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Hello world Volunteered female model this time I hope you enjoy this video for your good sleep It seems that there are quite a few people who have sleeping issues, I list up some of my recommendations: 1. Reflexology Reflexology is very effective for sleeping Treat the whole zones and points, head, adrenal gland, kidney, Shitsumin (sleeping) point are recommended for further treatment 2. Exercise I have a conversation with my old healing friend recently and she said: “Exercising is the best healing” When I was suffering from stomachache, I consulted a guy who was into healing deeply, he said: “Do you exercise?” The more you are into healing, the more you know methods, modules of healing therapies but the most basic healing is to take exercise Moderate tiredness is good for sleep 3. Homeopathy Homeopathy is based on the theory of ‘treating like with like’ It depends on personal circumstances which homeopathy you should take, ‘Passiflora’ is a common one for sleeping * It really depends on persons. You should consult a professional homeopath 4. Eckhart Tolle Author of “Power of Now”, “New Earth” living in Canada His talk has a magical power to make you sleepy just by listening There are many his talks on YouTube I put a link to one that I highly recommend I listed up a few methods for improving sleeping issues I hope these are helpful to you ^ ^ People comment my videos are helpful to sleep I hope you relax well ^ ^ Take a deep breath For a good relaxation, It is advised to say ‘YES’ to whatever is happening around you If you even say ‘YES’ to ‘uneasiness’, what will happen? Mind tries to make an effort to relax when there is ‘uneasiness’ It is saying ‘NO’ to ‘uneasiness’ What will happen if you say ‘YES’ to the situation? “It is okay to be uneasy”
“It is okay as sit is” When you pay attention to your body, your body should be open and relax when you are saying ‘YES’ When you listen to Eckhart’s talk, your mind stops gradually after a while There is a word “surrender”, your mind trying to reach the next moment is giving up to try “Uh, yes I let it go” What you let go actually is excessive tension on your body, bad thoughts, bad emotions… Allow them to flow as they flow You may experience some bad feeling or bad thoughts for a while but you recover relaxation by saying ‘YES’ So much for the subs this time… Enjoy watching the rest of the video At the end of this video, there is a video Mr. Kurioka cracked my toes’ joints So, have a good sleep 🙂 Mr. Kurioka’s cracking my toes’ joints Perfect lol

25 thoughts on “寝る足つぼ 2 | Sleepy Reflexology 2

  1. 30:06 これが見せ場の動画やね(^^)v 最初に持ってくる方が個人的には良い( ̄▽ ̄)/

  2. また動画見させてもらって寝れます。

  3. I am visiting Japan in December and January but I feel I won’t sleep good like you watching your videos if you do this on my foot

  4. The video would be much much better and easier to watch without all of the subtitles just a little advice

  5. Nice to see the mention of homeopathy. It's not as accepted in the U.S. as it is in other countries but it has helped me many times.

  6. Not everyone's skin is perfect and smooth Sir. …especially the cracked on heel. …so do they have to get pedicure or any procedure before Reflexology treatment ☺

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