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homemade This video is all about natural remedies for relieving cough,cold and blocked nose in kids. Our kids love to play with dolls. These dolls harbor lots of dust,dirt and fungus. We should either wash them regularly or just pack it up. else these dolls become the main reason for allergy in our kids sometimes our kids may not be in love with their dolls,but we use them as a decor Please take care to keep them fresh as this goes always unnoticed. My second tip is to use “panam kalkkandam” also called
“PALM SUGAR CANDY” or “ROCK CANDY” in English. It is given as a substitute for sweetness for kids in their food. Its a healthy ingredient. Dissolve this palm sugar candy in water and make kids drink. Dissolve 2 or 3 cubes of palm sugar candy to the water. This will help in relieving cough in kids. Adults can also take palm sugar candy along with shallots/pearl onions to expel cough. Store brought palm sugar candy may not be so fresh. buy these from shops that sell herbal or natural stuffs. Third tip is to use black cumin also known as “NIGELLA SATIVA” or “KALINJA” We use them in some dishes and to make hair oil. find them easily at your herbal store.
Fresh Kalonji give good results in no time. Good seeds has got a pungent smell and bitter taste
It looks like black sesame seed. Simply give our kids to smell these seeds. Take a clean cotton cloth and wrap some seeds.
Secure it with a band. Make sure that the seeds don’t come out of the cloth. Rub this in your palm. Before giving to kids, do try it by yourself
You will never use any kind of balm or nasal sprays again. Best time to let kids smell this is the time they have a deep sleep normally after a good bath. Show this pack on both nostrils one by one. It stays fresh for around a month.
U can just replace it for fresh pack next month. Always rub in between ur palm before use. Lets try it on some one. I use this for my kids always as a natural remedy.
U can see how he reacts when he gets the smell. Don’t go too close to the nostrils…keep a little distance. Give this pack even if there is a small symptom of cold or cough or blocked nose. Make it a routine and your kids will never get cough or cold again. Please do subscribe and let me know your results
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