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10 Medical Conditions More Painful Than Childbirth 10. Trigeminal neuralgia So let’s get this one out there – pain is
subjective, though childbirth is commonly considered the worst one could experience.
But Trigeminal Neuralgia might just give it a run for its money. This chronic disorder affects the Trigeminal
nerve that runs across the cheek and jaw, and is characterized by unbearable shooting
pains in the side of the face that can last from just seconds to minutes at a time. The
pain can be so intolerable that it’s dubbed ‘the suicide disease’ after Harvey Cushing’s
original early 1900s studies. That was the case for Janette Warburton, who
jumped from a multi-story car park in 2014 as a result of the affliction, which she had
said was more painful than giving birth to 3 children. While there’s no specific cause, Trigeminal
neuralgia can be the result of anything from dental problems to tumors. But at the very
least, the chronic syndrome affects just 1 in 20,000 people worldwide. 9. Sickle Cell Anemia Rather than the other localized ailments on
this list, this genetic condition can cause intense pain nearly anywhere. That’s because
it affects the body on a cellular level. Sickle Cell Disease causes blood cells to
become crescent moon shaped rather than circular. That means they have trouble carrying oxygen
and can even get stuck inside blood vessels mid-transit. That triggers what’s known as a sickle cell
crisis, where sufferers can feel excruciating pain in the affected area – often the arms,
ribs or spine – sometimes for weeks at a time. The most severe pain episodes have even been
known to trigger multiple organ failure. And it’s surprisingly common in certain
groups for such an unusual condition. 1 in 500 people of African descent suffer from
the disease, and 1 in 12 carry the causal gene. 8. Hidradenitis Suppurativa There’s a good chance you suffered from
at least a touch of Acne as a teenager. But you should probably spare a thought for Hidradenitis
Suppurativa sufferers. The chronically relapsing skin disorder causes
boil-like lesions that can sometimes grow out of control, often on the most sensitive
parts of the body. According to Detroit dermatologist Iltefat
Hamzavi, it’s the “worst quality of life-impacting disease in dermatology” on account of the
intense, recurring pain involved. Many patients rate it at the worst possible level on the
usual 10-point pain assessment scale. It’s fairly common, affecting 1-4% of people,
but it’s under-diagnosed and as-yet incurable, so sufferers will be affected for their entire
lives. Long term, depression is common and only serves to emphasize the physical symptoms. 7. Shingles Essentially the adult equivalent of the Chickenpox
virus, called varicella-zoster, those unfortunate to break out in shingles develop itchy, oozing
rashes that can last weeks, even months at a time. That’s in addition to the searing headaches
and flu-like symptoms which accompany the rash, all of which combined have been described
life ruining. Not to mention the pain that goes along with
Shingles. One Texas patient claimed that having 5 children was nothing compared to her month-long
experience of the disease. You’re probably itching just at the thought
of catching this one, and rightly so, because almost anyone is at risk of it. That’s because
varicella-zoster lays permanently dormant in the nervous system of those affected, which
is 95% of North Americans. 6. Endometriosis Affecting between 6 and 10 percent of women,
Endometriosis causes the cells found lining the womb, called the Endometrium, to appear
elsewhere in the body. That tends to manifest as almost unimaginable period pains, but the
feeling can be constant. While symptoms of course vary, many women
online describe their experiences as comparable and sometimes even more excruciating than
childbirth. But despite the frequency of the condition,
even garnering awareness marches, many women are left hanging for treatment thanks to widespread
misdiagnosis. A British Parliamentary report found that nearly half of sufferers had to
visit their doctor ten times before referrals for diagnosis. 5. Gout Gout is an often overlooked ailment, but one
that can cause incredible pain in its sufferers. As the most intense form of Rheumatoid Arthritis,
it’s caused by a formation of urate crystals around the joints – normally in the big toe.
It causes a sudden, intense pain in the affected region, often to the point where even the
contact of a bedsheet is agony. It’s often mocked as “the rich man’s
disease” on account of being made more likely by gluttonous, high-fat diets. British King
Henry VIII famously felt the effects, and Hollywood star Jared Leto described having
to use a wheelchair due to gout pain after gaining 60 pounds for the movie Chapter 27. But that’s no reason to dismiss the pain
Gout causes – in fact, 37% of surveyed sufferers claimed they would trade a winning lottery
ticket for an assurance that they would never have another episode. 4. Penile fracture Now I know what you’re thinking, how do
you fracture something without any bones? Well contrary to popular opinion, penises
can be broken, and it’s normally during intercourse. Sorry fellas. For some context – male genitals operate by
expanding the muscle lining called the corpora cavernosa, which fills with blood as the man
becomes aroused. With that in mind, penile fractures, which
is actually a misnomer for tears [as in tearing a piece of paper], are commonly caused by
blunt trauma against an erect penis rupturing that muscle lining – usually accompanied by
a loud cracking sound. Without near-immediate surgery, this cringe-inducing
condition can cause a bent member and erectile dysfunction. And as you would expect, it leads
to supposedly ‘immeasurable pain’. But luckily at least, only around 16 people
per year worldwide have the misfortune of such an experience. 3. Tooth Abscess Toothache isn’t all that rare, and there’s
a good chance you know how much that hurts – in fact, a 2008 CDC study showed that around
25% of Americans between the ages of 16-64 suffer from it.
But that’s nothing compared to an abscess – a build-up of pus and dead cells inside
the tooth, normally brought on by another dental problem. In the very worst cases the
infection can spread to both the heart and brain and can be fatal. Patients often describe abscesses as a 10
on the pain scale to doctors – in other words the most painful thing they’ve ever experienced. If that wasn’t enough, they are suspected
to be a possible root cause of Trigeminal Neuralgia and we all know what that can mean. 2. Kidney Stones Kidney Stones are the most famously compared
ailment to childbirth. After all, both involve passing an unreasonably large object in some
fashion. TV show Friends even made a direct comparison between Joey and Phoebe’s respective
deliveries. They’re normally caused by calcium build
ups inside the kidney, eventually forming solid shapes. They can become lodged and cause
a blockage, meaning that urine builds up and creates dangerous pressure on the organ, not
to mention the pain of passing even fragments of it. It can even be fatal if the urine becomes
infected. According to Imperial College London research,
of 19 women who had experienced both kidney stones and childbirth, 12 claimed their kidneys
felt the greater pain. 1.Cluster Headaches Anyone who has ever suffered a cluster headache
would probably corroborate claims that it’s the “worst pain known to man”. The condition is characterized by burning
and stabbing sensations in the area above the socket, so isn’t strictly a headache
in the same sense as a migraine. Nonetheless, sufferers have described it as “like being
shot in the face” or a “papercut in the eye” – best not to think about that. It’s referred to as the ‘suicide headache’
in the media, since many doctors have reported patients attempting end the pain however possible.
In fact, around 10% of severe non-migraine headache sufferers have committed suicide,
nearly 10 times the average. But luckily there is hope for those afflicted.
A German trial of a non-hallucinogenic strain of LSD as treatment showed a 100% success
rate in reducing both the symptoms and frequency. That was 10 Pains Worse Than Childbirth. What’s
the worst pain you’ve ever felt? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like
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100 thoughts on “10 Medical Conditions More Painful Than Childbirth

