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Treating every disease, just 1 onion … For minor illnesses, we have been using domestic remedies for many years. And surprisingly, this home remedies are equally effective in keeping our health better. Onion’s home remedies are similar. To avoid the cold, fever or heat in the heat, the use of onion proves effective everywhere. How do you know how Once the winter is done, roasting onion with garlic is an old home remedy, and believe that it is very effective. When Europe was in the grip of plagues decades ago, European people used onion to treat it. 2 Onion is used to avoid cold fever and other diseases. In North America, onions were used to avoid cold-related diseases. According to this, keeping a chopped onion in the room is effective in protecting against many diseases. 3 Onion contains plenty of sulfur, which is also responsible for the onion juice. Sulfur is helpful in extracting harmful substances from the body. It keeps your liver healthy and also protects against colon, breast and prostate cancer. 4 onions, an antioxidant called quercetin is found, which helps to reduce blood thickness and make it liquid. Apart from this, it also reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. It also helps fight asthma. 5 Onion use is quite popular and effective to avoid fever. For this, the onion is cut in half, wrapped in a clean cloth and placed on the neck or on the head. It absorbs the onions from the fever, due to the heat generated by the fever. 6 It enhances your immune system and keeps the bones strong. Especially for women, it helps in reducing bone related problems during menopause. 7 If the cold sore often occurs in the cold days, onion juice can be very helpful. For this, you need to drink jaggery or honey mixed with onion juice. 8 If there is a lot of pain in the joints due to cold, massage by mixing onion juice with mustard oil will benefit. Smelling onion is only a good treatment when it comes to nose bleeding. 9 are troubled by mental stress and depression, but onions are helpful for you. The folate element found in it, mentally makes you feel lighter and also keeps your mood better. 10 It is also an example of using onions to avoid Lu during the summer. During the summer, people often leave a small onion in a pocket while leaving the house. From this, the onion absorbs the heat inside you and you survive Lu.

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