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Erik Bakker. Thanks for coming back. How long does it take for the gut to restore when you’ve taken an antibiotic? Does it take a day? Does it take a week? Well, in some cases it never restores. It’s really sad. Some cases, people will take the antibiotic,
it could take years for them to recover. What research has found, though, is that the
bulk of people who take them do recover, but they don’t fully recover. They partially recover, and that partial recovery
can vary from a mild partial to a serious partial recovery. So many people do lose significant populations
of beneficial bacteria. So the younger you take an antibiotic, the
more devastating it is for the body. I believe that the times when you need to
be most careful is for people under seven and people around 70 plus. So those extremes of life need to be treated
with a lot of respect when it comes to anti kind of drugs, particularly antibiotics, because
if you start wiping out large amounts of bacteria with older people, they soon decline. I’ve, again, witnessed this in hundreds of
cases where elderly people received antibiotics, either orally or intravenously, and then they
went down very quick after that. And then they always said, “Well, you’re getting
old, anyway.” That’s what they’re usually told. So what do they say to a young person? “Well, you’re going to get older anyway, you’ll
grow out of it.” Goodness sakes! But young people at the beginning of life
needed to be treated with the most respect in terms of their microbiome, because this
is the most damaging time for them to receive a antibiotic. So once that young child has drawn up a bit
and the population is all stable, it’s different. But when you give a baby antibiotics, especially
intravenously, you can cause serious damage for that baby. But as long as the parents understand that
process, that it takes years to rebuild that gut, that child will probably be fine. So to answer the question, and the question
was, again, how long does it take for gut flora to restore? There’s no definitive answer. The less antibiotics you take, the less likely
you’re going to do serious permanent damage to a wide range of the microbiota. The more you take, the more destruction. So it’s your call. I prefer people not to take antibiotics at
all unless for very, very specific reasons, and in most cases they don’t really need them. That’s my opinion. Click on the link below if you want my free
report. Thanks for tuning in.

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  2. Hi Dr. Bakker, since your retiring soon, can you do a video on what desirable qualities to look for when choosing a Naturopath.

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