  1. I would rather give birth ANY DAY than have tooth abscesses, I took so many painkillers that DIDNT work and It started on a weekend too so I ended up having to go two days til Monday morning! It’s the pain as it starts with that is the worst, once it reaches the maximum size the pain subsides but before hand ?? and on wisdom teeth too , I ended up with the nerve pain too on my face it was painful af!

  2. My mom had kidney stones a few years ago due to eating her weight in cashews daily and she came and woke me up in the wee hours of the morning screaming in pain telling me to get dressed and take her to the ER. She thought her appendix might have burst. This scared the hell out of me, this is a woman who gave natural vaginal birth to me with ZERO medication and walked the halls of the hospital 3 hours later with no issue, and almost broke her ankle and refused treatment and told me she’ll take a aspirin for it, she was almost never in pain enough to go see a doctor. Last time she went to one before that was in 1985 to get her tubes tied. So I get her in the car and she’s in so much pain she tells me she can’t make it to the ER so I haul butt to the local fire station near the house and tell them we think her appendix burst and she’s in a lot of pain and I’ve never seen her like this. After explaining to the captain her medical history and her toughness the captain told the guys there they were transporting her ASAP. They even thought she had her appendix burst. I get to the hospital and I find out later after waiting that they did scans and tests and found a very large stone in her kidney and it needed the shockwave treatment to break it up or she might lose that kidney. End of the story she got the treatment and passed the fragmented stones though the week. Those things are no joke.
    I get bad cluster headaches and migraines every so often that put me in the hospital myself. I feel like an Alien Chestburster is trying to hatch out of my skull at times. That is the worst pain I’ve ever been in. I don’t have kids and cannot have kids due to health issues. After going though those headaches getting tattoos is a cakewalk.

  3. I have cluster headaches followed with migraines. They are very painful, but to go on top of my spinal cord injury they become so painful trying to rest is the only thing I can do

  4. I actually have Hidradenitis suppurativa and it’s the most pain I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately most ppl think it comes from poor hygiene so they suggest more baths/showers but in my case it only makes it worse.

  5. having post menstrual migraines on top of cluster headaches makes me feel like my head is in a vice grip which is constantly being tightened. fun time.

