Taking Charge of Your Health

“Be quiet!” “It is already on” “Oh shoot!”
“That’s ok. You can still talk” “Cut!” “[email protected]#$%^&*”
Can’t catch… “Your feet are soft” “Very soft”
“My meat is soft?” “Yes… meat… meat?” “I thought your feet were harder” “Ok let’s start”
“Oh, there it comes!!” “Wait wait wait!!” “Ah… HAHAHA!!” (loughing out loud?” “It’s fun” “ITAI ITAI (painful)”
“That hurts?”
“YES!” “AHA♡” “It’s fuuuun” “Was it so painful?*”
* We have been to a reflexology place in Kamakura, Japan before “No one touches my feet so much”
“Oh yes” “Ah Itai Itai Itai Itai Itai (painful)”
“Bladder” “Cystitis” “I was going to fall off from the sofa” “Your reaction was awesome” “There is someone enjoying munching cookies here” “Ah there it comes again!!” “Are you okay?” “You told me it wouldn’t be so painful (before we started shooting)” “I didn’t expect it would be so painful for you”
“AHA♡” “Painful here?”
“Yes, what is it there?” “Cerebellum”
“Cerebellum? Oh I had one” “It’s fun” “Are you okay around here?”
“Yes I am” “If it is okay, it means I don’t have a problem there?”
“You can say so” “What’s around there?”
“It is ear” “Ear? My ear has a problem”
“Really?” “I have a hole in my eardrum and get otitis media often” “Is this painful? Not?”
“Not painful at all” “Which ear is this?”
“This (right) ear” “This (left) ear is fine”
Nerves are crossed above neck but I didn’t say… LOL “Where are you going?”
[email protected]#$%^&*()”
Can’t catch it again LOL “Why you changed?”
“Comfy” “He doesn’t need to wear a polo shirt” “It is fine around there”
“Around here, it is trapezius, shoulder muscle” “Painful?”
“Not painful but tickle a little” “Gori gori gori gori (crunchy), oh, tickle!” “Ah, there it comes!”
“Painful? It is a stomach reflex zone” “Ah, my stomach is not good?” “Around stomach. There is something here. Something hard” “What! What’s that? It looks painful…” “The camera angle becomes strange” “AHA♡ It is more like tickle than painful…. painful…. or tickle” “I am falling from the sofa” “AH♡”
“Very soft, though” “OHOHOHOHOHOHO” “ITAI!! (painful)” “Not painful there” “Anus (Komon)”
“Anus (Komon). It seems healthy” “Mito-Komon* is painful”
* Classical Japanese drama character “I wonder if there is anyone who would say Mito-Komon in Japan now” “The camera angle is odd. The foot is close-up” “Extremely” “You got a sun tan”
“Yes” “It is from the cottage living”
“Yes” “Trimming weeds… I am not doing a sun bathing, though” “What is it called in Japanese? WARA-work?”
“NORA-work (farm work)” “I am losing my Japanese!”
“Yes, Nora-work (farm work)” “I am collecting WARA (straw), too” “Very tensed here. Lower back”
“I have a pain in my lower back” “Not too painful there. Feeling good”
“Oh good” “The spot, above the anus, was painful in the beginning” “Above the anus, that is lower back” “Oh, super painful! ITAI!”
“Sciatic nerve” “Ufufufufufufufu” “Painful” “SHIBOU (Dead)” “Do I have too much SHIBOU (fat)?”
“Not that SHIBOU”
“Ah, dead one” “My Japanese is bad”
“You are away from Japan for a long time…” “I can’t speak Japanese here” “Oh I spoke his name LOL” “I will add a beep sound” “Knee” “Oh, it feels good”
“Feels good? Good” “Especially after the treatment, sometimes it is painful”
“It was in the beginning” “I was surprised. Sensational”
“Sensational” LOL “It is fine around there” “Ah ♡”
“Painful? Looks hard here” “Yes, what’s there?”
“Sciatic nerve” “Ah ITAI ITAI ITAI…”
“Looks tired physically” “Tired?” “Do you go to gym recently?”
“Not at all. I quit one year ago” “It is hard around here”
“Yes it is true” “How come?”
“If you have a lower back pain, this area gets hard” “I guess it is from my job. I am sitting” “Fairly clean” “A little Gori Gori (crunchy)” “We are taking a video” “Thank you”
“Oh I am sorry” “It is okay. HIGE SORI (beard trimmer in Japanese)” “HIGESORI…” “[email protected]#$%&”
Can’t catch it… “There… I don’t know if it is painful or tickle…” “Both” “Tick… ah, no, painful”
“It was sensational in the beginning” “Maybe I got accustomed to it? Maybe loosened” “You jumped out before”
“I was surprised. Too painful” “I hope this is fine, angle-wise”
“Why? Are you worrying if it is recording fine?” “I think it is recording but…” “He may not be able to bear this pain. He has a lot of physical problems. He’d scream out” “I have been working on many white people since I came here but they seem to have low tolerance with pain. I have to just rub…” “Japanese can take a stronger pressure…”
“I can’t” LOL “Not too painful on this side?”
“I am trying to bear” “But not so painful as before” “Right side is healthier?” “Ah, it can be. But around the neck…” “Painful? Are you okay?”
“Not painful” “It seems tired…” “Yes, the right foot looks not painful” “I can bear it. Not painful as before” “Are you okay? Do you need a cushion behind you?”
“Ah, I am okay” “Maybe we should call a housemaid and bring a cushion for you?” “This foot is totally fine” “Kori Kori (crunchy)” “A little tickle but not painful” “I may not giving a right pressure. There are many people feeling tickle when I work here” “Oh what is that scary thing?!” “Liver here”
“Liver? Is it bad?” “A little… hard, Zara Zara (sandy)… uh, not much now”
“Oh, but maybe painful” “But it is totally okay. If it is this much” “My foot is making sound”
“A strange spot is making sound” “Did you bring this cream from Japan?”
“Yes” “I thought I could buy one here but it would be hectic”
“Looking for one would be hectic” “At Shoppers Drug Mart or somewhere” “The inner is pretty painful” “What is this? Anus?” “Ah, but here is rectum… but it seems empty” “Empty?” “Person with hemorrhoids has a Zara Zara (sandy) or hard feeling but I feel empty… ?” “What do you mean by empty?” LOL
“Not sure. First time to see an empty person” “And here is sciatic nerve”
“Ah, it may be painful!” “Lower back is not good” “Are you okay?”
“Painful there” “It is knee”
“Knee?” “Oh, it can be very painful” “Not so bad. It doesn’t look tired”
“Very painful, though…” “Here is ovary… no testicle”
“My testicle is tired” “Tired testicle…” “A little Zara Zara (sandy)” “Is this okay this side?”
“This side is okay” “Above the testicle” “The inner is painful. Was it ovary?” “This is… um… above rectum… uh… what’;s the name… sciatic nerve” “I think I can sleep well tonight” “Lack of sleep?”
“Yes” “Sleeping point for the last” “Oh! ITAI ITAI ITAI…. ITAAAAI (painful)!”
“Sleeping point for your good sleep” “Painful. I slept only 5 hours last night” “Busy at work?”
“Yes I have to wake up early tomorrow, too” “Ok thank you very much”
“Is it all?”

