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Hello everyone This is a new episode of
“Almashy” (On the Go) I am Dr. Kareem Ali Many times I’ve been asked this question about the thyroid gland in
relation to the ketogenic diet What does a thyroid do? It secretes a hormone called thyroid hormone This hormone is not only important It is the mother of all hormones Because it is actually
the metabolism maestro It indicates whether your
body burns calories or not whether it is healthy or not whether your body has power or not That’s what a thyroid gland does So any disorder in the thyroid will have bad impacts on the body There are two kinds of impacts The hormone either increases…
or decreases When the hormone decreases, we call it
Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid) on which I received a lot of questions If there is a deficiency of thyroid hormone That causes fatigue and weakness complete calmness, excessive sleep low blood pressure and obesity; because no
calories would be burned The body decreases all the burning engines and decreases Mitochondria,
which are the energy engines and only the thyroid gland can affect them When all those decrease,
obesity will be the result “So what should I do, doctor? I have Hypothyroidism and I am overweight Should I follow the keto diet?” That’s the question I received Of course if you have Hyperthyroidism you’ be nervous, trembling and very thin you’d have trouble sleeping,
restlessness and sweating Hyperthyroidism is quite the
opposite of hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism is when you feel sluggish It is when you have a lazy body So let us keep talking about hypothyroidism which is an under-active thyroid Before talking about thyroid,
treatment and the keto diet there are things to bear in mind A few things need to be studied
when faced with an under-active thyroid The thyroid gland produces a hormone The liver receives that hormone, activates it and secretes it. So if there is a problem in the liver, then the thyroid will not function properly. The liver needs to be healthy If you have an enlarged
liver, liver pain, hepatitis or a fatty liver then obviously the liver
doesn’t function properly So naturally, you have to fix that before telling me you
have thyroid problems This is the first point, a
healthy liver is very important Second, we have to talk
about the adrenal glands also known as the suprarenal glands (just above your kidneys) These glands produce hormones
as a response to stress. When there is stress and
those hormones are produced, they affect the thyroid gland. As we said before, stress or nervousness
can destroy everything in the body Indeed, stress can destroy
the thyroid gland So if you’re constantly stressful,
uptight and always nervous don’t be surprised if
your thyroid gets affected You should reduce the cortisone production Your suprarenal gland functions should be less That is to say, reduce stress, sadness,
anxiety, and all those emotions Then we can address the thyroid gland Third, let’s talk about estrogen Women suffer from thyroid
problems more than men The estrogen hormone, which
is produced primarily by the ovaries during
the menstrual cycle This hormone is an enemy of the thyroid ‘enemy’ is not the word Rather, the hormone sits
on the receptors of the thyroid gland preventing it
from functioning properly So, if the estrogen is high of course it is considered as normal
during certain days of the month, But it is not normal to always
have a high estrogen level Regulate your estrogen level
if it is abnormally high Treat that with your gynecologist, as that causes hypothyroidism. Medically speaking, hypothyroidism is
rarely related to a flaw in the thyroid It results either from the liver, the
suprarenal glands or a high level of estrogen Men or women who love
soybean or soy protein have a very high level of estrogen That’s why I don’t like soybean because it increases the estrogen hormone and that affects the thyroid gland This point is very important So what’s next? “What can I do, doctor?” There are simple solutions And there are more important actions to take Simple actions include exercise Exercise revitalizes the thyroid
and helps the body burn calories and creates more muscles I talked about Selenium in
the episode about cancer It is a food supplement In a Centrum multivitamin you can find vitamin D, vitamin C, etc And you can also find Selenium It is very important to the body It is not that important to the thyroid It helps a bit, but it is not essential So it is important to remember:
Selenium and exercise So let’s talk about the keto This is for people who want
to have a ketogenic diet But before that, some people tell me “Doctor, you said that to decrease
estrogen level in the body we have to eat vegetables
like broccoli, cauliflower asparagus, watercress, radish, etc and cabbage as well All of these things reduce estrogen level” But they also say “the doctor
doesn’t permit me to eat vegetables because it reduces the iodine level Therefore, the body would be affected” You’re talking about one
doctor, against a million You would need to eat 20 to 30 kilograms
of vegetables for your iodine to decrease I don’t understand this doctor’s logic In fact, does he eat enough vegetables? Is there anyone of us who
realistically eats enough vegetables? Trust me, it is medically advised
to have 7 cups of vegetables a day Who does eat 7 cups of vegetables a day? This is the normal average We eat those 7 cups of vegetables
to have a source of Potassium to detoxify the liver and to
have the necessary fibers So it’s 7 cups of vegetables a day. They’ll stay there unless they die. I can block them, preventing
myself from gaining weight, but they still do exist. So for anyone who still eats carbs, whenever you eat carbs, these
cells will be full again, because they serve as containers So the only solution is to
lower your insulin levels. Insulin levels increase due to two factors: Carbohydrates like sugars,
fruits, rice, pasta; and all starches, whether healthy or
unhealthy, increase insulin levels. Proteins also increase insulin. If you are on a keto diet and
you are not losing weight, then your protein level is high,
and it gets converted to glucose. So please, this is Karatay’s opinion. You can try it if you want; but personally, I feel
comfortable this way. My body and mind are good
with no carbs at all. Only 5 percent of carbs from
vegetables are sufficient, although I stopped eating vegetables
during this period of time. People tell me “why did you
stop eating vegetables?” I am free to do whatever I want. I am free to eat and drink whatever I want. People tell me “vegetables are so
important, you can’t just stop eating them!” I am free to do that! I am testing my body,
why would you be upset? I improved when I stopped
eating vegetables. All my life, I was eating vegetables
because I thought they were healthy; I found out my body
doesn’t like vegetables. I am comfortable now. I have better digestion,
better bowel movements, no swelling or ache in the
stomach, and my body feels light, and I have a better skin. I listen to my body,
again, I listen to my body. If my body tells me to just drink
water for a 1000 days, I’ll obey! The human body differs
from one person to another. So you are free! I am just presenting my
experience, you can relate to it, as you can say “this wouldn’t work for me.” The body is yours, you’re free! All right? Thank you for watching the full episode. See you in the next episode of “Almashy”. This is Dr. Kareem Ali. See you next time! Peace!


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  14. Thank you Dr. Ali for all the work you are doing for us. It is great idea to have your video in English. I am sharing your video in North America and people like it. If you can talk about more issue with the Thyroid that would be great. Thyroidectomy is a big issue in North America where they used to remove it in the past which cause many problem on the body as a result. Thank you again.

  15. صباح الخير دكتورنا الغالي …انا متابعتك من مدة وبعرف انك تكلمت عن الكبد وتنظيفه كتير لكن اللي بطلبه تخصيص حلقة عن التهاب الكبد ولو وراثي وكيفية تجنب الاصابة بعد مشيئة الله طبعا وخصوصا ان بعائلتي موجود اربعة حالات وفاة بسرطان الكبد وانا لما عملت تحليل دكتور العائلة لم يهتم وقال موجود شوية شحوم لكن ماتقلقي مافي شي خطير مع العلم ان عمري 52 سنة …شكرا لجهودك وللمعلومات القيمة ولابتسامتك التي تزرع بقلوبنا الامل .
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  16. Please the ❤ prince ♥️ of all doctor ?? Dr Kareem Ali ?? do not forget mention ?the vegetables have ahigh sugar in it? that we should eat it alone to? avoid insulin becomes high? if we eat it with meal contain? protein or ?starches or? fats ? . I know the? carrots , pumpkin, potato, beet ,onions? have high sugar if there another blease mention

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