Taking Charge of Your Health

I understand this is the first time you’ve
ever appeared on camera before? It is. Anxiety has led me to always avoid and turn down
interviews. But I kept coming back to the idea that when
we don’t talk about things, it just makes things worse. I’ve battled with depression for much of
my life. But lately I’ve been wondering why? I’m pretty sure that mental illness runs
in my family but how exactly does it work? Of course, mental illness is pretty complex,
so I’m going to need all kinds of help to figure this out. Are you a “Stigma Buster”? I guess so yeah. We call it “bro science” Is that like kinesiology? Addictions and other mental illnesses are
really disorders of brain neurochemistry, so it’s important to have a window into
what’s going on. We’ll venture into the deep recesses of
the mind, to unravel some of these misteries. The reason for you being in the scanner is
to help regulate some of the emotional areas of the brain. Seasonal depression used to help us in evolution,
but now is a bit of a nuisance. The brain is telling a person: you’re suffocating,
when the person in fact is not. What our study shows is that it happens when
the depression is present, it doesn’t tell us which caused what. But if we don’t what causes depression,
how will we know how to cure it? We need new drugs that are more targeted. I wonder which therapies work best? Breathing in, and breathing out. So this is a typical light therapy unit. And what else might be getting in our way. This looks like they’re denying you a job. And this is precisely why people won’t come
forward or disclose or seek treatment. Call me “crazy,” but maybe we need to
change how we think about mental health. You learned how to think this way, you can
learn how to think another way. Depression is part of our resilience. There’s a relationship between what we eat
and our mood. So which group performed better? Depressed people are better at engaging in
analysis. We measure people’s DNA to see what risk
factors they have. This isn’t rocket science. It’s harder than rocket science. You could potentially change stigma for a
lot of people, but that’s taking a huge social responsibility on your shoulders – Someone’s gotta do it! Good luck…

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