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In this episode we going over how to get
rid of red itchy eyes. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler I’m dr. Jenna Zigler and in
the next five to ten minutes we are going to teach you the 19 of the best home
remedies to getting rid of your red itchy eyes and it is allergy season so
this is a perfect topic. We were actually asked to do this topic. That is why we
came out with this. Click the link in the description to get the full list of
remedies that we are going to go over today and then make sure if you find this
video helpful share it with somebody that you know has allergies because we
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meant to say all day long at work Before I forget if you are serious about
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our new Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment paperback book. It is free for a limited
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comments below but that being said let’s go into what is an allergy so
basically an allergy is an atypical hypersensitivity reaction to anything
within a person’s environment so this is a little frustrating for people
but there are two different types of allergies there are seasonal allergies
and then there are perennial allergies so seasonal is what we normally think of
like in the spring and the fall when we are allergic to leaves or
pollen or things like that and then there are perennial allergies which are
all year-round those lucky people suffer all year round from different things
like insect proteins, animal dander, dust, sand, mold, and then other household items
Those are really common so basically your body has an immune response to
these substances and sometimes it can be really difficult to pinpoint because
like we said it can be anything it can be pollen, dust, a food you are eating,
animals that are around you, laundry detergent, and lotions. There are really
endless possibilities. What are some of the things that people are going to
notice if they have allergies. You are going to notice red itchy eyes big-time Like last night with me. It was awful. That is the point of this video and that is what we are going
over so red itchy eyes is the main hallmark symptom of allergies and
watering lots and lots of watering There is goopy discharges. There is
yellowish discharges. Watery discharges is like the homework staple of allergies and pink eye but allergy is what we are talking about
today and that’s because when you have your immune response running it is going
to cause redness. It is going to cause heat. It is going to cause
itching. It is going to cause just a lot of watering. That is what’s going on
with your eyes and the goal of these 19 remedies we are going to go over is to
calm your immune system down to reduce the inflammation reduce that redness
cool the heat down so it’s not as hot and it is not as inflamed so with that being
said here are the 19 best home remedies for your red itchy eyes so the
first one is removal of the allergy and this sounds like a no-brainer because the best thing you can do when you have
allergies is to get away from whatever is causing the allergy
we are not going to tell you to get rid of your pets or anything like that but
if you know you have an allergy to them then that could be a problem but we are
going to tell you to really look at your laundry detergents your lotions
any new things like that you could potentially be using in your life all these things build
up it maybe your pet causing the reaction right then and there but it
could be that your laundry detergent this and that and all these other toxic things in your household are you are allergic to as well
your food and that is causing an overactive autoimmune response and an
allergy doesn’t always occur the first time you are around something and you
might not notice the first time you use a new laundry detergent or
something like that but then suddenly you start having an allergic reaction it
could still be that laundry detergent because your body is just building up
this immune response so the best thing you can do number 1 is get away from
the allergy number 2 is use an eye drop an antihistamine eyedrops such as
Alaway and all the other ones like Pataday, Patenol, Pazeo, Bepreve
those are all prescription drops Alaway are over-the-counter and
then there is always generic ones like CVS brand, Walmart brand just look for
ketotefin is the main ingredient Those eye drops they do have
preservatives unfortunately but you are only using them twice a day and so if
you are allergic to preservatives stay away from them but if you are not use it
twice a day and if you need a third or fourth time that’s okay too but just
don’t go about four times a day because then the preservatives can start to
cause problems too but we recommend when you wake up in the morning and when you
go to bed at night and then these drops you work by two different mechanisms so
one is to help the itch on the spot and so if your eyes are itchy put a drop in
you are going to feel relief the other one is actually to build up against the itch
and so if you start taking it two weeks before your allergy season starts it will
actually prevent the the reaction from occurring inside your eyes so an eye drop
like Alaway the next one it is to clean your eyelids with a hypochlorous
acid cleanser and this is so important we discuss cleaning your
eyelids all the time it should be like brushing your teeth you should
clean your eyelids twice a day and we like to use hypochlorous acid because
it’s really gentle but it’s also going to get rid of any contaminants on your
skin and any allergens on your skin if you have got allergens that are in your
eyelashes or on your eyelids by cleaning them twice a day
you are going to get rid of those allergens and keep them from getting into your
eyes and causing that redness and itchiness as simple as I
