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So I have to tell this story about my ten
day water fast okay? Cause it’s pretty crazy. Really intense. Really insane. If you’ve never
cried out of sheer hunger than you don’t know what I’ve gone through, okay? The reason why
I was on a hunger s…. I almost called it a hunger strike. So I came to the idea of
a water fast in a really round about way. I had.. we’re into 2013 right now but 2012
was really rough for me. I was so sick. Basically I had an undiagnosed skin condition. The doctors
were telling me it eczema, psoriasis, I had dermatitis. They all had different names for
it. I was also on a vegan diet. So a lot of them told me “oh it’s from eating dairy and
preservatives” and I said well actually no, I eat a raw vegan diet and they were like
OH! So another doctor told me that my vegan diet was the problem so I ate bacon for a
month straight. Long story. I was taking all types of supplements to try and help. I tried
every holistic medicine you could think of. I was doing these complicated routines day
and night, applying topical products, pills, potions, teas, like nothing was working. So
it got to the point where I recognized that western medicine, the doctors, I mean we have
free health care here in Canada thank god for that. I was at doctor after doctor after
doctor, no resolution was coming, nothing was helping, I was actually getting worse.
What I finally ended up doing was seeing a naturopathic doctor. My boyfriend found one
online. This naturopath seemed really good on paper and uh my boyfriend totally recommended
him. I went and looked him up online to look up the reviews like what people were saying
about him and this is what I found. This doctor is very good at displaying what he does know
up front, thus impressing the lay person. Unfortunately, there are some problems in
his approach. First, he should not use the F word when communicating with patients, especially
when they typically do not use that kind of language. Secondly, he should insure that
the recommended procedure of a coffee enema is appropriate for that individual. Third,
he is extremely expensive. For one thousand dollar, I got an ill advised enema, a sore
ass and a completely detoxed bank account. This is the guy. What he recommended was a
seven day juice fast that included vitamins and minerals, essential oils and a bentonite
clay psyllium husk mixture. He had mentioned that I could work up to a water fast but start
for a few days on juice and then go into water if I wanted to. But he said that was really
difficult and he wouldn’t recommend it, just to do the juice fast. I was totally down for
that. I was desperate um and I love a challenge and I thought at that point I would have done
anything to help myself get better. SO what I did was, I think I took two weeks before
I started the fast. I was on a vitamin protocol where I was loading my body with vitamins
and minerals in preparation. SO I was like pumping, chugging these vitamins. I was also
starting to scale back my diet. Salads, fruit and occasional bit of rice brown rice. Yeah
so the day before I started the fast, I had never, I had been meaning to juice all of
this time. I was a huge fan of Dan the Life Regenerator on YouTube. I was into the raw
food movement but I hadn’t made a commitment to purchase a juicer and I didn’t really like
I wasn’t really that interested in it but with this fast I was okay great, awesome.
So we got a juicer and I went to the store got a bunch of organic vegetable and day one
of the fast came and I was like all right so I’m going to make my juice here in the
morning and this is going to work I’m gonna feel great. So I took a head of like kale
and I put it through the juicer. And like I put like half of a lemon with like the rind
on because like the essential oils are good for you. I think I put in like some carrots
or something. And then I just had this like black green brew and I was like oh this is
wonderful this is gonna be great. So I took a first sip of it and I almost threw up. And
I was like, there’s no way I can do this fast. I didn’t know how to juice properly . At that
point I decided, you know what, I’m gonna do this on water. I would say the first day
of the fast was pretty easy. Um yeah I had my total resolve going. I went to bed that
night and I was perfectly fine. Day two was pretty easy too by the time evening came around,
that’s when it started to kind of get to me. I started to feel kind of uncomfortable. I
had read up online a bit about it and everyone was saying once you get past day four you’re
in the clear, you’re good. But it’s gonna be really hard. So I kind of held onto that.
