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Is it like a vaseline? This is…
– Is it oil? Apply this on your wrist And like this… rub it Wow… what is this? Citrus? Jasmine? I am not sure what is in since this is a mixture Firstly I smelled something citrusy and… Flowery… Yes many things are mixed Very nice fragrance I like it, too Nice fragrance Do you start from adrenal gland and kidney reflex? Yes Drain towards bladder?
– Yes Waste matter… or… Like emptying a trash box? Something like that. Indeed It depends on the person, where to start
– Oh really It can’t be said this is the best Some start from the pituitary gland Around the big toe
– Yes It is really painful around my big toes I had pyelonephritis in May and I was about to die The bacteria spread throughout my whole body Trigeminal nerve here Excuse me Are you okay?
– Yes I am. Painful, though Making sounds… The sound is funny Pituitary gland What does it mean the area is painful? (Pituitary gland is) balancing hormones and such It is said that when a reflex on the foot is painful, it means the connected area is bad but is that so simple as that? When a reflex is painful, mostly the client is aware of the area For instance, eyes where I am working on right now, and one feels pain there, he/she is aware of their strained eyes, most likely Can’t say it is always true, though So if I massage the reflex points on my feet or bad areas, does my body condition get better? Sometimes, it works especially an acute one The 4th toe was painful
– It’s eye reflex * When you can say “The reflexology was good!”, it is the most effective one Is this painful?
– It is okay The question “what kind of reflexology do you like?” was the most difficult one to answer How do other people answer that? Some answer like “I like this area (to be worked on)… “I like arch” and so on Some say “I like a painful one” or “I like a mild one”, they tell their preferred pressure Hmm…. here is… Trapezius
– Meaning I have stiff shoulders? Do you have normal (no video shooting) clients as well? Yes sometimes Is this painful?
– It’s okay. Is it shoulder? This is lung Lung?
– It has a little… hard or… stiff I am not aware my lung is bad What a sound!
– Yes It is painful there also This is… Thyroid or bronchi ITTT (ouch) ITAI (painful) I think I should bear this pain for now and I would be better later… Am I correct? Hmm… I wonder which is better… These days I really wonder which is better It’s funny to see Yutaka-san’s “hmm…” This is stomach Yes, I thought my stomach was okay but this is painful ITE (ouch) Crunchy here (Watching the monitor) Only the foot is appearing Interesting Reflexology Zanmai (samadhi) How many videos have you uploaded so far? … About 200 videos? Not sure… I don’t count Lower back here Your hands are big. Your fingers are long Big?
– Yes Are you okay?
– Y e s . . . ITAI! (painful)
– A little hard here ITTAI (painful) I…
– You only said “I” I am getting used to it Excuse me Painful here, right? Many people feel pain here Painful? It’s arm. Arm reflex My whole body… ITETETETE (ouch) The left foot’s (knee reflex) is the left arm?
– Yes ITAI (painful)… This is knee ITAI (painful) I haven’t been touched the area when I have reflexology Oh really? This is a point to be worked often At least I work here What is there?
– This is throat reflex It’s very congested Throat…? Or it could be related to lymph, too, the instep side I am often told that my feet are hard or my shoulders are stiff (by therapists) But I drink water enough and exercise well And I love vegetables… But what is wrong with me? Yes, what is wrong? Are you okay?
– Yes Feels good This is scapula Kori Kori (lumpy) there ITAI (painful)…
– It’s knee

9 thoughts on “喋る足つぼ | 30分まったり喋る足つぼ [左足編]

  1. I'm glad you mentioned reflexology isn't proven scientifically. It helps me reconcile the fact that I have somehow found myself starting 2020 by searching through your videos for specific types of feet receiving specific types of massages of a specific variety of alternative medicine that I have on more than one occasion called pseudo-scientific hogwash.

    I'm sure it feels great though and I would pay you for it.

  2. Youknow what i miss about your video yutaka my dude is that times you put your fingers between someones feet and stretch or spin massage it ish good

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