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Do you also have an alternative medicine business model in your mind? Or do you have your own practice of alternative medicine In this video, we will talk about how you can market your alternative medicine business We will talk about different industries Like Ayurveda, acupressure, acupuncture, massage, Meditation, Homeopathy, Astrology Some of these belong to alternative medicine or some of them belongs to spirituality There are few people who don’t believe in spirituality Recently I learned reiki after doing it practically then I will able to tell my experience. But there is scientific logic behind it If you want to watch that video. Subscribe my Sahil Khanna channel because I will upload that video there I met with a sir where I learned Reiki and that sir had bought an astrology software which is worth around 30-40k Now in that software, you have to submit information and you will get a PDF file The name was like “Leo” If you go to that company then you have to spend 3k for a single astrology Now he wants to do it for free as a charity Now we will do it for free or will ask them only one rupee Now how many of you would like to have your own astrology for just one rupee? For one rupee you will get 28-page pdf file which includes things related to your future If you are interested then click yes in the above poll People should know about the number of people that are interested. But Majority of people will say yes Because you only have to pay one rupee. Even those people will come who don’t need this But we can apply the same thing in other fields If you have watched the third part of the series then he had also talked about this thing First, we have to do the course then we will do practice with people for free After doing practice for free we will learn skills after then we can market it Giving products and services for free or at a cheap price is also a good marketing strategy Now let’s assume that I am giving you astrology for one rupee Now you will tell others and they will keep telling others. After some time we will receive 1k-1.2k orders per day And we have to put only 2 minutes for one PDF we are filling 1000 per day it means we are earning 30k per month We are earning this amount of money just with one software without learning anything But if we take the training of Acupressure, Vashu Shastra or any other related field And after learning skills, if we start giving services or helping people for free or for one rupee so they will tell others But practically there would be few people who will give more according to their level like 20,50,100,500 etc We were earning 30k with one rupee so how much money we will get with this amount with just one small investment Now let’s talk about how you can do digital marketing of these kinds of services Website is sufficient. According to me, a single pager website is more than enough We don’t have to make a complex website with full astrology files and all Our website will include basic things like who we are, our experience, our services, vision and that’s it We will do marketing and few people will come to our website just to know who we are So the website should be credible and trustworthy Because some people think that free things might hurt them in some other ways Our website will also include we are certified trainers and did our training from here so that conversion ratio will be high So in order to do things digitally having a website is a compulsory thing The first platform we are choosing is Social media marketing We have to create our page on Facebook and Instagram And you can do these for any other category. On pages, we will post photos and tell them what should we do Like you have to upload a post related to Vastu Shashtra Doing things in this way we are educating people and they are connecting with us Along with that, we can also write astrology service at one rupee on our Instagram and Facebook page And add your paytm link below that post and also add your paytm link on your website While doing this you will also notice that on Instagram you will get organic growth but on Facebook, you won’t SO how to get an audience? We will grab groups with related audience We will find those groups with people who can buy our product and then we will share our pos in that group And then they will see our post and come to our page and ultimately they will buy our services for one rupee Another thing is if you are ready to spend money. Boost your post instead of running proper ads because it is also better for starting So in Boost post, we will fill the target audience age For example, there is a specific age for Reiki because people over 18 learn this thing And 18 to 35 because after then people are busy with their work and people over 45 also learn But If my service is acupressure or acupuncture then aged people will come because they suffer the problem So it depends on which category you are working If I talk about meditation then only aged people are interested in this If you are interested in meditation then Checkout my this playlist on Meditation which is very in-depth Only watch one video in a week because if you watch continuously then you won’t able to apply And after completing 7 videos paytm me one rupee. Just kidding After seeing those videos your life will change. I have talked about all the scientific things, not like God powers and all I have talked about what Hormonal or behavior change you will see after doing this or that So see that series is good. Many people don’t want to go in that way But according to me, you should train your brain by doing meditation as you go to the gym to train your body I have personally noticed that If I meditate and I meet with a person who doesn’t do meditate So there will be a huge difference in the level of concentration my Speed of thinking is also fast than him. SO according to me, everyone should do meditation regardless of age group But few people think meditation related to god but it is scientific So after selecting age then in Interest, we will have to fill our category so it might be astrology, Vastu, etc And if we found anything relevant from the suggestion so also add them Now let’s come to the location. If I want to invite people to my office then I will target my office nearby locations So for that, we have to fill up our location on our Facebook page And after than If I search about my office so my location will come up I will target those people who live under 5 km from my office location But only use this location if you want to invite people in your office But If I am giving astrology services for one rupee so I can target entire India But If I am talking about Homeopath so I can do anything because I can also deliver Homeopathy to someone’s house There is one more strategy in social media and that is content marketing But why I am telling this is different because not every person wants to do this The first thing that you have to do is share your entire knowledge on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc Share your entire knowledge to people You will earn money through Adsense or consultation clients The second thing is to make topic wise content If I talk about Vasthu then where to place this thing and all In astrology, you can tell daily horoscope or in Reiki, you can tell the meaning of different terms For acupressure, you can tell about different points. You can also do affiliate marketing in this business You can promote amazon India products related to your category Go to amazon and register yourself with an affiliate link and put that link in your content description Now you will get commission after every sale from your link In the long run, by making valuable content yuo will also able to earn from Youtube or consultations and many other opportunities will come There are some people who don’t want to share their knowledge So, If you think you have also this kind of mindset For example, In Reiki, they taught you you can’t share knowledge without charging It doesn’t matter how much you charge but in order to share reiki knowledge you need to charge fees So if the same thing implies to you or your business then this strategy is not for you So focus on the first strategy and other people can also do both Post your content and boost them and along with that share on groups and all The third one is Google Ads but there is no need for Google Ads at any cost Because it will be expensive But if you are doing acupressure or something where you charge more money But in starting we are working for free or for a reasonable amount of money So I will suggest don’t run ads because it will be expensive Conversion cost for per customer will be 100 or 200 rupees still it is a loss because we are charging one rupee So it’s better to focus on social media marketing or organic growth Here we can do one thing and that is Local SEO If anybody search acupressure near me so your name will be at the top So for that Go to Google my business. I am also putting my video link so also check out that video Create your account on Google my business and then fil all the details Now make your ID on all the directories like India mart and all and fill the same details Same details mean NAP NAP means Name, address, and phone number If your company name is Lapaas digital marketing institute Pvt ltd so it will be same as it as everywhere Another suggestion is to put the keyword in your name for good local SEO If you are giving acupressure for free and your name is Suman so name it as suman free acupressure center And if any person see free on your name so there are high chances that he will contact you And you can’t imagine how fast word of mouth will spread But along with that, you have to focus on one more thing and that is Google reviews Because if a person is coming to you through the internet so he will definitely check your Google reviews If reviews are negative then the person won’t come but if reviews are positive then he will come So always tell your customer to give you a review on Google if they like your service More reviews will make you trustworthy in front of people So that’s it you don’t have to do anything else You can also make pamphlets and organize the event but these are secondaries. First, try to focus on this thing We will talk about event marketing in any other video So I hope you like this video, share this and comment Good morning and Good night whenever you are watching this video

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