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11 Surprising Home Remedies For Tuberculosis. The most effective home remedies for tuberculosis
include the use of milk, pineapples, oranges, bananas, garlic, mint, walnuts, Indian gooseberry,
green tea, black pepper, celery, gourds, sunshine, linseed, and winter cherry. Tuberculosis (TB), also known as consumption,
is an infectious disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It usually attacks the lungs, but may also
affect other parts of the body. It is easily transferred through the air when
the patient sneezes, coughs, or through other means that germs spread. Today, alternative research has shown that
there are many different ways to treat tuberculosis, or at least counteract the symptoms and allow
your immune system to regain control. The medical treatment for tuberculosis is
a long and difficult process with antibiotics and a high risk of complications. Therefore, if you want to complement your
treatment with some of these natural remedies, you can significantly improve your recovery
time. Furthermore, by maintaining a diet or lifestyle
that includes these home remedies, you can greatly lower your chance of ever contracting
tuberculosis! Let’s take a more in-depth look at these
valuable home remedies for tuberculosis. Home Remedies for Tuberculosis. There are many effective remedies available
for tuberculosis which are mentioned below: Milk. One of the most successful and widely available
home remedies for tuberculosis is simpler than you think – milk! As we all know, milk is one of the best sources
of calcium in our diet, and calcium is an integral vitamin in the body for counteracting
the symptoms of tuberculosis.In fact, some people recommend going on a milk-only diet
for a short time if you are suffering from this disease. It not only protects the body from the bacterial
effects of tuberculosis, but can also soothe the respiratory system, lower inflammation,
and boost the immune system to effectively fight off the infection. Bananas. These delicious fruits have been relied on
for hundreds of years to effectively treat tuberculosis in various regions of the world. The high concentration of vitamins and organic
compounds in bananas can rapidly reduce inflammation, coughing, high fever, and excessive mucus
production, which are all severe symptoms of the condition.Eating a few bananas a day
has even been known to cure the condition entirely! Pineapples. Pineapples are also very good at breaking
up mucus in the respiratory tracts and eliminating congestion of the lungs and nasal cavities.This
can give your immune system a chance to get in there and begin combating the bacteria,
so slice up a pineapple or drink pineapple juice to naturally fight off TB. Garlic. Though garlic’s allicin content is usually
what gets the attention, in the case of tuberculosis, it is the sulfuric acid found in garlic that
is particularly potent for the tuberculosis bacteria.By steeping garlic in water and drinking
it, or adding fresh garlic to your meals, you can effectively clear out your system
of TB or you can simply use garlic to boost your immune system and prevent contracting
TB in the first place. Gourds
Various types of gourds, including bottle gourds, act as very effective immune system
stimulators. This is important for those suffering from
tuberculosis, as the immune system is compromised when you are infected. Mint. Aside from flavoring your favorite cocktails
or freshening your breath, mint is able to break up mucus buildup in the respiratory
tracts, allowing for clear passage of air. It also has immune-stimulating properties
and antioxidants that can directly impact any infection in the body. Crushed mint leaves can be steeped in a very
potent tea that anyone suffering from TB should add to their daily dietary intake. Indian Gooseberry. Indian gooseberry has been shown to effectively
lessen the symptoms of tuberculosis, especially when pure gooseberry juice is mixed with honey
and consumed.This coats the stomach and the respiratory tract and can offer relief from
inflammation and discomfort, while also stimulating your immune system with its proven antibacterial
qualities. Oranges. The high concentrations of vitamin C and other
beneficial vitamins and antioxidants make oranges a very effective home remedy for tuberculosis. The saline action of orange juice can break
up congestion in the lungs and respiratory tract and can lessen the amount of expectoration,
coughing, and blood in the sputum. Also, the antioxidants in oranges effectively
seek out and eliminate the bacteria causing the infection. Black Pepper. Although many people associate black pepper
with sneezing, it is actually an anti-inflammatory substance, and it can also help to cleanse
the lungs, reduce coughing, and eliminate pain and discomfort.If you fry black peppercorns
in butter, crush them up and consume them a few times a day, you can get quick results
and relief from tuberculosis conditions. Walnuts. As your immune system has been compromised
by the infection, you need the wide range of minerals and vitamins in walnuts to speed
up healing and protect your body from secondary infections while the immune system handles
the main TB infection. Green Tea. In terms of tuberculosis, green tea has high
polyphenol content to seek out the bacteria and keep it from spreading to other parts
of the body, where it is much more difficult to treat.A simple cup or two of green tea
each day is a wonderful home remedy for tuberculosis. Word of Caution. While all of these home remedies have shown
significant effects on the symptoms and progress of tuberculosis in humans, TB is still a very
serious and fast-acting disease, so if you are suffering from extreme symptoms, you should
see a medical professional. Discuss the options for alternative treatments
and design an effective treatment approach. You want to stay natural, obviously, but you
also want to ensure your long-term health!

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