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Hello world Today’s model is Mr. Ouch, he is a repeat What will happen this time…? “Awwww!!」 「Ahhhh!!!」 “Come back here” “ITTE (painful)” Japanese? “Ahhhh Awwww!!」 “Kidney” “Ahhhh A!!” “Come back here” “Quiet!” You can scream, though LOL Strange rally… “Ahhhhwwww” “Wooooooo” “Nnnnnnn Ah!” “Ahhhh woawawaw ohhhhh” “A ITAI ITAI (painful)” Sounds like a good accent Japanese “You just said ouch in Japanese” “Ahhh” “Sinus”
“Oh Jesus” “Your neck” “It’s your hand!” “YouTube viewers, if you want to take my place, please come and sit in my chair!” “They’ll come” “Nnnnn” “Ah Yamete (stop)” Mysteriously he’s good in Japanese when he screams “Fuuuuuuu” “Murder!” “It’s not murder” Cat looks dead in the back, though LOL “Koroshite (kill me)” “Trapezius” “Awwwww”
“That painful?” “Can you not be…”
“(Shhhh)” “[email protected]#$ foot” “Ah♡”
“Tickle?” “Fuuuuuu” “Pgya” “N” “NN” “Wooo!!” “Awawawaw!!” “AI (love)!” “Nah” “Kimchi (Korean pickle) Nai (no), Kimochi (heart) Nai (no), what is it? Kimochi Ikunai (not feeling good)?” “Uhhh!” “Party All night!” “Ah♡” “You are crazy” “It’s very painful” “Ahh” “Relax” “Ah!” “Uuuuawifiwi—” “N—N—-NN!!” “Come back” “Help me” “Nnnnnn” “Oh murder murder no no no no” “Awwwwwwwww” “Uhhh!” “Ahh!” “Kimochiii (feels good) that one” “Oh” “N-” “N-!” “No prostate problem today” “You might still have” “Benji (cat), Benji, Benji” “Benji” “Benji is attacking me!” “He became violent” “What you guys doing?” “Don’t kick me” LOL “Go to Yutaka’s. Go complain to Yutaka!” “Meow”
“You hear?”

100 thoughts on “痛がる足つぼ 2 | 悶絶するカナダ人

  1. I’ll gladly take his chair! My feet have been killing me threw this pregnancy only 3 more weeks to go! Thank you for a amazing Video Mr. Yutaka! I’ve missed couple live streams which makes me sad but I’ve been feeling all blah! I hope your vacation to Canada is going well! Come to CALIFORNIA soon! ??

  2. It's amazing how he's able to say "itai" and "yamete" while in great pain even though it's not his native language.?

  3. Yutaka reflexology is my fav channel now. My work requires me to walk more than 7km every single day. Watching his videos make me relax before goin to sleep. Thank you bro. Sending love from Malaysia ???

  4. 先生、投稿お疲れ様です?

  5. この方も面白いけど痛がりやすい相手だとユタカさんもいつもより楽しそうに見えます!

  6. こんばんは?今宵はこの動画で寝落ちさせて頂きます?仕事終わりに、近隣の足ツボマッサージのお店に5件程電話で聞いてみたんですが…プッシャーでもプレッシャーでも間違いでは無いとの事でした(^-^;ただ外国の方にはプッシャーの方が伝わる旨も聞きました┏○話は変わりますが?普通の全身マッサージでもタップしながら施術されるのが良いので(笑)先生にもタップしながらも☆10で施術されてみたいですね(`・ω・´)キリッ…耐えれ無いとは思いますが(笑)いつも良い動画ありがとうございます(。ρω-。)?

  7. 1分も経たないうちに悶絶しはじめて笑っちゃいましたw

  8. I see a lot of foot massage videos but no one gives a massage like you. Looks like your hands are magic. Also your videos are kind ASRM and i like that, it helps me to sleep.

  9. Does it hurt because those areas are out of alignment and he just didnt know it or will it hurt regardless of what's out of alignment?

  10. Desculpe, mas é muito bom ver ele sofrendo… hahahahah… brincadeiras a parte, espero que o tratamento que realizou tenha dado resultados.
    Mais uma coisa, este cliente já apresentava um quadro de outras complicações pelo corpo? Ou ele tem apenas uma sensibilidade mt grande?

  11. Of course it's really pain because I was ever it too but after reflexiology my whole body feel fresh and healthy ???

  12. Mr. Ouch can't handle it English teacher wants to scream he said something in Japanese at first this made me laugh love your videos

  13. So relaxing you actually hit a lot of trigger points. A lot of us need this it hurts but it also feels good too. Great job buddy.???

  14. Parece que ele tem os pés bem sensíveis. Mas confesso que é muito bom ver o vídeo. Principalmente antes de dormir. ?????????????

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