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Hello and welcome. Earache can be a result
of the infection in the outer ear canal or the middle ear. Earache symptoms can be itchy,
foul smelling, painfull boil, it may also be accompanied by high fever, nausea or vomiting
and diarrhoea. Dont worry. Help is at hand. You can try these
simple remedies at home. Take 3 cloves of garlic. Warm them and mash them and then add
a pinch of salt to it. Mix this well. Then take a warm cloth, put this mixture into the
cloth and wrap it up. Apply it on the aching ear until your earache goes away. Take a few basil leaves, extract the juice
by mashing them. Use this juice extracted from basil leaves and apply it on your ear.
Put 2-3 drops of this juice into your ear. This will give you relief from an aching ear. Take a teaspoon of sesame oil. Pour it into
a pan. Add 1 clove to this sesame oil. Use 3-5 drops of this warm oil and put it into
the ear 2-3 times daily.

3 thoughts on “3 Best Home Remedies TO GET RID OF EAR PAIN(EARACHES)

  1. garlic "really" works…I peeled it then rounded it to fit in my ear…put a bandaid so it wouldn't fall out as I slept. it cured all the pain by the morning-Completely Gone!

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