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While your body does require cholesterol to build some healthy cells, excess cholesterol
can leads to heart disease worry not! we have some simple remedies that you can try at home.Mix on tea spoon of onion juice with one tea spoon of honey mix this well and drink
this daily for about 2 to 3 times a week Chew few pods of raw garlic on an empty stomach.
Do this daily for a month and it will reduce your cholesterol. Add two tea spoons of coriander
powder to a cup of water,boil this mixture and then strain it and drink to liquid at
least 3-4 times a day Thanks for watching this video we hope this home remedies help
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24 thoughts on “3 Best Home Remedies To REDUCE HIGH CHOLESTEROL LEVELS

  1. Those herbs can help the body lower bad cholesterol but we still need to give up deep fried foods, meat and dairy in order to receive true healing.

  2. haha, is this a joke?? how is that going to lower your blood cholesterol levels??? just stop eating cholesterol and your levels will go down, easy!!

  3. Very simple home remedies for controlling the high cholesterol level. how much gap should be there after drinking onion juice with honey.Will it helps in weight loss?

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