegar and vinegar and consuming it by mixing it in the water also benefits the stomach ulcer. 4 Soak the almond in water overnight and chew it in the morning, so that its milk reaches the stomach ulcers. You can use almonds by grinding them in milk. 5 Eating in any form of bananas, coconut, cabbage, carrot, fenugreek and Sahajanen is beneficial for the patients of ulcers. Caution – Avoid excessive oil, chili-spice or junkfood and cold card to avoid ulcers. Avoid stress and start walking or exercising.

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