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We all know that water is essential to our
daily lives. It helps us to feel good, look good and helps
our body to function properly. Research has shown that water helps to rid
your body of toxins, keeps you healthy and keeps you looking young. It is recommended that you start your day
with a fresh glass of water each morning. Doctors recommend consuming a class of warm
water in the morning for best results. It is up to you if you choose to add some
lemon juice for a better taste. Today we will discuss the top ten health benefits
of consuming warm water: 1. Relieves Constipation Drinking warm water on an empty stomach on
a regular and consistent basis can help to regulate your bowel movements and relieve
constipation. Warm water helps your digestive system to
work properly. It helps to breakdown food and makes your
bowel movements smooth and pain-free. It can also help to reduce any swelling in
your stomach, as well as any pain and discomfort. In order to relieve constipation, consume
a glass of hot or warm water each morning on an empty stomach. You can also add honey or lemon juice prior
to consuming it. 2. Improves Digestion As we previously discussed, warm water helps
your body’s digestive system. Warm water stimulates your digestive gland
to begin working. It will help your body to break down the food
in your stomach and relieves some of the work that your digestive system must do. In that, it uses less energy to breakdown
the food. Also, as your body gets rid of the harmful
stomach acids, it neutralizes your digestive juices in your gut. 3. Treats Nasal Congestion Warm water can even help to treat nasal congestion. When you consume warm water, it breaks up
the mucus in your nasal cavities and in your respiratory tract. Because this is not sitting in your nose,
it lowers the chance that a virus or a bacteria will begin to grow in your nasal cavity. The water will also help your body to get
rid of harmful toxins and speed up healing. 4. Soothes Sore Throat Sore throats are a common issue experienced
by many people that suffer from a cold, flu or allergies. Yet, warm water can help soothe your sore
throat and relieve any discomfort. The warm water will also help to breakdown
the thick mucus and make it leave your respiratory tract. Along with warm water, consuming warm liquids,
such as herbal teas, will help this. You can also gargle a mixture of a half teaspoon
of salt with warm water to heal your sore throat and a throat infection. 5. Detoxifies Your Body As we discussed earlier, warm water can help
to clean your body of any harmful toxins. When you consume a few glasses of warm water,
it raises your body temperature. As a result, your body begins to sweat in
order to cool down. The toxins will leave your body through your
sweat. Consuming warm water on a regular basis will
clean your skin of harmful toxins and leave your skin healthy and smooth. This holds true for the rest of your body. We recommend adding a bit of lemon juice to
a warm glass of water for best results. 6. Sheds Excess Pounds Many health and fitness professionals will
recommend that you consume water on a regular basis to lose weight. However, consuming warm water instead of cold
water will accelerate this process. The warm water will increase your body temperature
and increase your metabolism. As you likely know, when your metabolism is
increased, you will burn more calories at a quicker rate. The warm water will even break down the fat
deposits within your body. Adding lemon juice in your warm water each
morning will provide you with an added benefit, as well as breakdown your body fat. Also, the pectin in the lemon juice will control
any food cravings to help you make better food choices. 7. Improves Blood Circulation Water helps to improve the circulation of
your blood, which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and organs in
your body more efficiently. Proper circulation is essential for your muscles
and your nerves. Consuming warm water will melt fat deposits
within your body and breakdown fat deposits in your nervous system. 8. Alleviates Menstrual Cramps Warm water can even help to prevent uncomfortable
menstrual cramps. The water relaxes the muscles within your
uterus and provides you with relief. The water will also keep your body from retaining
water and relieve any uncomfortable bloating that you may experience. Along with this, you can also place a hot
water bottle on the lower section of your abdomen for further relief. 9. Induces Sleep Warm water can also help you sleep more peacefully
and soundly. Since the warm water raises your body temperature,
you feel more relaxed and sleepy. The warm water also fills your stomach so
that you do not experience late-night food cravings. It will instead leave you feeling well-rested
in the morning.  Always drink warm water, as drinking hot
water can damage the tissues in your mouth and esophagus. 10. Slows Down Aging Warm water is excellent for your skin, as
it helps to flush out toxins from your body and leaves your skin looking healthy and young. The water also helps to repair and replenish
the cells in your skin and improve your skin’s elasticity. To improve the detoxification process, add
the juice of one half of a lemon to your warm water prior to consuming it. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up
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100 thoughts on “10 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

