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Today, I am going to show you How hands on work can affect movement. Please do roll ups. Please check quality of movement as comparison. One more time. Let’s get started. She said left side is tight. I work on lymph of stomach and small intestines. Please do roll ups one more time. You can see quality of movement is better. Just in case microphone didn’t pick up, She said she can use calf better. I feel length of spine more, and I can use muscle better. I worked on lymph of viscera, and lymph deep inside. Because lymph of viscera is related to core, that’s why she got better movement. I will keep working. Something stacks on neck. I am working on dura matter which covers brain. Alright, one more roll up please. I see she can get up very smoothly. I feel neck and lower back is very soft. Reason why her spine is released is: dura matter continues to all the way to spine. That’s why working on head could affect to spine. “Easy to move.” Will check SLR Bit tight, huh? I work on lateral rotators. I check SLR again. I don’t feel resistance now. I feel knee is tight. I will work around knee joint. If you can say, have you had injury? “No, I haven’t. But when I dance and out weight on left side, it is little bit weird feeling. I can’t use core muscle and I feel weird on lateral side of knee.” “Usually, it is ok. But only when I dance.” Her hip is moving well. Now. please do roll ups. Her movement is much better compare to first time. I feel my core has started working. I work on head at last. Are you good at spacious recognition? “Spacious recognition? Oh Yeah.” Like at shopping mall, you remember where you parked. Yeah, I am good at it.” “I easily can remember where it is. Can feel it?” Yeah, kinda. “I can write letters inside out.” “I can see people’s face back wards.” I am working on hippocampus which perceive memory and recognition. That’s why I pointed out. “Like memories?” Yes. Short term memories. Also it is related to learning and motor skill. It is reacting very well. Roll ups again, please. “Oh it feels like… kinda… something released.” “My neck feels better.” “Left side is much lighter.” “Feels so interesting.” I demonstrated what I do today. I am filming this video in my home town, Japan. And she has private pilates studio here. I put her info and SNS. If you are interested taking her Pilates at Ehime, Japan, please send her message. Please Like, share, and subscribe if you would. Thank you for watching.

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