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Paneer is favorite of all and today i am going to make paneer recipe. Today i am going to make schezwan paneer in a very easy way. it is made very quick and tasty too. Before i start making this recipe, i would like to request you if you have not subscribed my channel monikazz kitchen then please do subscribe. click the bell icon so that you may recieve
all notification of my new uploads. So lets see easy recipe Schezwan Paneer. what ingredients required. Ingredients required as….. shown. Heat the oil in the pan. add Ginger garlic paste. 5-7 sec fry the paste then add chopped onion. we will be frying in high flame. After onion becomes soft we will add capsicum. We will fry less and make it crunchy. now add paneer. salt… we will add less as salt is also in the sauce. 1 ts schezwan sauce. and other one in the the last. mix it well. add 1 more ts sauce and mix it well. Put off the flame. take out in serving dish. very easy recipe schezwan paneer is ready. It you liked the recipe then please do like it, share it and do not forget to subscribe my channel monikazz kitchen. Thank you for watching my video.

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