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How to cure cracked heels – Tamil Beauty Tips Hello Tamil Beauty Tv viewers, in our channel we are sharing so many videos and useful beauty tips. Today I have come with a wonderful tip for cracked heel and many of us unaware of the reason for cracked heel. The reasons for this may be malnutrition, unhygienic, etc and in today’s video we are going to see home remedies to cure cracked heels. In a bath tub filled with warm water add 1 spoon of salt. Salt kills the bacteria in your foot. Squeeze half lemon in it and add 1 spoon of glycerin in it, you can get glycerin in pharmacy. Add 1 spoon rosewater and mix it well. Mix it well with a spoon and soak your feet for 15 – 20 minutes in it. After 20 minutes scrub your feet with a foot scrubber. You can buy scrubber through online and we have given the link in the description box. After scrubbing wash your feet and wipe it to get a relaxed feet. Take 1 spoon of lemon juice in a clean bowl. Acids present in lemon cures dry and damaged skin in your feet. Add 1 spoon rosewater and antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property present in it acts as the best treatment for your feet. Finally add 1 spoon of glycerin and it helps to keep your skin soft and smooth. Mix it well and apply on the cracks in your feet. As it will be sticky, wear socks and leave it overnight. To see visible result, remove the sock next day morning and wash your feet with warm water.

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