  1. Hmm, I usually drink all ice with water, I was told by a Dr it make your body burn more calories trying to make the water warm in your body…

  2. Plz answer that I'm at school I can't drink hot water because I won't drink it on a plastic bottle its dangerous and I can't use glass bottle because my dad don't want me to take glass bottle did you have any ideas for that plz help me!!!

  3. I used to drink cold water from the I boil the water n let it cool down so it's easy to go down.i have warm water throughout the pee is usually clear apart from the morning.its certainly made my skin smoother.think il have to get some lemons or raw honey to get more benefits of the warm water.used to take coffee in the mornings,but once I seen what it does on an empty stomach,I started to drink warm water.can't really tell if I've lost any weight yet.

  4. This may be a stupid question but, wouldn’t the water get warm anyways from it being in my stomach?

  5. Warm water for sore throat is a diffrnt case but drinking warm water is not healthy. I have read in a book. So many health videos i view and it wears me when i see something inauthentic. I start to doubt everything while they may b useful.

  6. i have been drinking water regularly in the morning in an empty stomach bt i was never aware of adding lemon juice or honey and that's not the hot water too..
    am i going good or needed some to improve?

  7. i drink hot water everymornin in a empty stomache and i'm constipated before i started i did this for 2-3 months and i'm still constipated.any answers???

  8. what is the best temprature of the water to drink and should you boil tapped water or just use warm water from tap ?

  9. I never knew all the benefits of drinking warm water was prior thank so much i've read that it can also to wonders for your hair ?

  10. Why does water look so good when it's being poured into glass!!! And then you drink it… and you feel relieved…

  11. I always order boiled water when I walk by a coffee shop. it's free and holding Starbucks cups make ppl think u rich 😉

  12. I think if u are doing water fasting warm water is really good for u,cause what I experienced was really amazing im not feelin hunger when i drink wrm water during fasting☺️

  13. Thank you so much for making such a spectacular video !
    I knew some of them but get inspired through knowing more about this remedy
    Great thing is about your video the way you explained each and every thing in a great way , person can comprehend easily !
    Keep it up 👍
    Grow like a 🌲

  14. Yet some dumb woman will go and pay large amounts for stay young cream.. and they believe the hype. YEAH right… and l have unicorns in my garden. 🤣

  15. Thank you..
    tell me..

    My Dr told me
    Drinking lots…
    Cool water..
    my Belly Tummy

    You said..
    Drinking warm Water
    and With Lemon
    🍯 Honey ?
    But.. whoa.. 🍯 ? FAT
    No way.. 🍯 Honey

    Why use 🍯 Honey ?

  16. I work with asian people who all drink warm water and they all look young. Starting to drink warm water today there must be something to it

  17. I've been drinking warm water for a past week. I'm suprised by it's benefits. It really reduced by food craving and I feel fresh all day long. It keeps me energetic.

  18. Its been a week nw that i drink warm.water instead of cold..i am overwieght..hope that this will help me..tnx to ur info

  19. 1:37 thanks for the facts and information. because i have trouble breathing and my nose is stuffed up most of the time. 🙂 SUB And like!

  20. I just started drinking nothing but warm water 2 days ago. It's definitely a change, I've spent my entire life drinking cold bottled water.

  21. Thank you im still getting use to drinking warm water. Because in the western society its taught to drink cold water which, thats bad for your digest and blood. So we have been taught the wrong of drinking water since idk when.

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