Taking Charge of Your Health

The two big foundational
barriers to practicing hospitality are secret sin
patterns and selfishness, so secrets and patterns. Too often Christians are not
honest with one another about where we hurt, how we struggle,
and what we need, we too often share prayer requests, well
after the fact. We aren’t vulnerable, we aren’t
transparent, we aren’t honest, and sometimes we just sell and
buy a corrupt theology that says if you’re all cleaned up then
you’re all cleaned up and you shouldn’t be struggling with sin
ever again. You know this is a corrupt
theology, we are new creatures in Christ we have the power to
obey and we have Satan on our heels and we’re weak, we’re very
weak. And what we have is the gift of
repentance, repentance is the threshold to God. Sin has a way of just entangling
itself around people and especially people who are thrust
to the front line of ministry, whether it’s a kind of church
ministry or pastoral ministry or even a hospitality ministry. So being honest about sin,
dealing with it forthrightly, being daily in the word for a
long period of time, I don’t mean a verse a day like you know
unbelievers read their horoscopes. I mean in the word and on your
knees applying the means of grace and knowing that growth
and sanctification is the first and foremost thing that you can
be doing and must be doing to be of any earthly good to anybody. But if you’re hiding a sin you
won’t be able to practice hospitality and in fact you
won’t want to, you’re going to be afraid that somebody is going
to find you out because hospitality makes you
transparent to a watching world. They see you they know how you
live and there’s no place to hide. The other thing that is a
foundational barrier is selfishness and selfishness
hides itself in habits of middle class ease. So favorite TV shows if they
become more important than other things, that’s a form of
selfishness. You know a hospitality house
must always think about the weaker brother but if you just
can’t imagine not living without a liquor cabinet that’s open and
available, and it’s easy for me to say because we’re
teetotallers but I’m saying that you have the liberty to do
things there’s no question that maybe you ought not to be doing
because it prevents you from doing these other things. So you gotta think about what
your habits of selfishness are and whether it’s worth it, you
know whether it’s really worth it. Time is short, there is so much
to do in your neighborhood, there are so many hurting people
who need you, who are waiting. But these habits they just they
can suck the life out of you and they can take a long time,
social media, I think it’s a bit of a ridiculous habit of
selfishness, self promotion is a habit of selfishness. And yes you could just call them
sins but they’re so universalized in our middle
class evangelical world that they get a free pass. But the bottom line is if your
white carpet is more valuable to you than the souls of your
neighbors that’s a problem and that’s a very big problem.

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