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Leda Lum’s Apotheca. And today, we’re gonna
talk about magnesium oil as an awesome way to get the amount of magnesium that you need.
Magnesium is probably the most important mineral and is deficient especially nowadays in our
soils. Let’s discuss. Okay, you guys. So, yeah, in today’s soils, the farming extracts
magnesium quite a bit out of the soil, more than calcium, that’s for sure and this whole
balance of magnesium and calcium in your body is really important for a lot of your body’s
processes. Calcium contracts and magnesium relaxes, so like if you get anything that’s
cramping, that might be a magnesium deficiency. If you get Charley horses at night, or you
have muscle spasms, or you get headaches, or heart arrhythmia, any sort of heart palpitations,
that kind of thing can be a magnesium deficiency actually. And because it’s so hard to get
in our diet, we only get maybe 200 mg of magnesium in our diet, while as calcium is much more
readily available anymore. And the reason we get laxative effect, that’s the tricky
thing about getting it orally, is that people tend to get a laxative effect and that is
a safety, a fail proof mechanism that our bodies have developed from back in the day
when we would be fishing and get a lot of seaweed and we’d be getting a lot more magnesium
because there’s a lot more magnesium in the ocean.We wouldn’t be getting as much calcium
so that was our body’s way of releasing the body of… To balance off calcium-magnesium,
so you’d have the shits back in the day. But now we have a lot more calcium so there’s
a lot of constriction and calcium is actually a pro-inflammatory mineral. Calcium is a high
precursor to inflammation and magnesium is a precursor to anti-inflammation, so it’s
the balancing point for that. So if you have any arrhythmia, or any heart palpitations,
or anxiety, you should check out magnesium. And the reason why I like magnesium oil…
And I think this actually could be a pretty good deodorant, although it would be expensive
because this is definitely more expensive than the magnesium hydroxide, which I talked
about earlier, which is an amazing deodorant. Amazing deodorant, but magnesium oil… I
barely shower to be honest so taking Epsom salt baths is another way to do it, but I’m
not gonna take baths often enough to absorb the magnesium. With this, eight pumps equals
100 mg of magnesium, and it aids in skin detoxification, so we love that. One interesting fact is that
a lot of the allopathic drugs that we take and antibiotics and all sorts of medications,
prolific medications we have anymore, that decreases magnesium in your body. Magnesium
is needed to process those and it depletes your body of its stores of magnesium. And
magnesium is a building block of RNA and DNA. It’s very important. Infertility can even
be a sign of magnesium deficiency. The contraction of the fallopian tubes. Magnesium, it’s important
for a lot of things. Magnesium oxide is probably the cheapest and the most prolific form of
magnesium, but that is a pretty big laxative effect. Epsom salt, you can take a lot of
Epsom salt baths especially if you have any issues, contracting muscle issues, depression,
headaches, taking medications, trying to get pregnant, muscle cramps. I know so many people
with muscle cramps, Charley horses, that is important. A big reason why you should try
some magnesium.So this eight pumps, you spray it on and you absorb it in. It’s kind of tingly
a little bit, so what I’ve been doing is spraying that on after a shower, which is rare, and
then smear on the coconut oil with it and then at night I just spray some on my belly,
rub it in, it’s nice. It’s not tingling right now, but I don’t know exactly how much Epsom
salt is getting absorbed, but you need to take some sort of magnesium supplement. You
could sip various other forms of magnesium. Put it in water and sip that throughout the
day so you don’t get the laxative effect, so you’re getting enough magnesium in your
diet because it’s hard to do otherwise. Other than eating loads of seaweed. I love seaweed,
but I don’t eat loads of it. I just don’t regularly as a habitual.:Anyway, I just wanna
get that update that magnesium oil ’cause on the last one, we started using magnesium
hydroxide which is pre-powdering and a little weird to absorb. It doesn’t really dissolve
in water. Yes, magnesium oil is a great way to get enough magnesium in your body ’cause
you need it for a lot of processes. So if you like that video, please give it a thumbs
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comments, please feel free.

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  1. Can you do a video on why you don't shower much? I shower twice a day and my skin sucks, would love to know your reasons

  2. hi, you can make your own magnesium oil for much cheaper. a 2.75 lb container of Magnesium flakes cost about $18 to $20 dollars. You boil distilled water and once off the stove you add the same amount of Magnesium flakes. Viola! your diy oil is ready! it's a great deodorant and also foot deodorizer. Actually it's recommended you spray on the soles of your feet when using for the first time. it does tend to make you a little itchy for a bit.

  3. I love to use magnesium oil at night before bed to help relax my muscles. I have fibro and mixed connective tissue disease. My muscles twitch constantly and I have a lot of muscle pain. This really helps my muscles to relax so I can get to sleep easier. Also, I bought the mag. hydroxide u suggested and I love it as a deodorant!

  4. Hi Leda, please tell us about your hygiene routine. Don't shower often? Please share! I'm intrigued.thanks!

  5. It's great for all things PMS and painful periods. Mg levels fluctuate right before your period. Helps with headaches, low blood sugar cravings, bloating, evil moods, dizziness. I find it helps a lot.

  6. Really interesting topic. I only knew about the signs of low magnesium in children with ASD and ADHD (restless, can’t keep still, body rocking, grinding teeth, noise sensitive, poor attention span, poor concentration, irritable, aggressive, ready to explode, easily stressed). Thank you 🙂

  7. Leda, you must be applauded for sharing your knowledge! It motivates people like me to do further research and use the info accordingly. Best to you and thanks! By the way, some people's comments are amazing as well. Birds of a feather…

  8. I just bought the Magnesium Sulfate salts to make deodorant. And realized its Magnesium Chloride…does it make a difference, or will the Sulfer burn my armpits off?

  9. I'm a guy and I like your videos too. Birds of a feather.
    Haven't trusted mainstream medicine for long time. Read ,research ,YouTube! Move around a lot so it's hard to get consistent regimen and products. Discipline is what really works. And a good great attitude. Hydration is so key for me. Clean water & Sun light!
    Dig gettin dirty and being clean. Going to do a shout out for Royal Rife , some will know who he is and if not check him out.
    Like, Alice found out.the rabbit hole goes deep, grow and be plentiful . Vern out

  10. Hi Leda. Just want to say that I've been watching you for a long time and truly enjoy your demeanor and calm delivery.
    I think you beautiful and have inspired me to try new things.
    Thank you!    xoxo

  11. Thank you.
    I wanted to post that I had a stressful month of classes and exams and aI found myself with tachycardia with palpitation for days. After studying on it I decided to see treat it with Magnesium. In about 48hrs I took 3 servings of a product called Calm magnesium and also 3 epson salt soaks (2cups/bathx30min) and my symptoms cleared up significantly! I am so encouraged as I have an employee physical tomorrow including a treadmill test. I want to get a high quality magnesium and make my own spray and spray it right over my heart! The ready made spray is too much for my budget so I will diy. I will continue with the oral magnesium as tolerated with GI. I just was so shocked that it stopped my racing heart rhythms back down to normal levels. Yeah! 🙏🏼

  12. I suffer from horrible menstrual cramps. Is this something I can take ORALLY or just rub on my stomach???

  13. I love your videos. Does magnesium cause problems in your kidneys? You seem well versed & knowledgeable. Thanks.😊

  14. Hi
    Dr Zack Bush do not endorse Magnesium Oxide
    Go to Dr Macola podcast listen to his interview of Dr Zack Bush on Hydration
    I found it to be most educational and mostly useful.
    Thanks for posting.

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