  6. I have been through childbirth, have had a tooth abscess. Suffer with endometriosis and have a condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Where my joints frequently dislocate, my soft tissue tears and bones break to name a few things. But the worst pain I have ever felt in my life was a Thunderclap headache. Similar excruciating pain as a cluster headache. But it effected my entire head and the back of my neck.

  7. My entire kidney was filled with stones. Even though they were eventually all removed (through surgical procedures or passing naturally or through a stent, or out a nephrostomy bag), I still get a lot of pain in that kidney. Other most painful experiences I’ve had include
    seeing my cat get run over ten feet from where I stood, tooth abscesses, broken foot, digging tooth and bone shards out of my gum line after having teeth removed, sprained big toe, and sprained arm. C-section pain wasn’t as bad as most of that.

  8. my L3 vertebrae after falling on ice on a hill and is had been around ten or so years an it has gotten worse to the point where i needing a wheelchair if i go out in public because it feels like someone or something is trying to rip my spine apart if i walk to far

  9. I can assure you having colitis or Crohn's and having your intestines ripped out is far worse than childbirth I first tried to do an epidural it did nothing at all. I tried that because I did not want to go on their narcotic drugs that was 20 years ago, today I'm prescribed fentanyl and oxycodone because there is no way out of the pain without those and they're not even that great… they increase pain. when I first went on them I didn't need them every day every 4 hours. I do know it took almost three months before I needed them all the time. So in three months time it took my maybe two to three days a week needing painkillers to 7 days a week and soon after every few hours. and now that I've been on these things for 7 years now I've found several Alternatives but my body has become dependent on this opiates I was on tincture of opium for 14 years before I went on the painkillers. All that did was increase my resistance to the painkillers. Where most people start at 5 mg Percocet I started at 20 mg oxycodone and now I'm on the thirties and it doesn't get better than that as far as I know.

  10. I suffered from endometriosis and was finally correctly diagnosed with it 14 years after I first started experiencing symptoms. I had to have a hysterectomy before I was thirty to finally get relief.

  11. I have had shingles,gout..twice and tooth abscess but shingles wasn't so bad but I did have a weird taste in my mouth and a real foggy felling from it. it also messed with my nerves. so from time to time I feel like it's there even though its gone

  12. So… Im 27 and I've had three things on this list + child birth twice. I can confirm that these are worse then childbirth.

  13. I was 15 when I got The Shingles, and I've never had a kid, I want one, so I'm glad I've gone through something worse than childbirth. I knew it was bad, but not THAT bad.

  14. Here's a really painful story, about my dad. He went to the doctor, and said that the insides of him hurt. They took an x-ray, and the doctors told him that one kidney had 15 kidney stones, and the other side had 12 kidney stones. After a few months, he finally passed them. Later on, he gained more of them, and it was so bad that they literally had to shove a tube up his crotch. My mom said that she could hear him screaming down the hallway in the hospital. The next night, he went to the bathroom because he had to pee. I was upstairs, and that was the 2nd time I've ever heard him cry. This was about 4 years ago, THANK GOODNESS that he is done with all of that pain.

  15. I cant really think of the worst pain I've had in my life off the top of my head but getting a kidney stone is like one of my worst fears because it sounds so awful

  16. omg I had a cyst burst & have endometriosis.. have had tooth abcess and dried socket… nothing compares to that cyst burst and my daily endo pain ?? ended up here looking up pain reliefs…

  17. Sickle cell is a mutation that developed in Africa for a reason…it affords those afflicted some protection from malaria.

    The pain of childbirth varies from woman to woman, and probably from pregnancy to pregnancy. For me it was like bad menstrual cramps, but the joy of having my child made it all worth it. And it is kind of interesting pain because it subsides between contractions, which mitigates the discomfort. I remember having a toothache that hurt a lot worse than giving birth.

  18. I have Gardner diamond syndrome. It is extremely painful. When I was diagnosed with it, it took 9 months to diagnose, appointments almost weekly for blood tests. They thought I had some sort of skin cancer. When I was diagnosed with it, only 30 known patients had been diagnosed with it. It’s a stress induced rash and it burns to the touch. I’ve missed school because I couldn’t even wear a shirt.

  19. The worst pain I have ever experienced is when my knee gets dislocated. It is absolutely the worst pain ever. My knee every time goes back into place but the pain (99%) of the time has a popping noise and then after falling to the ground that is when the pain starts. When it happens it makes moving the knee difficult. I can walk after it goes into place again but even then that hurts. The most severe time was earlier this year when i literally needed a bandage around my knee and I had to take pain medicine too. Be grateful that if your knee has never dislocated then please be thankful as it is unbearable pain.

  20. That LSD comment about cluster headaches is interesting because I've also seen that hallucinagenic mushrooms can treat them as well :P. Must be some shared compound that really works on them.

