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Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins, Today’s question is from Bobby and he asks: “Your diet changes in your videos for helping
to fix erectile problems and low libido has helped me, thanks. But I need bigger and more permanent improvements. … Are there any natural cures for this situation? Could it be from a lack of certain vitamins
or minerals? Or maybe some rare herb from the Amazon jungle
that can cure impotency for us guys? Or will a blood test tell me anything, like
what’s missing in my body? I ask because I’m not old or anything, I’m
only 38 and I’m afraid that this is going to get really bad in the next few years as
I get older and older” Yes, this is a worry that most guys have,
especially as they get near their 40’s. In fact, erectile problems and low libido
is happening a LOT more often and sooner, around the early 30’s. And there are a variety of causes — genetics,
environmental toxins, what you eat and what’s in our foods and of course, the extra stress
we all have. The bad news is that there is no “cure”. Even if you take drugs like Viagra or testosterone
shots, they do help, but the longer you use them, the more negative problems and the LESS
effective they become. And to other thing to remember is that the
cause is NEVER just one thing. It’s never “only” because of a lack
of a vitamin or because of stress or poor diet or increasing one hormone or something
“singular”. It’s complicated and many times, the primary
cause is known — hormonal imbalances and ratios. And that’s the key — multiple hormones! Usually you have lower “positive” chemical
and hormones, such as testosterone, free testosterone, dopamine and even progesterone. While having higher “negative” hormones
such as estrogens, prolactin, cortisol and other stress hormones. However, the good news is that nature does
have natural solutions to these problems. Different vitamins, herbs and plant extracts,
that when taken together, help optimize and rebalance these hormones to your youthful
levels — when you were at your best. It’s not a “one time cure”. However, it is safe, effective and long-term
solution. With that said, I did discuss this topic in
more detail a while back. You can go ahead and watch the video right
here at Youtube, where I give you the exact formula, the specific vitamins, herbs and
plant extracts. Just copy the formula, take the solution and
get this part of your life fixed, once and for all! Get your confidence back, look better and
feel younger and be the best you can be!

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