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Take a cup of warm water, add 2 tea spoons of salt
in it, mix this well, Take a dropper and put a few drops of this solution into each nostrils.
Do this at least twice a day. Chew on a fresh ginger, this is a magical
remedy which causes a running nose very quickly. Take a cup of warm milk add 1 tea spoon of
turmeric to it, mix this well and drink this daily before going to bed.


  1. I thought you had to drink the salt watet. I wad okay with putting in ny nose but then she said "per day" i dont have tine for that i need some instant stuff.

  2. Omgsh I have a fucking orientation tommorrow…….. This is going to be embarrassing….. snot coming down my nose all day long im screw

  3. so i made the salt one, it didn't burn but thats because i did more research and it recommends you do 2 cups of water with1/4 teaspoon of salt

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Didn't thin it would work. I tried chewing ginger and my nose stopped running with in minutes. The ginger is very bitter so beware. But give it a moment you will be tell it works. I've been suffering for a few days with this issue. Waking with a runny nose, have to put tissue in one nosital just to get sleep. So thank you very much from me!

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  6. o I saw the thumbnail, and I was like “oh this should work” and I saw she was Indian and I’m like “o hell no” I don’t trust Asia sorry

  7. you did not say how long does it take, if it is between 3 to 7days, then why bother when the natural detox with rest, water will clear off in a matter of no more than three days outwith any remedies. come up with something that is science based,promising and cure the cold in a day

  8. I supply my running nose water to the garden through Hose pipe connection,But continues sneezing disturbing me(really terrible). Thank you for the remedies…

  9. Are you crazy ? 1 spoon of turmeric in milk daily ?? It will kill you. Turmeric is so hot. Only a pinch or two is required. You cannot even add 1 spoon of turmeric to 8 glasses of milk. Bullshit. First go and get some good knowledge then make youtube videos. Absolutely senseless explanation !

  10. Have had a runny, drippy nose all day; allergies I suppose. I go to You Tube to help fix the Jeep and diesel truck so I gave it a try for a runny nose and found this video, first one. I had some ginger root handy and put about 1 tsp in my mouth and let it dissolve, then washed it down with water. Not even 5 minutes later no more runny nose, and the eyes stopped itching too. Wow! Will take another dose before bed so hopefully I won't wake up til morning. Thank you Indian girl. I say that with affection.

  11. You should put 2 tspns of salt in some boiled water and gargle it when it's cooled. It's horrible but it works. Don't drink anything after until the salty taste in your throat goes away but it actually draws water out of bacteria cells. They can't survive. Maybe try doing that instead of putting salt up your nose!

    This really helps with a sore throat by the way. Get well soon.

  12. My nose is dry and is runny help me!!! I need it gone before Halloween like I can’t even sit down without it dripping out of my nose ughhh

  13. How can I put salt in my nose ,when you put salt on your wound. You just entered hell fire I can't try it on my nose

  14. My nose are running in summer winter or any season…or also I have eccessive sweating problem… I use this remedies?????

  15. Don't do it it hurts and I had to go to the hospital because it blow my ear out and it hurts it burns my ear and noes

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