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Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring Naturopathic Doctor and today I’m going to share with you the
top ten cancer fighting superfoods and this is as an update to one of our
previous videos and I’m gonna go through my top ten the foods that I love for
cancer prevention and to give you those nutrient densities that you’re looking
for in your foods. So number ten on the list is grapes, now grapes contain
resveratrol which is a potent antioxidant really important for
protecting our DNA, protecting ourselves from that free radical damage. Number
nine on the list is spinach spinach fantastic again it contains chlorophyll
but also those potent antioxidants as that superfood to help with that cancer
fighting property. Number eight on the list is kale so much like the spinach,
kale is one of the indole-3-carbinol foods so if we peak ahead at number
seven seven is broccoli so kale broccoli together indole-3 carbinol is really
help to protect against those bad estrogens that were exposed to in the
environment called xenoestrogens really important to trap those bad estrogens
take them out of the body and that is number eight and number seven. Number six
on the list is nuts and seed so one of my favorite is Brazil nuts, Brazil nuts
are packed with selenium and selenium is very protective from a cancer standpoint
to ourselves so and we are very deficient typically in having enough
selenium in our diet so having two to three Brazil nuts a day is all you need
for that potent effect of that selenium on protecting your cells. Number five on
the list is blackberries now blackberries are soot and potent super
potent again have those important antioxidants protecting against those
free radicals they’re deeply pigmented meaning that the cells of the plant
itself of the blackberries have that protective mechanism from the sun’s rays
and to protect from that free radical damage and that’s why anything that
deeply pigmented in your fruits and vegetables is really helpful for
protecting your cells against cancer. And number four on the list is goji
berry so goji berries from the Orient are beautiful in terms of a superfood
you don’t need too many of them they’re usually in a dried form so stacking on a
few goji berries every day. Fantastic because of that high ORAC value meaning
the ability to quench those free radicals goji berries are way up there.
Blueberries number three on the list readily available try to get
organic if you can super tasty, low glycemic index for blueberries meaning
that it’s not going to spike your insulin too much and really healthy so
eat your blueberries every day as a top cancer-fighting food. Number two on the
list is Moringa now Moringa is called The Tree of Life it gives us life and is
super high on the ORAC scale as well the ability to quench those free radicals
protect ourselves against that you know that negative environmental exposure
that we have to those free radicals so Moringa is the way to go. Number one on
the list green tea now green tea whether you
drink it or you take it in supplement form fantastic because it contains EGCG
which is a potent antioxidant helps to fight you know whether it’s you know in
terms of our metabolism it helps to fight belly fat but more importantly
helps to protect ourselves against free radical damage, so green tea a little bit
every day is a really healthy thing that you can do for yourself. So thanks for
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