just did that right there super simple number four is a cool compress
so you can buy commercially bought cool compresses we like gel ones we do not
make a gel one but we put out one in the description below that is a gel
that is really nice you actually put it into the freezer or fridge depending on
how cold you like it and then when you take it out you just put it over your
closed eyelids what you’re doing there is you are reducing the immune response
because you are shrinking the blood vessels when you have inflammation
occurring or the immune response occurring the blood vessels get bigger and they release more histamine and more immune response
mediators fluid comes in and blood comes in you are going to have swelling that is
what the cold compress helps with reduce all that swelling down a little bit more number five is chamomile tea bags
so basically chamomile can be really nice for allergies all you need to do is
steep a tea bag put it in the refrigerator let that tea bag cool off
or do two of them both of your eyes are affected
then once they’re cooled off you want to place them over your eyelids and just
let them sit for a little bit that cooling tea is really going to be comforting for your eyes chamomile can be an
allergy for some people especially with hay fever because it is a flower so if you know that you have hay fever or you are allergic to
chamomile please do not and don’t forget to drink the tea as well so number six chilled cucumbers You have probably seen this done in spas
so what you do is you just chill a cucumber slice it up put it over
your closed eyelids while you’re laying down and so cucumbers have caffeic acid and vitamin C and so those are going to be antioxidants which are then
going to help reduce problems around your eyelids with swelling and everything else
number seven is green tea so the same as chamomile tea you are going to
steep the tea bag put those tea bags into the refrigerator so they cool
off and then place them over your closed eyelids and you will feel that relief
green tea is full of antioxidants to fight inflammation so they are great
too the tea bags are great to put over your eyelids and the tea is
great to drink as well so click the share button to share this video below
and if you find it helpful find a friend share it with them we would
love that also let us know in the comments below what you do to get rid of
your red and itchy eyes and so you can actually share pretty easily because
there’s a share button right there you click it and share it on Facebook you
can email to somebody and get them over here to watch this video so going back
to the green tea as well that is actually why we have that as the primary
ingredient in our soap is we use green tea because it does decrease
inflammation so much and it helps a lot but number eight is the 20-20-20 rule so
whenever you are looking at something up close like your phone or your computer
after 20 minutes of up close work you just want to take about 20 seconds to
look at something far away and that’s just a reduce eyestrain because eye strain
is a big deal and it is going to cause a lot of symptoms as well so if you’re having
red itchy eyes and then you are on your computer you are more likely to itch
your eyes and rub them while you are doing that stuff because you
just have eye strain and number nine is wear a pair of blue blockers it goes
right along with the 20-20-20 rule almost all of us are on our
computers or our phones or we’re looking at some type of device throughout the
day and that is really going to tire out your eyes so and it is going to
contribute blue light to your eyes so what you want to do is get a
pair of blue light blocking glasses I’m sure we have linked to those and wear
them whenever you are on the computer whenever you’re on your phone
wear them before you go to bed at night because they’re not only going to help
to decrease eye strain which will help decrease dryness and irritation but
they will also help you sleep better when you have allergies going on it can
be tough to sleep sometimes whether it’s because your eyes are itchy or whatever
but wear those blue blockers number two we talked about Alaway
eye drops or any other allergy drops now number ten is we are talking
about artificial tear or preservative free artificial tears why would we
talk about both of them because Alaway is more medicated where artificial tears
are not so artificial tears are just going to be there to help soothe your
eyes if you have a lot of irritation you are going to help wash your eyes out but
they’re mostly just going to be for symptom relief they are not actually getting to the
source of the allergy very similar to how we use them with dry eye therefore
symptom relief not to fix the problem number eleven is to reduce your
contact lens wear during high allergy days I know none of us like to hear not to
wear contact lenses but it is necessary you do need to
sometimes just take a couple days off of contact lens wear if you are an avid
contact lens wearer and really just give your eyes a rest because when allergens
get into your eyes they get onto your contact lenses and if you are
not wearing daily disposables you are just continually putting those allergens
into your eyes so make sure to give your eyes break that is just stealing my
thunder with number 12 is switching to a daily disposable lenses are
great for allergy sufferers because you put them in when
you want to wear them you throw away when are done with them what I did
with this with a lot of my patients that were in we worked in a low-income area
and it was a high allergy area so in order to combat the allergies we
would actually switch them to daily disposables for the three months or the
six months of their allergy time then we go back to a two-week lens for
that other time so that that might be considered it you might consider that if
you have a budget for your contact lenses but if you can switch the daily
disposables full-time that’s even better because they are healthier they are more