  21. I have endometriosis and my cramps, in the past, have rendered me bedridden for several hours, even days.. hospital visits galore when I was young

  22. Gall stones are excruciating but the worst pain I have endured was a rib infection! I've been attacked by an American bulldog and had to have plastic surgery for it and that was a walk in the park compared to that!

  23. worst pain i’ve ever been through was having a boil or risen on my inner thigh for 4 days and having to walk with a limp because it hurt so bad

    but when my mother squeezed the puss and blood out that pain was so horrific ?

  24. Gout is horrific! I have had about five attacks in my life and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It feels like someone shoving red hot glass fragments into your toe joint constantly. My last episode went from my toe to my ankle and back to my toe again for a combined pain marathon of almost a month. I truly wanted to kill myself.

  25. My stage 4 cancer is my worst pain. I’m 44 with breast cancer that is so aggressive it’s in my bones and liver now! I live in constant pain.

  26. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in my right pelvis to my leg was the worst pain I've felt. It felt like my right leg along with half my testicles (or the whole of it)was begging to be cut off! I honestly felt that cutting them off would b less painful. Morphine with benzodiazepine inj would alliviate the pain …only for 5-8 mins!

  27. These are right up there with When your wearing jandals/sandals, you half trip and your big toe scraps across concrete..

  28. i get the cluster headaches!!!! i had them when i was in my early 20's…i've had trigeminal pain also……..not sure which is worse

  29. I've had cluster head aches and migraines. I've had kidney stones but the worse pain I ever had was when i fractured the vertebrae in my spine. I seriously thought I was going to die.

  30. Yall think getting hit in the ankle with a razor scooter is bad i broke my wrist then a razor scooter hit my wrist and almost broke the bone in half that shit is cursed, some say that that scooter is still out there breaking bones till this very day.

  31. I have given birth and that is very painful for me, but…I have to say having meningitis was worse for me. I mean if I'm being honest about the pain levels for my body anyway.

  32. After naturally giving birth to 3 children I would say I would rather do it every day than have cluster migraines. You can't think or even scream out in pain with them their so bad. The last stage of labour probably is one of the worse pains out there BUT it doesn't last long where a lot of these conditions are ones that last for days, weeks, months even life so I can imagine it would be worse to have that. I've also had constant toothache from a reaccuring abscess for over 2 years now and it's awful.

  33. I have 2 boys. I had my first with no drugs and my second one with them. It took 7 years and the promise of an epidural drip before I even considered having another. Still I have always said that there are far more painful things out there then child birth. I think the most painful part about child birth is that it’s all at once and it lasts for HOURS! But it eventually ends. Some people are stuck with the same amount of pain for years if not forever. And that’s what makes the pain worse then child birth. Like I can’t imagine twisting and shattering my knee. That pain surge must make you just want to vomit and pass out.

  34. The most painful thing that I’ve ever had done I tore my ACL PCL and MCL in five places. Five years ago as of today I have had five knee surgeries and I know there’s at least two more to come and I’m also a mom Who had a C-section and that and the aftermath was nowhere near as much pain as I did went through with my knee

  35. Pancreatitis or getting stabbed in the side w/ a 12 inch blade over & over & over…… forever. Never been stabbed but the only diff has got to be no blood.

  36. kid: goes to nurse i think i have frostbite
    nurse: oh my sit down ill be back goes to get an ice pack
    kid: ………
    nurse: put this on it
    kid: no
    nurse: why?

  37. I've had kidney stones before… that was bad enough. Fibromyalgia is common and drives me crazy. However, I had blood clots in my lungs and pleural effusion. Had to have a chest pump placed inside to collect the drainiage. After a week, it had grown to my skin. When the doctor tried to remove it, you could hear my screams from 2 floors away. Thank God for dilaudid.

  38. Had given birth 4 times naturally and 2 csections… What was more painful for me was pancreatic attacks due to stones from my gallbladder being lodged in the bile duct. ?

  39. When I was 12 I was hit by a small truck causing my femur to be broken. While getting the x-rays the technician told me to straighten my leg. I said it was straight. He repeated it and I answered it was striaght. I looked down to see my top half of my leg straight while my knee and the rest was off to the side. He came over grabbed my leg and straightened it. I screamed and passed out. The next two worse paid s is I have had a bad abscessed tooth and a gallbladder stone size of a ping pong ball.

  40. Sitting here with a catheter starting the 3rd week after uerethroplasty ! Hearing about penile fracture just intensified my pain ! But have had stomach aches were I would rather be dead !

  41. Having the wind knocked out of you ! Racking your balls ! Being set on fire ! Methadone withdrawal ! So many more and now docs are scared to give pain meds ! Give me a fricken break !

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