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Irrespective of regular cleaning, the walls
and tiles of your home may catch mold due to environmental factors. Not only they are unsightly but they also
cause a variety of health issues like allergies, skin infection, skin irritation, and sinus
infections. Here are 10 proven home remedies to get rid
of mold. 1. Tea Tree Oil When it comes to pest control, especially
mold control, nothing works better than tea tree oil. The abundant anti-fungi properties in this
herbal oil make it a perfect fungicide to kill living mold. It also prevents mold from recurring in that
particular surface after using once. Here is a simple tea tree oil solution that
can be used to eradicate the mold in any surface. Take 100 ml each of tea tree oil and white
vinegar; mix properly. Now add 500 ml of water to the mixture and
add it to the spray bottle. Before treating the walls of any surface with
this oil, you first need to scrub the area and remove the mold. Repeat the application of tea tree oil mix
after every 5 hours until molds disappear completely. 2. Vinegar Vinegar is also a great fungicide to remove
mold from any surface. The best part about vinegar is that it does
not stain the walls. There will be no side effects if you treat
a particular surface with vinegar. As usual, first scrape out the mold using
a brush and then apply vinegar to the mold affected region. Repeat applying vinegar to the area using
a kitchen cleaning sponge until molds disappear from the area entirely. Use white distilled vinegar for the best results. 3. Soap Water Soapy water is a great solution to treat the
mold in first hand. As soon as you see mold in any area, you first
need to remove it using a scrubber or a salt paper. Now wash the area with soap water. Use detergents to wash mold away and then
repeat washing the area everyday to avoid mold regrowth. 4. Distilled Ethanol Visit any pest control store to buy a special
type of distilled ethanol. Spray it in the mold-struck areas. Ethanol kills mold and also controls mold
regrowth in the mold prone areas. 5. Tile and Grout Sealing Get tile sealants to seal the extra space
between the tiles to avoid mold build up due to the presence of excessive moisture. There are organic tile and grout sealants
available in the market, which you can bring and do it yourself at home to get rid of mold
permanently. 6. Grapefruit Extract This may be little expensive, but grapefruit
extracts work best for removing mold from any surface. The best part about grapefruit extracts is
that it reduces mold problem without causing any acidic smell. It is also safe to have kids around when you
use it on a surface. 7. Chlorine Bleach Chlorine bleach is an absolutely inexpensive,
but the most effective way to eradicate mold completely. Simply sprinkle chlorine bleach on the surface
and then wipe the area with a scrubber or sponge to get rid of mold forever. 8. Alcohol Spray Vodka offers greater relief not only from
stress, but also from the mold. Transfer some vodka in a spray container and
spritz it directly on the mold prone areas. You can see the mold getting frizzy in few
seconds. Now quickly wipe away the dead mold using
a good wiping sponge. 9. Hydrogen Peroxide Take a cup of water and add a tsp of hydrogen
peroxide. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and
spritz it on the affected wall or surface. Wait for 10 -15 minutes. Meanwhile make a mixture by combining half
tsp baking soda and a cup of water. Now, clean the surface with the previous solution
and then spray the baking soda mixture on the mold-prone areas to prevent the further
development of molds. 10. Dehumidifier Mold and mildew thrive in wet environments. For damp areas of the home like bathrooms
and kitchens, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier. Also, be sure to fix any leaky plumbing and
avoid leaving items like damp rugs, moist towels, or wet clothes laying around as these
are the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow in. If you like the video, give it a thumbs†up
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41 thoughts on “10 Proven Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mold

  1. I am confused, Isn't that scrubbing the dry mold before applying the vinegar will cause the mold spore will spread everywhere and making it worse?

  2. In your first set of instructions "to get rid of mold" you clearly state that before you do anything you must remove the mold. Do you not find this conflicting in itself?

  3. chlorine bleach does not get rid of mold as said…"forever"…it comes back on my house after a while every time.

    Will try the vinegar tho.

  4. Tilex Mold & Mildew With Bleach is the best ever!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    You don't even have to scrub, the mold and mildew melts right off after five-10 minutes of being applied onto the surface.
    I've tried using a few generic versions and they didn't work.
    Tilex Mold & Mildew is worth the $5.

  5. WOW, that's all I got! This is the most misleading and contradictory compilation of "fact bending" I have ever watched in such a short video! Please people, do your homework from credible peer reviewed sources, not media trash talk like this. If your cleaning Mold off of a SOLID surface then you can use almost anything, but stay away from things like Bleach or other harsh chemicals that are bad for you and be aware of creating an airborne spore issue by your actions! If your dealing with POROUS surfaces please consult professionals, this is a whole different game and none of these magical cures will work on those surfaces.

  6. Okay, so I am a 14 year old who has mold in a corner of my bedroom on the ceiling. I want it gone, and gone forever so then my parents don't have to worry about, and I want to clean it without my parents knowing that I did so, and I have no clue what cleaning materials we have. Help?

  7. Tried the peroxide spray, waited, cleaned that off then used the baking soda and water spray. Result? Did not work. NEXT! Going back to using the clinging toilet cleaner.

  8. Oh and, warning ⚠️ DO NOT USE ETHANOL INDOORS!! It is HIGHLY POISONOUS ☠️ and can ignite extremely quickly, especially if you live in high temperature areas. The fumes remain airborne a long time and can cause lung scarring in humans and pets. Do the research first.

  9. I thought scraping mold off was bad because mold let's out tiny spores dat are not visible 2 naked eye.. then ur inhaling it, which is bad 4u nd ur fam

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