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Hello and welcome, today we are gonna talk
on how to get rid of dull skin. Pollution, hormonal changes and excess of exposure to
sun make skin look dull and dehydrated. Don’t you worry, we will provide you with
some simple remedies that you can try at home. Exfoliate your skin with sugar, this helps
in removing dead cells and also allows your skin to breath. Make a paste by adding some
water to sugar and apply it on your face and massage it gently.
This is another very simple remedy where you take one tea spoon of coconut oil, one tea
spoon of honey, mix this mixture well. Apply this on your face and massage it gently for
15 minutes, rinse it with lukewarm water. Honey helps in giving glow to your face.
yogurt is a natural skin cleanser and sunscreen. Take some yogurt in a bowl add one tea spoon
of honey to it. Mix it well apply this mixture of face and wash off with cold water. This
mask will help you in getting rid of dull skin. Thanks for watching this video, i hope
these remedies will help you. Stay healthy. Do like this video and Subscribe to Stylecraze.

47 thoughts on “3 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid of DULL SKIN ON FACE Naturally

  1. I once put honey on my skin, and I left gor only 5 minutes when it started to feel itchy. I rinsed and washed my face so the honey was completely removed but it still felt itchy. I didn't want to itch my face, so I rubbed it a bit harshly until it was red and the itchy feeling was gone. When the redness was gone, small pimples started appearing. I kept them hidden with my hugr glasses for a week, until my friend saw it and recommended that I put some vicks on my face. It cooled my face immediently, and after one use, it worked magically. Unfortunately, my face never returned to it's flawless state. So I'm not sure if honey is safe to use on the skin, or did I just use it in wrong way?? If yes, can you please tell me what I did wrong?

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