Day three I was, I was, I was hungry. The water, I would drink it, it would make me
feel a little bit nauseous. My stomach was really starting to get going. You know later
that evening I was like crying, cause I was so hungry. I tried to think like think of
all the starving kids in Africa I mean I think that the choice not to eat for ten days is
such a luxury. It’s a gross luxury but it’s a luxury indeed and that was how I that’s
the attitude you have to have going into something like this in order for it to succeed. I saw
it as a wonderful healing opportunity I was very grateful. Going into a water fast or
a juice fast with the mentality that you’re giving something up or that you’re being deprived
or just with a sense of lack instead of a sense of gratitude and cleansing and power
um that’s the whole difference right there. Day four, just like they said online, was
the hardest day. It’s the day when you really get to meet your brain. You get to meet what
your brain will do to you when it’s not happy. And it almost takes on a mind of it’s own.
Like I’d be sitting there and my brain would be running these messages. Telling me like
oh you could just walk to the grocery store like you know it’s just like two minutes away
and like you could have like a bun. Just go buy a bun like they’re like twenty five cents.
I don’t even eat bread right so go buy a bun. It’s saying oh you know like apples are health
food. You can have like one apple a day. It starts this, it starts this bargaining process
in your mind and that was the morning of day four. By the evening of day four I was being
visited by the ghosts of junk food past. Like, it was almost like my body was purging like
memories of like bad things I’d eaten in my life like coming back to haunt me. And it
was really good to just be able to release that and recognize that we don’t we really
don’t realize how much the energy of what we eat how it becomes part of us and how it
will stay in our bodies. It’ll stay locked in our cells in weird ways you don’t even
understand. And you can’t understand until you’ve been on day four of a water fast and
you’ve experienced the ghost of jelly donuts past. Like when the hell did I ever eat a
jelly donut? I recommend staying away from the internet and social media during the first
like as long as you can during this type of fast but like by day four I just went on twitter
to lament and I was like getting these cravings for like the weirdest things like licorice
allsorts, like black licorice, candy. Like you brain just goes to like the craziest things
and you start getting like food porn images where it’s like buckets of gummy worms and
like frosting on like cakes like really thick like juicy like eat it like. But that was
what happened like and it’s so interesting because it really gives you a chance to just
sit there and observe your brain and observe the process it goes through. It’s really amazing.
And it was a very spiritual experience because it’s a time where you can really differentiate
between your brain and who you really are. It the the the definition becomes very distinct.
Because you have the brain which is trying to drive you and trying to put all these messages
and like all these rationalizations and then you have you know your source, your real true
self that’s behind everything. Behind the big scenes, way up there observing this little
brain with it’s little gears going crazy on you, it’s so funny. So after I kicked day
four, I woke up on day five and I was good. I was not hungry. And I made it through to
about day eight without being hungry. Day ten rolled around. By day ten I was thinking
I really was I really was wanting to go for like fourteen days so I could say I did 2
weeks but that was just not happening. It was not not not not not not NOTgonna happen.
I was at the point where all I could talk or think about was food, food, food, food,
food and that was it. So no I was just done. By day ten I was like ok you know what this
is enough. There’s a huge protocol for how you’re supposed to break your fast which is
like starting off with like vegetable broth and then like work up to like some cooked
vegetables and then like some fruit juices like screw that! I was just hungry as hell
Um I just started eating apples and apples and apples. And then I actually broke down
went to the convenience store bought like three different bags of chips, some chocolates,
some licorice and like pounded that in like 2 hours. Oh and from after my first day of
fasting I got on the scale, cause of course I was curious about this and I was down one
pound. I fasted for ten days and I lost a total of eleven pounds, ten, eleven pounds
sitting around watching tv all day, just by not eating. I would not recommend this for
anyone for reasons other than health because I have to say like what it does to you, the
repercussion and the follow through after, just make you really hungry and it’s not fun.
I was very hungry for about a month after that. We had a after fast party for me where
I made like a ton of food for like a bunch of friends and had everyone over and we just
like ate like crazy and gave thanks for abundance in our lives and it was really fun. I think
I would try to do a juice fast again in the future, especially after watching fat, sick
and nearly dead where Joe Cross did a juice fast for sixty days. For sure I could do that
for one month or something. Um but again it would be for wholistic reasons with a lifestyle
in mind. The diet didn’t even end up helping me with my skin condition all that much. SO
if you’re interested in hearing more about juicing, stay tuned to my channel because
I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite recipes. Have a great weekend and we’ll see
you guys next week!

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