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Hi. Namaskar. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here we are fine. Today I have come with a special recipe. You might be wondering whats special with Aviyal. Just like the heading, we are going to make this dish without using oil. Usually we use coconut oil in it. First I thought how can you make Aviyal without coconut oil. Will it be good? I was all confused. But after trying it out it came out well. So I thought of sharing it with you too. I shall tell you how I got the recipe I had posted a coconut milk sambharam before. I had told you that Jans father is at Tirur for a Naturopathy treatment. He had this from there. Now he is back home. He got the book from there. This time when I went home, he gave me the book. I am trying recipes from that. I shall share the recipes that I liked from it. Many have been requesting for healthy and natural recipes We have many people who are having sugar, cholestrol. pressure etc. We shall include food recipes that they can also have. First we did coconut milk sambharam and now oil free aviyal. I had already shown 2 types of aviyal in our Veenas Curry world. Its the sadya aviyal which is dry. In one I used tamarind and the other curd. Today aviyal is made out of raw mango. You can see it in the video. Todays video is a bit lengthy. I have shown how to cut the vegetables in this. If you dont want to see it, you may skip and see the recipe only So without any delay lets see how to make our easy and tasty oil free aviyal now. Lets begin to make our zero oil aviyal. I have taken some vegetables here. Its not necessary to take the same I have taken. You can use whats available with you Some people use brinjal and ladysfinger. But I dont use them. If you want you can use. I have taken a small piece of white gourd, yam, 1 carrot Cucumber, I have removed the skin and kept it ready to cut. I have taken some long beans and the normal ones. A drumstick and cluster beans. Some use bitter gourd You can use Pappaya too. I dont use pumpkin when making Aviyal. So lets make with what I have nowI have taken a green chilli too. Now lets cut them in lengthy cuts. When making sambar we cut them in rounds, but for aviyal its lengthy pieces I have already posted 2 types of Aviyal. One dry sadya type and one trissur style aviyal I shall put the links of them in the description box. I am using raw mango for the sourness. Now its season If you dont have raw mango you can even use tomato. I have made it that way. In naturopathy recipe they avoid milk, curd and oil So I am following this also the same way. I had shown how to cut them in videos but still people are confused So I shall show you how to cut now. After a certain age, all are having cholestrol, sugar and pressure. Give more importance to your health Jans father is following Naturopathy now. Jans mother asked me to try it out and I liked it. Let me cut this now Some people might find it itching when cutting yam and pappaya. Just apply coconut oil on your hands or wear a gloves. You have to cut them lengthy. You have to cut like for french fries. Jans father cuts this like this and then uses the first piece to measure and cut the rest of the vegetables We dont have to do it like that. Men do it that way. You just have to cut it this way and slit it to two A little less or more in length and breath is not a problem dear. Some may get tensed thinking mine isnt like this. Some mothers may ask why is it like this? So please do forgive them. They would be doing it for the 1st time Now yam is done. Transfer it to a bowl. Now cut the white gourd also the same way. Make lengthy cuts and then slit it to two Its acutally easy. We just get tensed when doing it in a new kitchen or place. We are free at our house Our mother would shout as us but we were ok with it. It was the same for me. As you keep doing it, you will gain confidence. Both my mothers are good. They dont say anything to me. Its my luck. Now this is also done. Transfer to bowl Next is yellow cucumber. Its the same procedure. This is one of the vegetable we keep for Vishu kani. I have cut that too. Now lets cut raw plantain. Cut it to two first. Remove these parts of the skin Otherwise it will not look good. Usually we remove the skin for almost all the vegetables. Remove the black part here Cut it in the middle first. Then make slits like this. I always remove the black shade in the middle. I dont like it. If you want you can also remove it. Vegatable cutting is just for those who dont know to cut it. Others can skip to the recipe. They are asking why are you not showing the cutting. I have to consider their requests too. Cut the carrots also the same way. First to 3 pieces. As I always say cut the head part to avoid bitterness. Some yellow cucumbers also taste bitter. So taste and then use for dishes. Cut the carrotto half and again half. Then make slits. Cut all the pieces the same way. Thats how carrots are cut. You will get even pieces then. You can cut the vegetable for this on the previous day Then you can make it the next day. It will be easier. In sadya video I have mentioned what all can be made the previous day It will be easier for those who are new to cooking to