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Hello world Volunteered model this time Young male He has taken a few reflexology treatments before Since his feet are quite soft, I start with my fingers There is a mini vlog at the end of this video Please enjoy until the end ^ ^ Head reflex zone A reason why I named this video “Gori gori (crunchy sound in Japanese)” was because we could hear “Gori gori” sound a lot in this session ^ ^ Poki poki poki (onomatopoeic word in Japanese) “Making sound loud here” “Upper teeth (reflex zone)” “Poki poki” “Painful? Are you okay?” “Not so painful” “Poki poki poki poki” “Here is something. Front teeth and/or upper jaw (reflex zone)” “A little painful” “This area” “Ingrown toenail here a little” “Is it painful? Are you alright?”
“I am fine” Sinuses, eye, nose reflex zone “I will work with this (flat) surface here” “Painful? Ok?” “I am okay” “Gori gori gori gori Jyori jyori jyori jyori” Trapezius muscle / lung “Here also makes Gori gori sound” “Shoulder, trapezius muscle here” Thyroid / Para-thyroid Stomach / Duodenum / Pancreas “It is stomach around here” “A little hard here” “I use a stick a little” “Painful” There was a hard area, I used a stick to loosen up Not really hard pressure ^ ^; “Jyori jyori jyori jyori” “Feeling good” “I didn’t realize it would make sounds so loud” “Gorin gorin, Jyori jyori” Heart / Spleen Small intestines / Large intestines “Painful” “It is Spleen” “I thought a stick should be okay…” “I am not giving a hard pressure” “Painful” “Fairly painful” “It seems to be loose but now I am working in a deeper area” “So, it can be a little painful” (grim) Shitsumin (sleep) point Thoracic / Lumbar “Around lower back” Arm Picking my nose (joking) Knee Testicle (male) Ovary (female) “Now work on the instep” Seems the throat reflex zone is congested? “Throat reflex” “There are reflex zones on the instep also” Lymph “Jyori jyori jyori jyori” Very light pressure on the instep since it is fragile Sound of helicopter flying out…. maybe Work again on the zone I concern “It looks strained here” “A little painful?」
“It is okay” “And here” “Jyori jyori jyori jyori” Adrenal gland / Kidney / Ureter tube / Bladder for the last Adrenal gland / Kidney / Ureter tube / Bladder Head reflex zone “Jyori jyori jyori jyori” “Neri neri neri neri (sound)” Sinuses / Eye / Nose “Jyori jyori jyori jyori” “Very loud”
“The sound is very loud” Trapezius muscle / Lung Thyroid / Para-thyroid Stomach / Duodenum / Pancreas Gal bladder / Liver “Painful here?”
“Yes” “Jyori jyori jyori jyori” Large intestines / Small intestines Shitsumin (sleep) point Thoracic / Lumbar Prostate (male) Uterus (female) Working with a stick very lightly… This sound is from the mic’s friction Arm Knee Working between each toes on the instep side Very gently Very softly… killing him softly with s stick by Roberta Flack 😀 “Otsukaresamadeshita! (Thank you!)”

72 thoughts on “ごりごり足つぼ | Gori Gori Reflexology

  1. 1:55


  2. I like this volunteer!

    The emoji faces during the massage were funny and the mini vlogs at the end were a really nice personal touch to the experience.

  3. Whyyyyy you are so far away ???? I would love a foot massage. At least I can see you and you help me to sleep. For that I am grateful.

  4. gonna go tomorrow to a local chinese foot reflexology place. looking forward to getting my foot done.

  5. I really need this…
    Great video (like always)
    Thanks for helping me with my insomnia now I'm quite sleepy.

  6. Enjoyed every single gori gori sounds. Natively, I called the sounds kretek-kretek, with both et hat sounds like e in 'paper'

  7. Thanks for uploading this video! Your videos helped me alot. This is one of my favourite video with gori gori ?? You deserve so much more views.. ?

  8. I liked hearing the gori-gori.. reminds me of my own feet! The mini blog at the end was very nice and cute. You should make an Instagram for these pleasant scenes! Canada ☺️

  9. いつも寝ちゃって、3回目にしてようやく最後まで見れました笑笑

  10. 胃・十二指腸・膵臓のシーン無限ループしてます。

  11. I don't dare to click on your videos in daytime. ….I know for sure I'm gonna sleep like ..dang even the breathing sounds are clear as crystal. ..most underrated channel

  12. I came again. …it's a request could you please do a video only finger …if that could possible. ..I like the most …..

  13. 足のゴリゴリ音もいいけど主さんの声がとても落ち着くボイスでいいですね

  14. The problem is i cant finish your videos because in everytime i watch them i always end up sleeping. Good job Mr. Yutaka. I really like the sound of jyori jyori ?

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