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Hello world Volunteered male model this time He likes Gori Gori (crunchy) sound and wondered if his feet would make sound … he was relatively healthy and didn’t make much sound… (laugh) I am using a Gua Sha this time I use it for my self-care … which I don’t do much these days… This time I did regularly on the left foot and free style on the right one Free style is a free style… just following my intuition… Ok, enjoy the rest of the video 🙂

23 thoughts on “ジョリジョリ足つぼ | 刮痧(かっさ)ジョリジョリ。フリースタイル

  1. How much experience do you have with gua sha? How does it compare to using the stick?

    Take care of yourself, Yutaka-san!! ?

  2. My family has reflexologists in it but none of them use enough pressure for me. I love your videos because I want this deep tissue kind of foot rub.

  3. カッサのジョリジョリ!!棒ゴリも好きですがカッサのジョリジョリもかなり癒されます(≧∇≦)カッサまた見たいです✨最近ゴリゴリ増えて嬉しいです✨

  4. 昔、NHKで名犬ジョリィというアニメがありましたね。JORIJORIで記憶の彼方から出てきました。名犬カナダ君はお元気ですか?

  5. 親指攻撃だけで すでに痛そう
    けど 気持ちよさそう
    ゴリゴリもいいけど ジョリジョリも良きです

  6. カッサを足の裏に使ってる人初めて見た!これなら内出血も起こらないし、この発想を思い付くのは天才だと思う。

  7. Any tips you can share with me to get rid of my neuroma, I had one on each foot and orthotics worked like magic healing left foot. However, have had NO luck with my right foot. Toes go numb, feel cold but no tingling. I am no where near diabetic, I’m 5’5, weigh 135 and years of wearing heels kicked my ass. I’m desperately trying to avoid any surgery. Any experience, solutions, suggestions would be most appreciated.

  8. モデルさんの足裏綺麗で羨ましい

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