when you see that video. Beginners might find it tough Carrots are ready. Now when taking drumsticks, take tender ones. Some cut the drumstick to half. But I add it like this only. If the drumsticks are hard, you can slit them in between Remove its skin this way and keep aside. You can use more drumsticks if you want. Next cut the ends of the long beans and cut to lengthy pieces like this. Cut the ends of beans too I always slit the normal beans in the middle. I always feel it takes longer time to cook. Then cut to pieces You can cut it the normal way if you want. Next I am taking raw mango. Its season now. You can substitute this with curd, tamarind or tomatoes. Remove the skin of the mango. We decide the amount of raw mangoes needed according to its sourness. If you want it in bite size, then cut little big pieces. If you want them to be cooked well, add it in the beginning and cook. I am adding it in the beginning itself I brought this mango from home. I am cutting it to lengthy slits and cooking it with the vegetables. Then the sourness mixes with the vegetables well. I am slicing it as thin strips and then cutting again If you want you can cut it like the vegetables. Now adding this to the vegetables. We shall adjust the sourness as we want I am adding two pieces of raw mangoes now. If its less sour, then we can add more later It gets cooked fast. If you have a sharp knife, work moves faster. Now the vegetables are done. Lets start cooking I am adding a green chilli slit also to this. We will be adding more while crushing later. This I brought from home This is very spicy. You can use any chilli you have. Adjust the spice level as you like. Now heat a thick bottomed pan. I am using my non stick here Add the vegetables to it. I am not using any oil here. Even though vegetables have water content, I will be pouring little water. If you dont have raw mango, use a big tomato. Add little turmeric powder. 1/4tsp is enough. Add 3/4tsp salt also and mix well. This will be enough for 4 people to have. You can make the same measurement for sadya to serve 8 people. I am pouring 1 glass water to this. Open and stir in between. I have cooked this for 15mts. It was cooked on medium flame. All well cooked. If you are in a hurry you can give 1 whistle in a cooker. Open the whistle and remove the steam. Dont leave it for long. It will become mashy. I am making it soft here. So added more water when cooking Check all the vegeatables. All are done now. Keep it aside. I have taken 1.5 glasses of coconut here. Its 3/4th of a coconut. Coconut is an important ingredient in aviyal. Its very important in the naturopathy recipes. If its well grated, no need to grind in the mixi Some have little bigger coconut shreds. Just whip it in the mixi and then use. We need 3 green chillies, 4 shallots and 1 small piece ginger. Usually we dont add ginger when we make Trissur style. We add cummin seeds. But this recipe doesnt have cumin seeds and has ginger in it. If you want you can avoid ginger and add cumin seeds I am making it the same way they mentioned. It came out well when I tried. Lets crush this. I am crushing this now. You can do it in your mixi too. Add the crushed mix to the coconut Crush the green chillies too. Add some curry leaves too Let me see the salt and spice of the vegetables. Sourness is correct. Adding little salt to the coconut Its to balance the taste. If you want you can add turmeric pdr to the coconut. But I am not adding. Adding salt Mix well. The shallots should be seen and shouldnt be crushed too much. The green chillies too Ginger has to be crushed well. If you are using cumin seeds, that also has to be crushed well or use cumin pdr Now this is done. Add the coconut mix to the cooked vegetables. Mix all this well. Its very tasty to have it like this. I make this almost everyday. Jan and I have this well. No oil in this. Heat this for a while. You dont have to cook it. You can have it without heating too. Mix it well. If you want you can reduce the coconut. But coconut is the taste here. All their recipes have coconut or coconut milk in it. I shall introduce one by one slowly. Many are requesting for healthy recipes. Shall include these types for sure. I have heated it for 2 minutes. Steam doesnt have to come. According tot he book, heating is not mentioned Lastly sprinkle some more curry leaves and mix well. You can close and keep aside or have it immediately too You can have it as it is. Reduce rice and have more of vegetables. I am also trying to slowly change my lifestyle. Starting to have helath issues now. Lets follow natures food If you close this with a banana leaf, the dish will be more flavourful. I dont have one so not covering with it. Its very tasty. The salt, sour and spice are all perfect. All of you do try this out. Dont forget to send me your feedback. Until we meet with my next recipe. Thank you Go sit in the sun. This sun is not enough. Go sit in good sun Go sit that side. You can lie down in the sun Veena is replying to her comments sitting in the sun. This leaf fell down last night. You get to see it only on fridays What are all of you planning to do? Bury me here? Veenas curryworld burrial girl

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