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Hi guys. I have been asked what kind of treatment I do I show you demonstration for 10 – 15 minutes. I evaluate, then I do treatment. I do evaluation first. I put my hand on his head. I feel where I should work first. This technique is very common in osteopathy field, which is famous in US and Europe. Before I start demonstration, let’s check his movement. Please check how far he can move. Neck extension Flexion Trunk rotation please Please check how much he can twist On your back please I also check his shoulder mobility I check internal rotation This is how much he can move External rotation is this much Let’s start working. I feel tension on left side I am filming this video in 2019 I always work on lymph I can be different in few years But for now, I always work on lymph. Open your armpit please I am working on lymph around axilla, which is related to shoulder and arm Actually, I didn’t check his left side. But changing left side can change right side. I am doing myofascial release around shoulder. My right hand is doing work. My hand is working on shoulder muscle. Such as trapezius and levator scapula. I am not editing this video and will be no cut. You can see changes easily. I check his neck movement before working on his head. rotation I feel right side is tighter. side bending Left side is tight. And I work on lymph. I am working dura matter which covers brain. Let’s see how much changes he got Left side was better. How about right side? his neck is now moving well Left side bending was good before. How about right side? Better. I work little bit more I feel I need to work on peripheral nervous system. Much better. I move to belly My right hand is doing lymph work. I am working on lymph deep inside. I am working on lymph of liver. Let’s check shoulder movement. Please remember first movement now. Much better. His hand goes further and his scapula is moving too His first movement was like this much External rotation is very good. This is what I use in my work I use nerve, viscera, fascia At last, I will do brain technique. Basal nuclei I only can do brain work from outside of head. This is technique I learned It is becoming common in US You can’t see what I am doing no But it has huge impact for brain “Do you feel anything?” “My right side is reacting” If you couldn’t hear, he said his right side is reacting That means his right brain is reacting now. Very nice I work on lymph at last. Please stand up. I see his posture changed. If you want to see his posture before, please go back to first part of this video. Extension please His neck and chest can elongate very well Neck extension Very good Rotation I see very good change This is what I do in my work. I use nerve, lymph, viscera and brain work.

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