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Hello and welcome, today we are gonna talk
on how to get rid of oily and greasy hair. Oil glands in the scalp might sometimes produce
too much of oil, due to hereditary condition, hormonal changes or natrual texture of the
hair. Don’t worry, we will provide you with some
simple remedies that you can try at home. The yolk of the egg, helps in removing excess
oil and makes the hair bouncy. Take an egg, break it, and another. Now whip
it well. Add some lemon juice to it, mix this well, apply this mixture on the wet hair and
leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.Repeat this 2 to 3 times a week to get
rid of oiliness. Take some boiling hot water, add some tea
leaves to it, strain this solution and once it turns lukewarm you can apply it on the
hair and leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.
Repeat this once or twice in a week. Tea leaves has got a tannic acid which helps to get rid of greasy hair. Thanks for watching this video. I hope these remedies will help you. Stay healthy. Do like this video and subscribe to stylecraze for more such videos.

46 thoughts on “2 Home Remedies To GET RID OF OILY & GREASY HAIR

  1. I think I'm definitely going to try the tea leaves. I have really greasy hair normally when I change shampoos it doesn't get greasy as fast but after a while of using the same formula it goes back to being really greasy.

  2. Can I wash it with warm water because the weather in the uk is too cold and u can never imagine to wash with cold water ?

  3. Don't feel comfortable putting egg on my hair. It will smell way too bad. Specify the tea leaves. I make tea out of basil and mint leaves. Other videos said to use green tea leaves. So be specific.

  4. Hi. After the egg and lemon is applied. Can't I shampoo it. If I rinse with water. The smell remains in the hair.

  5. Hello madam…..I have a problem about my hair….I have heavy hair fall and my hair is oily …can u suggest me any remedies please….

  6. The video is not so suitable .. no response … never told the type nd then for how much time … should we use any tea leaves … ?? Just like this

  7. This mask is TERRIBLE. I have lots of knots in my hair and there is egg stuck in it, even though i whisked my egg with both a fork and a whisk. My hair feels dry and brittle, something it has never been before. I stink of egg still, even though i washed my hair with shampoo 3 times. I do not recommend this.

  8. The eggs really work with removing the excess oils in my hair, and after a while it has made my hair thicker. Just do not wash out the eggs with hot water and you'll be fine!

  9. Why does we have to use egg for the hair ? Can we use any another thing ? Please reply meh fast …. ! Because i need to know this very fast

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