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“Is it okay to drink water now?”
“Yes, go ahead” “Feels good”
“Is this good?” Hello world Today’s model is a titan with over 100kg (220 lbs) weight ఠൠఠ He is an old friend of mind “A…”
“Painful?” Started using a stick… “Are you okay? It is kidney” “Your feet look hard so I use this stick”
“ITAI (painful)” The Model’s spec: – In his 50’s
– Smoker
– Drinker
– Tiredness around eyes and ears
– Lack of sleep “ITAI (painful)!” 😀 He has had a few reflexology treatment before, though… “Uh!” “You just groaned” “[email protected]#$%” A lot of works needed for this feet ఠൠఠ “Ah – Ah -”
“Are you okay?”
“Painful” “ITAI ITAI” “Here, bladder” “SUGE – (super)” “Painful even with fingers” It has been a while to have a model like him lol “It’s dangerous there (bladder)” “Ah!”
“Bladder here” Very important to work the detoxification line (kidney – ureter tube – bladder), considering his feet are swollen “Head region” “Where is it?”
“It is head” “I am dumb” “Here, uh.. it is sinus, filters of face” “Holes of skull bone, like eyes, nose” “Not painful” “Quite Guri Guri (crunchy) here” “ITATATATATA, ITAI!” “I am now working on this part (cerebellum, neck)” “ITETETE!”
“Painful” ^ O ^/ “ITEEE (painful)” “But feels good”
“Feels good? That’s good to hear” So that I don’t have to hold back… “Lack of sleep” “Yes, yes that’s right” “Pituitary gland” “Why is it painful? Something wrong?”
“Hormone balance?” “Ah, that’s painful. ITAI, ITAI ITAI” Pituitary gland’s point is good for a stress relief, too “What’s there?”
“It is eye reflex” “ITTAAAI, ITETE” “Looking very painful. Your eyes should be tired” “ITAI!” “Ah, but feels good” “ITAI! ITAI! ITTAI, ITAIITAIITAI” “It is ear reflex” “It was painful” “Eye reflex” “ITAI ITAI ITAI” “Maybe your body is not so healthy” “Feels good” “Wow, it is something. It is lung here” Usually very Gori Gori (crunchy) around lung reflex if the client is a smoker “Not looking pretty, huh?”
“It is okay. I am accustomed to it lol” “Ah, that feels good”
“It is stomach reflex” “The stomach seems fine”
“Very pleasant” “This is a strong pressure, though” “Maybe my stomach is strong”
“Seems like it” “My intestines aren’t so strong and I have some troubles often” “Painful there”
“It is spleen here” “Right (foot) and left (foot) are same?” “It is different” “On the left side, there is spleen and on the right side, there is liver”
“Then it should be more painful on the right foot” “This is intestine, large intestine”
[email protected]#$ ITETE” MONZETSU (fainting in agony) ^o^/ “You uttered a strange voice lol” “Intestine?”
“Yes, this is the last part of intestine, anus” “Around intestines” WTF is this rally lol “Finished?”
“Not yet” “ITEITEITEITE” “More painful here” “What is that?”
“It is an acupressure point called Shitsumin (失眠) on a meridian line, good for lack of sleep” “I will do the side ♩” Why did I sing? “ITTU!!” “Lower back here” “ITETE ITE -” “Lower back” “Kuuuu – !!” “Are you okay?” “Around here, it is a bit…” “There, it is good. Lower back was painful” “Still painful” “Prostate here. Painful prostate” Weird rally again “I broke into a cold sweat” “Pan Pan (swollen) here” “You are about to fall off the chair” “Struggling” “It is still swollen” “Ah, but feels good” “Painful, but, painful, painful, but” “ITAI after all” “Are we finishing?”
“Not yet. Only a half” “ITAIITAIITAIITAIITAI. ITAI. ITAI” “ITAI here”
“That’s something” “Interesting” “Arm reflex” “ITAIITAIITAIITAI” “It is okay around here” “Painful” “SUGOI (super)” What is this? lol “Throat reflex. That’s something. Looks painful” 🐸 “Chest” “Semicircular canals” “This is tonsil” “Here, upper jaw, teeth. Lower jaw” “And this is tonsil” “And throat” “I am sweating” “This is scapula” “Here, the inner calf is hard” “Okay…” “Okay, let’s start. Right foot”
“Please be gentle” “Okay I go gentle on this side” “Not gentle at all! ITAI! ITAIITAI” “Since I learned this joke from a Kansai region guy”
* Kansai people are usually funny “Be gentle… KU!” “What is this?”
“It is kidney” “Felling pins and needles there”
“Bladder here” “Like an electric shock” “Stabbed” “We are supposed to go gentle on this side” “Painful” “Eye reflex” “Becoming painful here” “Around stomach here” “It is okay. Okay there” “ITAI! ITAI!” “I am sorry. ITAI” “Here is liver. Looks painful a little” “YABAI (no good), YABAI, YABAI” “Are we finishing yet?” “It is a part of intestines” “Super ITTE -” “Back, chest, lower back” “Thoracic, rather than chest” “Lower back” “It is inner hip joint here” “And rectum here” “Lamaze method” “Worthwhile foot” “Arm” 🐸 🐸 🐸 🐸 “It is knee here” “Should I have this everyday?” “In the beginning, everyday is good” “You may have a healing crisis after this session” “Your body may become dull”
“Healing crisis?” “Sometimes old symptoms come back, trying to eliminate waste matters from the body” “Like what happens?” “In my case, I became dizzy, sleepy and felt exhausted” “So I will be bad tomorrow?” “It usually happens tonight if it happens and the next day or next next day will be much better, so don’t worry” “Semicircular canals here” “Looks painful” Thank you for watching!
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72 thoughts on “進撃の足つぼ | 100kg超級の巨人に足つぼ

  1. Holy Colossal foot! Your hands look so tiny compared to his foot!!! Amazing video! Thank you again!!

    Do long toenails bother you btw? I feel like some times models with long nails..feel like you’ll get scratched! I really enjoy that funny face you always put on your videos! Should be your little mascot! lol

  2. I love watching these type of videos when the model has lots of pain .. I think I am a sadist lol it's just nice to know hes finally getting a treatment to release all those toxins

  3. I just saw his second smallest toe has a nail on it the size of the toe itself.
    Id have to cut it before starting cause obviously he cant bend over to get it.

  4. でもって、たまに入る?の鳴き声に拭いたwwwてか、私の足ツボをユタカセンセーに施術してもらった感じに似てるわこの方ー?

  5. 指部分のゴリゴリ音がたまらない‪…ッ(っ´ω`c)‬

  6. We found new Mr.Itai!
    When your voice and his changes back and forth, that's quite funny (the rally and weird rally one) ?

  7. 大袈裟なリアクションよりこれくらいの痛がってる動画はやっぱり面白いですね~。

  8. You have a unique way of doing treatment of your client's foot. It looks so relaxing and refreshing by just watching it. It feels like I'm one of your client's foot minus the aches & pain. The way you use your tool like scraping in the surface of a wood using a sandpaper or something and hear that sound as you've mentioned always such as gori-gori, poki-poki, crunch-crunch.

  9. Oh my god ????✨✨?✨

  10. 足つぼで胃腸の所を押してる時に胃腸が動いている所を見たいので内視鏡のカメラで胃腸の所を映しながら胃腸の所を強く足つぼマッサージしてほしい〜

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