34 thoughts on “爆笑足つぼ | ハッピーな気分になる足つぼ

  1. IM white and I love hard pressure massage maybe I am a sadist ?! Lol but my husband can never give a deep enough pressure when I ask for a massage 😓

  2. Gosh I'm coming to Toronto!! Hurt me please!! People just don't know what a good foot massage feels like. Not rubbing and tickling. But hard pressure, like this guy!! It feels AMAZING!!!!

  3. touches the sciatic nerve
    Guy: yells
    Yutaka: "Ah, it may be painful." 😆

    Loved hearing the soft, friendly banter in this video.

  4. Great camera angle! I love to see people's expressions. Your videos relax me a lot and one day I will do that reflexology with you. 😊

  5. Are you still in Canada or did you go back to Japan? I'll be in Japan next year to see my niece and nephews including my grand nephew.

  6. ゆたかさん!


    僕は毎晩寝る前にそれらのいくつかを見る。 アメリカに住んでいますが、いつか日本に引っ越す予定です。 うまくいけば、僕はあなたに会えます!

  7. A force de regarder vos vidéo, j’ai l’impression que l’on est plus sensible du pied gauche que du pied droit , est ce que c’est normal ? Merci

  8. Wow another great session! Funny part is that instead of focusing on the massage and relaxing I was captivated by the conversation the two of you had 😁.

  9. カナダ在住日本人の足つぼなんかオモロイー
    it's FUN♪

    ( ゚∀゚ )キタ━━!キタキタキタ!

  10. いつも楽しんで動画を拝見させてもらってます。動画のコメント欄でこういった事をお聞きするのはどうかと思いますが、ゆたかさんのお住い(ご家族、ご自身を含め)は大丈夫でしょうか? 台風19号が関東地方にも直撃し、各地域で甚大な被害をもたらしています。自分の家の近くの川も氾濫し、一部地域に緊急避難警報がでています。ゆたかさんは横浜にお住いだとお聞きしております。横浜も少なからず、台風の影響が出ていると思われます。現在、カナダに旅行(であってますか?)しているという事もあり、個人的に気になり、こういった形でお聞きしてしまいました。申し訳ございません。また、誠に勝手ながら何か一言お返ししてもらえたら幸いです。

  11. Yutaka you may need to use a lot of pressure on my feet as I wear steel toe capped boots a lot and have very hard skin! Maybe some itai pressure too 😃
    I know you like giving the itai Reflexology.

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