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Welcome Friends, I am Dr. Mathivanan (Ayurved and Varmam Specialist) Hope you all are fine! I am fine and I wish we all be good! This video is in collaboration with LiveRight Last video we saw what is headache and how does it affect us As I told in last video, we will see about few tips to avoid headache Tip 1 – Don’t take tablets the moment you get headache By using headache tablets all of a sudden affects your immune system Please don’t take tablets for small headache, because it affects your kidneys too 2 – Drink more water Start drinking more water, it will bring out toxins and brain gets refreshed This reduces headache a lot 3 – Don’t Consume Alcohol The more you drink the more headaches you get. As I told in last video about 11 types of headache One among them is Hangover Headache, avoid alcohol 4- 6 hours of sleep 6 hours of sleep is a natural requirement for your body Only by giving that amount of sleep can avoid you from headache 5 – Must include Magnesium and Zinc foods Nachukottai Keerai / Lachakettai Keerai (Spinach) – Long leaves and slight greenish in color Consuming this 2 times a week helps to increases zinc and magnesium Also this helps to control knee pain 6 – Eating Red Rice Most of you don’t know what gives the red color It is nothing but B complex Vitamin We can enjoy that with many delicacies like Puttu, Idiyappam(rice noodles), Poha etc., Consuming this gets rid of headache lot, so take brown rice as much as you can 7- Usage of Stong Perfume Don’t use strong perfume, avoid it as much as you can Use Javvadhu, it is available in Khadi shops and also in Country Drug stores 8- 15 minutes of Daily Yoga Doing at least 15 minutes of yoga in open atmosphere gives you golden benefits If you follow these 8 points properly and regularly Chances of getting headache will be reduced lot and gives you a healthy lifestyle In next video we can see about what to do when we get Headache Also I’ll give a demo explanation with a person Thanks from Dr. Mathivanan and Team LiveRight for watching this video patiently

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