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Even you’re at home or in a rural area, you can have an access to doctors through Telemedicine. “Seeing a doctor from anywhere, with Telemedicine” Seeing a doctor is necessary for all people. It’s one of the basic human needs. But because there’re a lot of patients, with few doctors. Commuting to hospital especially in rural areas, which sometimes have only local clinics and some bigger hospitals if it is a severe case, there’s no doctor with the needed specialty. Or even in the city, sometimes you need to wait for a long time , waking up early to see a doctor and it consumes so much time. Or the hospital can be very crowded making you even more sick being there. So today I’m gonna introduce one of the methods that help solve these problems which is Telemedicine. Telemedice is not a new thing. It’s been done for decades by using radio, the internet, or satellite. Or using 3G and 4G. But the reason this has been talked about lately again is because 5G is coming. So Telemedicine can be done through 5G. Let’s talk about what can be in practice. There’re mainly 3 things that are going to happen. The examples of the use of Telemedicine is such as using Video calls with the doctors. Like talking about basic stuffs such as talking to phychiatrists like OOCA. That’s one example of Telemedicine. Or a more advanced thing, which is diagnosis by using a small device that is with the patient. To check on patient’s ears, lungs, or heart. The patient needs to have that device and a platform is needed for both doctor and patient to log in and communicate to one another through that. Where the doctor can direct the patient on what to do and read the result from that device. What I personally saw at True Digital Park, the screen shows us our physicals with numbers on it so the doctor can direct you saying “go to number 1 or 3” or tell you to put the heart monitor to a certain area. And you’d get a more accurate result. Or for example, with the ear check-up, if you needed to know if there’s something wrong with your ear this device can be used and through the camera on the device the doctor can take a look into your ears and make a diagnosis. I’ve been to CES event, there’s a device made by a Chinese company, which is amazing but a bit gross which is a teeth monitor that you can see all angles in your mouth. Those are examples of medical devices that are available now. A more advanced thing, is the Surgical Practice of Telemedicine This is where G comes in to help. For example, there’s a patient needed to be treated in Beung Khong Lhong, Nong Khai province where there’s no doctor with a needed specialties. But if there’s a surgical robot there and then connect online through 5G, the doctor can make a primary diagnosis then the surgeon would use a device to operate through signals and those signals won’t be disrupted or delayed to the surgical robot. It’s like a surgeon can do the operation from Bangkok on the patient in Nong Khai in real-time. This is a very new thing. But the fully successful cases are not that common yet. But this is a highly possible concept of Telemedicine in Surgical care. So being able to talk to doctors or surgeons being able to proceed an operation from afar, can save more lives. Including, consulting you may need a certain medication but with regulations, your choice of buying is limited and with restricted medications you’d need prescriptions so with Telemedicine, to get those medications will be easier. And it’s save your time by reducing wait time at the hospital, be stressed out, or be exposed to germs and viruses. This will make your life so much easier. In the future, we might see surgical emergency ambulances on the road because the availability of 5G. We have to wait and see. This is a great bright hope for the future for the whole world, including Thailand. Because now, everywhere is facing an aging society. So more people need to get medical treatments. While the amount of doctors is decreasing. In Thailand, the statistics say there’re 3.9 doctors for every 10,000 people. In another word, there’s only 1 doctor for every 2,500 patients. Therefore, Telemedicine would help solving this. Also, if you are a patient, commuting is not so convenient and just little movements hurt. But need to be treated yet commuting limits you to go anywhere. It will help in this case too. The statistics also say that people with disabilities who have healthcare coverage, only 1 out of 3 can commute to get treatments. Because the rest might feel uncomfortable in commuting , costs, or others. So they don’t have the treatments they need. That’s about it. I’m quite excited too. Health Tech is becoming very important. I talked to Meng, a Start-up guru, he said he truly believed that Health Tech is becoming a big thing this year and next year. So we need to wait and see. For those in Health Tech and Telemedicine related business, it’s gonna be a great opportunity for you. In near future, we might easily see doctors store our data on the cloud, and get diagnosis and medications at home. It’d be very convenient. Medical industry might be disrupted once again. Please like, subscribe, turn on See First and notifications. So you can catch up on new Tech news that make your lives better. Hope you enjoy the Technology world with us. Bye-bye.

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