Taking Charge of Your Health

An absolutely beautiful day to honor everybody we just marched thru the streets I am happy to share that there were no injuries that I am aware of That a life of improvisation, in it’s place of experiment and adventure is the key to your happiness and success going forward. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible milestone with us I am so honored to stand before you to represent the Class of 2013 A group of people that I truly believe are the greatest that I have ever encountered in my life. Savor this moment Remember it when you feel complacency and apathy sneaking in. Remember how excited you were to become a doctor Live to better lives of others and remember that this is your calling. and though I know that you all will reach high and continue to achieve greatness Never forget where you came from Thank you all for pushing me to be to be my best self and for the opportunity to stand up here today congratulations to you all I confer upon each of you the Doctor of Medicine degree With all of the rights honors and privileges attending thereto Please accept all of our warmest congratulations Now it is official Congratulations on a very personal level to each and every on of you great job you guys welcome to our profession as valued colleagues and peers On behalf of the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix please help me recognize the newest graduates With an MD from the University of Arizona here in Phoenix The Class of 2013

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