comfortable and they are going to be great for allergy sufferers so number
thirteen is to never share your contact lenses your solution or your cases with
anyone else this shouldn’t be something that I have
to tell you guys but you don’t want other people’s germs in your eyes and
they don’t want your germs They don’t want your
allergens. You don’t want their allergens Keep your contact lenses to
yourself. Wash your case or replace it every three months or so at
least and make sure that you are using new solution every night if you do
use solution with your contact lenses the best one that we like for allergies
is Clear Care it’s a hydrogen peroxide based solution. It does need
to be used with the special case that comes with the bottle. You don’t put it
in your eye ever and you do let your contact lenses sit in that
clear care solution for at least six hours before you put those contact
lenses in so I did want to go over that solution just because I know it can be
helpful number fourteen is replace your breakfast with green smoothies to
enhance your health and reduce your overall bodily inflammation that was a
weird word but the reason that is because everything we touch and come in
contact with can either help us or hurt us and so if you are not eating a healthy
breakfast of like plant-based healthy breakfast like green smoothies you might
be hurting your body by creating more inflammation in your body which is then
going to make your immune response worse in your eyes when you have allergies as
well and so if you eat clean and eat green smoothies that is going to help get clean
energy into your body and it is going to help you fight that immune response
better than if you were to eat a crappy breakfast like sausage and eggs so
number fifteen is can I interrupt here real quick? Yes. I am very
proud that I didn’t go on a soapbox There was green smoothies. I’m
proud of you. We have a link to our green smoothie chart in the description. We could talk
about green smoothies for hours. We love greens. Number 15 is to avoid
pointing fans and vents towards you at all costs so this is also a dry eye tip if you have a fan on your ceiling in your bedroom and
you sleep with it on at night or you have a fan next to you blowing at night
all night long or say in your car or you’re turning on the air-conditioning
or even the heat it can be worse do not point it at your face and truthfully
I hate to even have it on at all Travis when I fight about this
at night I’m like why do you need the fan because it dries my eyes out so much
and irritated because I sleep hot that is why we have a bed jet so going
along that line number 16 is keeping your windows closed in your house and up
in your car because as soon as you are exposed to the outside if that’s where
your allergies are then that could be the problem now if your allergies are
dust on the inside may be dust mites or maybe even mold in your house then you
need to open your house up and get that out and then get the mold removed too so
keep your windows closed keep your car window closed while it is allergy season so number 17 is to wash your towels and sheets pretty often during allergy season so everybody’s a
little bit different on how often they like to wash their towels and their
sheets and things like that but do it often do it more often than what you
think you should be doing it basically I would wash your sheets at least once a week you make sure that you are definitely
twice if you have like a dog if you have high allergies and you are
going to want to do that even more and Replace your towels as often as
you can. How many towels you have in your house? If you can
replace towels every day especially ones that you use to dry your
face and whatever then that’s even better and when you do your laundry use non-allergic detergents and things like
that. We really love to use eco nuts for our laundry detergent.
They’re like little berries that make soap. They’re pretty awesome. Look them
up eco nuts and then there is a link in the description. Then we also like to use wool balls in the dryer because dryer sheets are
actually super toxic to you some of the most toxic things in your house are
dryer sheets and the deodorant you are using so get rid of those dryer sheets buy some organic wool balls and they last
forever. We have had ours for five years We never have to buy them. They are the cost of one box of dryer sheets and we have had the same six for about five years now They don’t go bad. I buy them for everyone.
Every single person that we know has them now so number 18 is use an
all-natural minimal ingredients soap in your shower so I dare you to go look at
your body wash that you use your shampoo that you use you’ll see probably 40 to
50 ingredients and so that is why we switch to a very natural soap that does
have a lot of ingredients that is going to be your best way to reduce
because again going back to that exposure of lotions and dryer sheets and
everything has so many chemicals in it If you just minimize it. Organic wool
balls are made of wool and eco nuts are made of eco nuts. There’s one ingredient
in both of those and so it’s a big difference between dryer sheets and
laundry detergent so number 19 is avoid rubbing your eyes. I found myself pulling at
Travis and rubbing my eyes and I was like why does this feel
so nice. It will make things worse use an allergy eye drop because that is
going to take that itch right away that is tip number 19 so again visit the
link in the description to get the full list of remedies and don’t forget to
like this video subscribe to our channel and share this with somebody who you
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definitely so also let us know in the comments below what you have done to get rid of your red itchy eyes. Visit and get Rethinking Dry Eye treatment. We pay for the book and you pay for shipping so Check it out. Thanks for watching

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