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After massage my every chakra started to open! I feel tired of India. “Tired of India”? Your scalp is kinda hard. Maybe because of India? You must be tired of India. I am in Diwali Yokohama 2019 so I wanna experience a Indian culture. I am going to try ayulvedic massage here. Let’s get started! Can I get massage? Do Guys try this as well? Yes they do. It has already started? Yes already haha okay haha Wow feeling good. I have never got massage in my life even like Japanese style massage. You are not tired? No I am not. Because you live your life as you want? Yes that’s true. I live my life as Goto Spicy. You life is “mild?” Yes My life is mild haha. It’s not spicy lol So funny When did you start learning Ayurveda? 4 Yeas ago. Feeling relaxed very much. How different is that from other types of massage? Ayurvedic massage is originally traditional medicine. Oh You can get diagnosis for physical condition Each people have different ways for treatment. That is the main difference. You are currently exhausted because you were in India. Yes I am. I am kinda tired because of India. I would say I am tired of India. Tired of India? I should get Indian style massage for fatigue I got in India. That makes sense. How’ s his scalp condition? scalp condition lol Do you feel something? Kinda hard. It comes from “tired of India” His scalp is hard because he is tired of India. Soft scalp is better than hard? Yes it is. Feeling Good!! What made you learn Ayurveda? I was sick, it is an autonomic nervous system disorder. And I need to think how can I make my condition better. I research Oriental medicine coz I was interested in it. I found Ayurveda, it is origin of Oriental medicine. After that your life got changed in any way? Yeah It is like.. I got to see things from Ayurvedic perspective. “see things from Ayurvedic perspective.” I never heard. Before learn Ayurveda I collapsed once 3 months. What? My like was like.. work for 3 months and sick for a month. I thought I was going to die if I keep this way. Are you okay with here? Yes Okay. You are not feeling any pain? so painful hahaha Ouch! More painful Thank you for getting it. You’re welcome Your chakra has opened? Every chakra has opened fully lol It opened completely. I just understood why Perry visited Japan in 1853. What? I know why Japan stopped closing the country. coz my chakra opened. Thank you so much. Thanks! So I got Ayurvedic massage! I was feeling good. I tried massage in itself. After massage my every chakra has opened completely. But this is just first step of Ayurvedic massage isn’t it? Right. I wish I could get hard-core ayurvedic treatment. Panja karma Panja karma So today I got massage from her. Where do you usually work? I work in “Ayul no Tsuki” in Yoyogi, Tokyo. Pls Visit! “Ayul no Tsuki” It’s good name! If you like it please visit their place! Thank you for everything!

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