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Hi. With Pilates Master Trainer is Ariel Ssam. Today, I will let you know that I can have a flex band. Once this exercise is done while the abdomen is moving the legs Never let your pelvis shake You have to exercise while your belly is flat. You can exercise most effectively and safely. After you lie first, tilt the pelvis slightly backwards Make your waist completely close to the floor. Breathe and bend your knee 90 degrees. Elbow 90 degrees Come out of your body while breathing. That’s it. Inhale and push your legs out. As I said before Do not let the pelvis go Keep pelvic back to back Keep the belly flat. Keep your elbows at 90 degrees. I bend my knees again, I bent my knees again. Three again! After ~ We have only three bends I’ll go down again. Inhale and prepare Exhale, only upper body. Keep your pelvis flat and shoulder wide Inhale and exhale, push your legs three times. One after ~ Inhale again, bend your knees. It tightened between knees. second! Bend again Toe tip away from my pelvis Please push your legs straight for a long time. Bend again I went down again and again Inhale and exhale. Slowly pull the upper jaw slightly Come on upstairs. Shoulders wide Do not touch the floor of the elbow Please listen a little. start! The belly was still flat. Do not let your neck go hard! Again ~ slowly thigh tightening three! The belly is flattened tightly. Then go down. Now, After pushing a set of three times, Down Two sets down. After the last three sets You got some rest. Once again, one set 2 sets, 3 sets When you exercise like this Your belly will be strong. And leg exercises. Resisting the band Thin and long legs to push because I push! You can exercise strongly.

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